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Why Are Star Wars Droids At Their Best When They're Homicidal Maniacs?

last weekGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Star Wars’ droids are usually meant to be a little bit too cute for their own good—just look at BB-8! But we also love when that cuteness is subverted with a violent streak, like with Knights of the Old Republic’s HK-47, Rebels’ Chopper, or the Darth Vader comic’s Triple Zero and BT. Or, case in point, this astromech from the new Poe Dameron comic. Read more...

Banana Republic is destroying Gap

Gap Inc. is falling apart — and Banana Republic is its weakest link. In the second quarter, the parent company of Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic saw sales slip 2%, the company announced on Thursday. Out of its three core brands,Show More Summary

Jade Empire heading to iOS

Jade Empire is coming to iOS soon. Aspyr Media, the group responsible for iOS ports of Knights of the Old Republic and Fahrenheit, will be handling porting duties. The game was, allegedly, supposed to release today, but some last-minute issues stopped that from happening. Show More Summary

Bioware's Epic Action RPG 'Jade Empire' Hits iOS [Update: Soon, Not Today]

[Editor's Note: Please see the update at the end of this article.] Not even Master Li could see this one coming. Aspyr Media, the team behind the iOS ports of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [$9.99] and Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy [$4.99], are adding another classic adventure to their iOS portfolio later today. Many

Bohnický H?bitov Cemetery in Prague, Czech Republic

Behind rusty gate, under tall, dark trees in the outskirts of Prague lies a cryptic place. It is an old graveyard that used to belong to the nearby mental asylum, but the last dead were buried here in 1963, and the graveyard has been abandoned since then. Not many take care of this neglected cemetery today. Show More Summary

A Perfectly Put Together Prague Apartment — House Call

(Image credit: Daniele and Josef ) Name: Daniele & Josef Location: Vrsovice — Prague, Czech Republic Josef, a 34 year old, Czech media professional, purchased this apartment in the hip Prague neighborhood of Vrsovice in 2009 and didShow More Summary

Star Wars: The Old Republic's The Battle for Odessen DLC out now

Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Fallen Empire has all come down to this. The battle to take down Emperor Arcann and his fleet has begun with the official release of the final DLC, the Battle for Odessen. In the final chapter...Show More Summary

How Trump Adviser Roger Stone Became Washington’s Sleaziest Political Operator

I wrote the story about Roger Stone reprinted below in 1985, when I was a college student, taking a year off to work as a reporter-researcher at the New Republic. This was Reagan-era Washington, where the old ideal of public service had given way to the service business of exploiting political connections for profit. Show More Summary

Pokémon Go Gyms

When Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced – wait, don’t go away, this has a point! – they talked about a system in which you and your friends might conquer a base, the rival faction might conquer it back, and you (or other people) would repeat. Show More Summary

BioWare is shutting down all its forums outside of Star Wars: The Old Republic

If you frequent the BioWare forums, you better sit down. Over the weekend, the publisher explained that everything outside of the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums will be shut down. That includes Mass Effect, Dragon Age -- everything. Show More Summary

Your time on the Bioware forums is coming to an end unless you’re a SWTOR player

Bioware is shutting down all of its forums except for Star Wars: The Old Republic. But you read the headline, so you know that much already. This means Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and other franchise forums are going bye-bye so if you want to save anything special, do so now. According to a post announcing […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic story brings The Battle for Odessen next month

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire has been progressing its story gradually each month, leading to its final DLC chapter, The Battle for Odessen. Developer BioWare has revealed that this installment will hit on...Show More Summary

Writing romances in (non-romance) games

Ex-BioWare video game writer Alex Free (Star Wars: The Old Republic, Shadow Realms) explores the unique challenges writers face in creating meaningful romances for video games....

Next Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Revealed

The next expansion will be coming later this year, but we'll have to wait to learn more information.

Next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion is Knights of the Eternal Throne

Star Wars: The Old Republic will expand again this autumn with the release of Knights of the Eternal Throne (the acronym KOTET is catchier, particularly when paired with "SWOTOR", which is how SWTOR tends to be pronounced - sounds a bit like an alien Star Wars language when you say it altogether out loud). Show More Summary

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s next expansion is Knights of the Eternal Throne

Knights of the Fallen Empire grow up, put their big boy pants on, and become Knights of the Eternal Throne. Probably. Star Wars: The Old Republic developer BioWare has announced the next expansion: Knights of the Eternal Throne. SWTOR: Knights of the Eternal Throne is due sometime in northern autumn, and is described as one […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion Revealed

Star Wars: The Old Republic's Director of Design, James Ohlen, took center stage today at Star Wars™ “Meet the Makers” panel at Star Wars Celebration in London to give gamers a sneak peek into the future of the game. After confirming...Show More Summary

Plutocrat Trump Tries to Play Populist Bernie: Don't Fall for It

Trump absurdly tries to position himself as a Sanders clone on trade—and it's laughable. The tectonic plates of American politics are no longer moving along the old fault lines of “left” versus “right” or even Democrat versus Republican. Show More Summary

Star Wars: The Old Republic story moves on to The Gemini Deception DLC

Star Wars: The old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire has kicked off Chapter 15 of the story-driven MMO with the launch of The Gemini Deception DLC. In this episode, we find the Outlander teaming up with the deadly Droid SCORPIO to infiltrate a Zakuulan warship and face Emperor Arcann’s formidable force of elite soldiers. Show More Summary

Visions of the Past, Thanks to Gutenberg (I)

I am presently on the beach in the Dominican Republic. Every now and then, often when on vacation, I start reading random things one can find on the Gutenberg Project, the great collection of old public domain texts. If only copyright law was updated so that material after 1923 that no one was making money […]

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