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Now it's got Steam Workshop support, is Knights of the Old Republic 2 worth returning to?

Knights Of The Old Republic 2 is a game I'd love to see the pitch for. Did Obsidian actually say that the plan was to systematically tear down, subvert and scornfully rip great chunks of flesh out of the Star Wars universe and George...Show More Summary

The Horror Highlights of the PlayStation Summer Sale: Week 1

The PlayStation Store’s two week-long Summer Sale went live today, and it’s definitely worth checking out, especially if you fancy horror games of the old school persuasion. I might even go so far as to say the dino-sized discounts it’s rayning upon us will leave your wallet feeling slender. Yeah, I know I’m the worst. […]

News Post: Grace, Part Five

10 hours agoWeb / Webcomics : Penny Arcade!

Tycho: Grace, Part Five can be found here.Erik Wolpaw, from Old Man Murray to Portal and Portal 2, you must certainly be considered the world’s foremost writer of gaming humor - both inside and outside games themselves. And your last name is just pronounced regular old Wolpaw, which is way easier to pronounce than Chmielarz. Show More Summary

'' Review - The Amoeba Boys (and Girls)

It's really tough to describe a game like [Free]. It hearkens back to the old age of computing, back when Prodigy and CompuServe allowed users access to games at the cost of an hourly rate. There's something soothing about the experience, and since it's free and gets right into the action in seconds, you

This Classic Mac Game About Terrorism Is Called 'Research Paper Writer'

We recently wrote about artist Jesse England's search for an old video game about terrorism. A month later, England has found the game. As you can see in his playthrough video above, it's extremely close to what he described, but one...Show More Summary

'Doom' is Shooting For The Best 1080p, 60 FPS Experience Around

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been talking about the good old high watermark for new-gen consoles, 1080p and 60 FPS, but one game is putting those data points back in the limelight, Doom. In an interview with the game’s executive director, Mary Stratton, Gamespot learned that id Software [...]

Watch Best Coast Play “The Bandmate Game” For James Corden

Earlier this month, Best Coast were musical guests on an episode of James Corden’s Late Late Show. While they were there, they taped a comedy bit: “The Bandmate Game,” based on the old game show The Newlywed Game. On that show, the host would ask couples different questions about each other, trying to see how […]

Pinball Table Gets New Lease of Life With Arduino

Forget all of this video game nonsense: pinball is the real king of gaming. After all, it involves large pieces of metal flying around at high speed. [retronics] agrees: he has resurrected an old Briarwood Aspen pinball table using an...Show More Summary

Meet 72-year old Mary Davis, USA's eldest World Games Olympian

The Bocce competitor has competed in the Special Olympics for the past 30 years. The USA has 344 athletes competing in this year's Special Olympics World Games, and Mary Davis has the honor of being the eldest member of the delegation. Show More Summary

Quality Assured: What It’s Really Like To Test Games For A Living

There’s an old commercial for Westwood College that’s become something of a running joke in the video game world. Two young men sit at a couch, hammering away at PlayStation controllers. A woman walks in. “Hey guys, finish testing that game yet?” she asks. “I’ve got another one I need designed.” Read more...

Where Can I Find Old and New Interactive Fiction Games?

Cindi Arteglier Asks: Back in the 1980s, I remember a game on my MS-DOS computer that was played solely by reading directions or clues, and typing responses. For example, “You are in a dark alley,” type: Turn left,” response: “You can’t...Show More Summary

Hyperkin Smart Boy Morphs Your Smartphone Into A Game Boy

Time to dust off those old GB cartridges. Hyperkin's Smart Boy smartphone cradle intends to make your iPhone or Android phablet into Nintendo's circa-1989 handheld console, going so far as to include a working cartridge slot.

Skyforge giveaway two!

Skyforge is a free-to-download fantasy MMO built by Russian online company and role-playing game specialists Obsidian Entertainment. You know Obsidian - they made Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2, Fallout: New Vegas, South Park: The Stick of Truth and Pillars of Eternity. Show More Summary

Ask LH: Is There A Safe Way To Clean My Sticky Gaming Gear?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m looking for a safe (and easy) way to remove stickiness from old plastic and rubber equipment. Some of my old gaming gear (gaming keypad, analogue sticks on my Dual Shock controller, gaming mouse, etc.) have developed stickiness. How can I remove it without damaging the components? More »      

Diego Maradona climbs on a table to belt out ‘No Woman No Cry’ (Video)

Considered by many as the best to ever play the game, Argentine forward Diego Maradona has struggled to adapt to real life since retiring from football. Out of a job since 2012, the eccentric 54 year old Napoli legend was recently filmed singing the Bob Marley classic ‘No Woman No Cry’. Show More Summary

UFC of Fox 16 Results: The Real Winners and Losers from Dillashaw vs. Barao 2

It's been a long and wacky road. Our road originated on Memorial Day weekend 2014. Renan Barao 's name was being bandied about as a candidate to top the old pound-for-pound list. TJ Dillashaw was considered a game challenger, and that's...Show More Summary

Old Video Game Ads from the Late 1970s Through the 1980s

Remember those ads for video games that appeared in magazines and the back of comic books? Well, here is a collection of them for you to check out! Some are funny and some are quite clever. So take a visual walk down memory lane andShow More Summary

A portly Nicklas Bendtner received a nice reception from Arsenal fans after coming on for Wolfsburg (Video)

‘Lord’ Nicklas Bendtner was back at his old ground today, with Wolfsburg participating in Arsenal’s Emirates Cup. The Dane came on for the German side in the second half of their opening game against Villareal, and received a nice and...Show More Summary

George R. R. Martin Loves Marvel, But Not Marvel's Movie Villains

George R. R. Martin is a self-proclaimed “old — VERY old — Marvel fanboy," and was even once a member of the Merry Marvel Marching Society. In a recent blog post, the Song of Fire and Ice / Game of Thrones scribe elucidates on his Marvel affinity, particularly his fondness... More »

A Password Primer For Baby Boomers

Remember the old TV game show Password? If you do, then like me you are probably flummoxed by all of the passwords required to function these days. Sometimes, life feels like a frustrating version of Password in which Allen Ludden and the audience know the right answer but I have to guess it. Show More Summary

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