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Skalní obydlí Lhotka (Cliff Dwelling in Lhotka) in Lhotka, Czech Republic

This old house, built into a sandstone cliffs of the protected area Koko?ínsko, is one of many cliff dwellings in the area. Some windows of building are holes in the rock, chimney is in a rock crevice, and the roof looks like swamped by a big boulder. The rock dwelling in Lhotka is one of many in the area, and one of the oldest inhabited. Show More Summary

ARIZONA: State GOP Rep Intros Bill Banning Schools And Universities From Discussing Civil Rights

5 days agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

The Arizona Republic reports: The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was all about justice, that notion that we are all equal, that we all deserve opportunities. He lived by that Old Testament command from God that we should not only be charitable but work for justice. Show More Summary

Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague, Czech Republic

The 12,000 headstones in the Old Jewish Cemetery are crumbling and covered with ivy, toppled and clustered together. This was not Prague's first Jewish cemetery, but it is the oldest surviving in the city. The oldest burial date listed...Show More Summary

Look At This Official KOTOR Action Figure

Last year, Star Wars/toy fans were asked which character they’d like to see turned into one of the series’ fancy Black Series action figures. The winner: Darth Revan from Knights of the Old Republic, who is now finished and for sale...if you can find him. Read more...

How defunding Planned Parenthood killed Star Wars' Old Republic

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Sarah Jeong continues her brilliant, obsessive tear through the Star Wars canon (here's yesterday's post on the difficulties of the Warsverse's storage media and IT systems), this time looking at the outsized role that the lack of obstetric care plays in the collapse of the Old Republic and the rise of the Empire. (more…)

Did Inadequate Women’s Healthcare Destroy Star Wars’ Old Republic?

2 weeks agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Face it, there are plenty of things in the Star Wars prequels that make no sense at all. Some can be attributed to the temptations of modern CGI, while others are clearly due to the difficulty of retrofitting a plot to link to the story in the original trilogy. Show More Summary


After 2 days Lysander guessed correctly -- it was a Pazaak card from Knights of the Old Republic. Nice work! More »      

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Two of 2016’s biggest stories were about vulnerable people demanding safe drinking water.  Did inadequate women’s Healthcare destroy Star Wars’ Old Republic? 450 civilians of color who were killed by police in 2016. “We will not go without a fight” Cecile Richards interviewed on Rolling Stone. ProDoula wants to revolutionize the doula profession — and make […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic community honours Carrie Fisher in droves

The community of Star Wars: The Old Republic paid a heartfelt tribute to departed actor Carrie Fisher over the Christmas holiday. Her Princess Leia will forever be an iconic part of Star Wars. Across SWTOR game servers, thousands journeyed...Show More Summary

The Unique Way Star Wars Gamers Are Paying Tribute to Carrie Fisher

2 weeks agoEntertainment / Film : MovieWeb

Star Wars: The Old Republic video game players have found a unique way to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher by visiting House Organa.

Friday Links: Virtual Morning, Wooden Spoon Tech Breakthrough, Stairs, Trump Rooster Scares China

2 weeks agoArts : Art Fag City

Well this is weird and cute. Fans of the online multi-player role play game “Star Wars: the Old Republic” have been gathering on virtual Alderan to pay tribute to an avatar of Carrie Fischer’s Princess Leia. [ CBR ] Polish aristocrat Adam Karol Czartoryski just sold his family’s art collection to the Polish government for €100 million. Show More Summary

Players pay their respects to Carrie Fisher in Star Wars: The Old Republic

2016 has ended on a really rough note with the death of Carrie Fisher, but she was beloved by many, as evidenced by this heartwarming tribute going on currently in The Old Republic. As of this week thousands of players have been visiting the planet of Alderann, and paying their respects to Fisher at House Organa. Show More Summary

How Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Remembered Carrie Fisher

One of the great entertainers of our time has passed. Carrie Fisher was a prolific writer, actress and producer, and not to mention one of the iconic symbols of the Star Wars brand. Well, dedicated gamers of Star Wars: The Old Republic banded together to do something special for...

Banana Republic and Auerbach’s Destination-Based Cash Flow Tax

I’m hoping Santa brings me a new winter coat but if he is comparison shopping between Old Navy and Banana Republic, note they are both owned by the GAP. Bruce Blonigen is right when he challenges this old canard: Do large mergers benefit...Show More Summary

On Its Fifth Anniversary, Star Wars The Old Republic Is Interesting Again

Star Wars: The Old Republic is celebrating its five year anniversary right now and has added some major changes. BioWare’s narrative heavy online experience keeps expanding. Last year, they began a large storyline that’s continuing forward in the new Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion. I sat down with producer Ben Irving to talk about the state of the game. Read more...

Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates its 5th anniversary

Not too long ago in a very near galaxy (this one, in fact), a Star Wars game came out with big dreams. BioWare’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game The Old Republic is now 5 years old, originally releasing for PC on December 20, 2011. It’s celebrating with digital rewards available from in-game vendors until January 16. […]

The new Star Wars: The Old Republic story expansion is betrayed by the MMO underneath

Do you remember the Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer where the mother rescues her tortured young child from a prison of evil? Good, wasn't it? Well the expansion it teased, Knights of the Eternal Throne, is here, and the events teased unfold within. Show More Summary

Cuba offers to pay off debt to Czech Republic in rum

Cubans offer to settle $270m debt in kind – including several brands of rum Czech minister calls liquor proposal ‘an interesting option’ Cash-strapped Cuba has offered to pay its old debt to the Czech Republic with goods it can spare, including its coveted rum, according to the Czech finance ministry. Show More Summary

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