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Suspects of the Old Republic: The Winners [Kotaku 'shop Contest]

The moving-violation misdaventures of a California man actually named Obiwan Kenobi formed the inspiration for our latest Kotaku 'Shop Contest. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy than the 20 finalists inside, plus overall winner musica! More »

The Force Is So Not With ‘Obiwan Kenobi’ Right Now

6 years agoNews : NewsFeed

If you’re harboring any late night delusions of legally changing your name to Boba Fett because it would “sound awesome” please, think again. There is the downside to having your driver’s license read like the name of a famous Star Wars character: any time you do something remotely newsworthy, it won’t just be your local paper [...]

Obiwan Kenobi Arrested In California

6 years agoHumor : The Presurfer

The force was not strong with Obiwan Kenobi when he allegedly fled a five-car pileup in California. Police arrested the 37-year-old man, who legally changed his name to the Star Wars character 13 years ago, after tracking him back to his home earlier this month. He now faces a felony charge that even his Jedi mind tricks are likely to free him from. The Presurfer

Obiwan Kenobi Arrested in California -- The Police Force Was With Him (VIDEO)

Post by Lindsay Mannering What would Luke Skywalker have to say about this? Obiwan Kenobi, 37, was arrested in California for a hit and run that involved a five-car collision. His green Toyota, or should I say, Toy-Yoda, was seen fleeing the scene of the crime and was later located a few towns away. Show More Summary

Obiwan Kenobi Arrested For Hit-And-Run In California [Car Crime]

6 years agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

Obi-Wan Kenobi seems to have gotten tired of hitching rides in that Skywalker kid's battered old X-34 landspeeder and got himself a green Toyota, which he crashed while trying to squeeze between two lanes of stopped cars. This occurred in Roseville, CA and not Mos Isley, Tattooine. More »

Obiwan Kenobi Arrested For Hit And Run Incident

6 years agoHumor : Geekologie

Obiwan Kenobi, 37, was recently arrested after crashing his landspeeder into another vehicle and causing a five car pileup, then fleeing the scene. Plus he was already wanted for petty theft. The dark side: it's a slippery slope. NoShow More Summary

Obiwan Kenobi Arrested, Charged With Hit & Run, Yes, This is a True Story [Star Wars]

A 37 year-old man from Roseville, CA by the name of Obiwan Kenobi has been arrested and charged over a four car pile-up on a motorway last week. More »

Obiwan Kenobi Charged With Felony; Causes 5-Car Accident

A man in California, who legally changed his name to Obiwan Kenobi, was allegedly responsible for a 5-car accident in which he fled the scene, the Auburn Press Tribune reported. Turns out, the 37-year-old Star Wars fan was already wanted on an outstanding misdemeanor petty theft charge.  He was charged with a felony for his [...]Show More Summary

The Force Caught Up with Him

Jedi-mind tricks apparently weren't enough to keep Obiwan Kenobi out of the Placer County Jail in California. Roseville police said that over the weekend they arrested a 37-year-old with the same name as the Star Wars character on suspicion of hit-and-run causing injury. Show More Summary

The Police Force Is With Him: Obiwan Kenobi Busted On Hit-And-Run Charge

A California man who legally changed his name to that of the fictional Jedi master left jail yesterday after spending five days in custody following his bust on a felony count. read more

Darth Vader’s Speech Re Obiwan’s Death

CORUSCANT — Obi-Wan Kenobi, the mastermind of some of the most devastating attacks on the Galactic Empire and the most hunted man in the galaxy, was killed in a firefight with Imperial forces near Alderaan, Darth Vader announced on Sunday. Read the full speech on GalacticEmpireTimes. Thanks for subscribing to © - visit the [...]

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