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A Fun Optical Illusion Makes This Robotic Doodler Appear To Draw Faster Than It Moves

Video. Although clearly a clever artist in his own right, James Nolan Gandy shows that even the artistically-challenged can produce a masterpiece with some clever engineering. But just as impressive as Gandy's drawing machines is this timelapse of one in action that makes it appear to draw faster than it actually moves. More »      

Vanity Fair Illusion

Hello Moillusions followers.  It has been awhile since we have updated some new content. Last month, we received some hilarious news over the cover of… The post Vanity Fair Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Orange County Contrails: A Followup

A week ago I posted a picture of some contrails that seemed like they were rising at a surprisingly steep angle. I got convinced pretty quickly that, in fact, this is just an optical illusion created by a plane coming around the curve of the earth from south of here. And of course, that’s what […]

Optical Illusion Makes Two Identical Side-By-Side Photos Look Different

last weekHumor / odd : Geekologie

This is an optical illusion that makes two identical, side-by-side photos of a road look like the roads are actually converging towards the bottom (and diverging at the top). yelling at brain I thought I told you to stop playing tricks...Show More Summary

A single photo creates optical illusion that will mess with your mind

Optical illusions are awesome. Sometimes it takes a proper angle, light, or some help from Photoshop to make them and create a fascinating effect. But other times, a single photo is enough to play with your mind. When you look at these...Show More Summary

This Surprising Illusion Makes Two Copies Of The Same Image Look Like Different Photos

There's no shortage of meticulously crafted illustrations and animations out there if you're looking to tax and perplex your brain, but sometimes optical illusions can happen naturally in the real world. Like when someone put two copies of this same photo side-by-side, resulting in a bizarre illusion where your brain thinks these two roads actually converge. More »      

archiemcphee: The approach of Halloween is the perfect time to...

archiemcphee: The approach of Halloween is the perfect time to check out some of the latest awesome optical illusions created by Japanese art student Hikaru Cho, aka Chooo-San (previously featured here). Chooo-San uses nothing but acrylic...Show More Summary

archiemcphee: The Department of Astonishing Optical illusions...

archiemcphee: The Department of Astonishing Optical illusions can’t take their eyes off this latest creation by Italian fine-art-bodypainter Johannes Stötter (previously featured here). After a 4-hour-long design process, Stötter spent...Show More Summary

archiemcphee: Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre just unveiled an...

archiemcphee: Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre just unveiled an awesome new sculpture that the Department of Astonishing Optical Illusions wants to hang in their office. For his piece entitled Schrodinger’s Wood, Lasserre carved theShow More Summary

Asus Erases Bezels On Multi-Monitor Setups, Using Trickery

It’s actually called the “bezel-free kit,” and it performs its magic trick using no active electronics of any kind. It’s literally just an optical illusion.

One Or Two Face Illusion

We have been on hiatus lately and we truly want to apologize.  Things have been quite hectic and we have not been diligent with our… The post One Or Two Face Illusion appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

4 Dots Illusion That Can Divide Us all

This clip will once again divide us all.  As Reddit has covered this, an optical illusion of four blinking dots.   Firstly what we can see… The post 4 Dots Illusion That Can Divide Us all appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Dancing Dots

last monthHumor / odd : Neatorama

Are the dots in this optical illusion jumping from side to side, jumping up and down, or going around the square? The poster at reddit gave "widdershins" as an option. People see it differently, even though our brains tell up they are only four dots flashing on and off. Show More Summary

How Do You Remove One Glass Off This Plate?

We have a fun optical illusion trick for you guys today.  You may want to save it for an icebreaker at the bar. How can… The post How Do You Remove One Glass Off This Plate? appeared first on Mighty Optical Illusions.

Evolved illusion—blackest black gives bird of paradise an edge

The mating display of the male bird of paradise owes its optical extravagance to a background so black it is the envy of telescope and solar panel engineers, according to a new study published Jan. 9 in the journal Nature Communications.

4 Interior Design Optical Illusions That Change the Way You See Your Space

If there’s one goal of interior design, it’s to make the most out of your interiors. Sometimes, the space you’re working with is ideally set up and all it takes is a few small tweaks. Other times, you need to consciously work toward changing the entire perception of the room. Show More Summary

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