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Compact Airline Friendly Stroller makes it a snap to travel

When you are newly married, it is a fun thing to travel with your other half, as the two of you can travel without too much care in the world, and there are no children to mind – not to mention allowing your budget to be used for some splurging from time to time. Traveling with a child, especially a baby or a toddler, can be rather challenging, although not...

Denmark in Two Minds About EU Amid Brexit Chain Reaction

The unexpected result of the British referendum has left Denmark split over the country's future in the EU. Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has been given an ultimatum to either promise a similar plebiscite in Denmark or step do...

Sorry, Bro, But I'm Not Your Bro: Rules For Bros

The bros are cackling. Maniacally. This is what happens now. I say something to my teenage sons -- nothing intended to evoke a cackle, mind you, but an ordinary exasperated mom question along the lines of, "Will you two please look at...Show More Summary

20 Struggles Of Having A Sentimental Heart And A Skeptical Mind  

You never know if you should follow your heart or your mind because they’re at two very different places taking you to two opposite directions.

Why American Consumers Are Of Two Minds When It Comes To Drug Companies

In my last Forbes blog, I described the ways that the American healthcare system represents both the best of times and the worst of times. We lead the world in scientific breakthroughs like gene splicing, but trail most industrialized nations of the world in life expectancy and infant mortality. Three [...]

Facism As Farce: A Meditation On America's Soul Sickness

Trying to put my finger on the rise of Donald Trump has been difficult. He's not Hitler. He's not Mussolini. He's a lot like Silvio Berlusconi. But, not quite. He is something of an American original. I find two quotes come to mind when I think of Mr. Show More Summary

Newswire: Take an exclusvie look inside the mind of a composer with Carnage Park’s Giona Ostinelli

Carnage Park, the latest collaboration between indie-horror wunderkind Mickey Keating and composer Giona Ostinelli, will be hitting theaters on July 1. (The two previously worked on this year’s unnerving Hitchcock-cum-Polanski horror hit Darling, as well as 2015’s Pod and 2013’s Ritual.) The A.V. Show More Summary

The 7 Absolutely Definitive Reasons Why Biotech Stock Prices Fell Yesterday

Janet Yellen spoke to the Senate Banking Committee and did not specifically say, ”Remember what I said about biotech back in 2014? I was just joking. Never mind.” This triggered the sell-off. On Monday, two University of Pennsylvania undergrads, both economics majors, independently submitted term papers with the title “Biotech Stocks [...]

Google’s former top sales guy says everyone is afraid of Google and Facebook (GOOG, FB)

As everyone in the advertising world gathers in the south of France for the annual Cannes festival, Google and Facebook are top of mind. More specifically, everyone's talking about how they're afraid of the two online giants' advertising...Show More Summary

Watch Dogs 2 is on the right track

In my mind, Watch Dogs 2 has two things going for it over its predecessor: a not-dreadful protagonist (Marcus Holloway) and a sunnier, more dog-filled real-world setting (San Francisco). The rest of the changes are the sort of safe but still-appreciated mechanical improvements we've come to expect from a Ubisoft sequel. Show More Summary

FX’s ‘Archer’ Renewed for Three More Seasons

If you think about it for even two seconds, it’s incredible that Sterling Archer and his colleagues have survived as long as they have. Never mind the fact that their line of work (espionage, usually, but sometimes private investigation...Show More Summary

Let's Shift To An Abundance Mentality

Paradigms describe how the world occurs to us. In my mind, there are two general ways that the world occurs to people. The first is from a place of Abundance. This is where people see themselves as acting on the world. They see themselves as the one that has to change. Show More Summary

Your iPhone is hijacking your mind — here are two tips for getting it back

Your iPhone is probably taking up way too much time and mental space. How can you get it under control? Ex-Google design ethicist Tristan Harris shares a bunch of tips on his site Time Well Spent. Two of them seem particularly important to me. First, get your notifications under control. Show More Summary

These Seven Torontonians Explain What It Means to be Queer

It's unique for everyone. Say the word “queer” and a few images come to mind for most: two white men holding hands and rainbow flags all about. But queerness is much bigger than that. It encompasses a diverse spectrum of people of different ethnicities, abilities, genders, and sexualities. Show More Summary

The Will To Win

Will is the word that comes to mind after watching the Cavs fight back from a 3-1 deficit and take the title last night. Of course, the Warriors did the same thing in the western conference finals against the Thunder. Those two series were two of the best NBA playoff series I’ve watched and I watched both […]

Daily Kos Radio HAS ONE MORE RERUN at 9 AM ET!

A year ago, give or take a day or two, we were reacting to the Charleston shooting. It does seem sometimes like things never change. We were also hearing about the Pope turning Republican minds inside-out, one of the King v. BurwellShow More Summary

Street Cook/Wizard Moves Food with His Mind

last weekHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Video Link) At least I assume that this gentleman in China is using telepathy or magic. It's got to be one of the two. He flips what appears to be cookies over and into patterns with phenomenal skill. Each one moves precisely where he wants it to. Like many street cooks, he's as much a performer as a chef. -via Atlas Obscura

For Discussion: Inside The Mind Of A Racist America [Video]

The concept of there being “two Americas” is almost as old as the nation itself. From the outset there were the landowners, the ruling class – the “haves”. And then there were the have-nots. That divide has been economic but

The Edgiest Kohl Shadowstick by The Estée Edit Is Certainly Edgier Than Most

I don’t know if I’d call these “The Edgiest,” because I don’t see Khal Drogo or Robert Smith, who are in my mind two of the edgiest makeup-wearing peeps around, rolling up to a Sephora and making a beeline for The Edgiest Kohl Shadowsticks...Show More Summary

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