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Plan for Big Events in Los Angeles and Atlanta This August

What are you doing this month and what small business events will you be attending? There are a few in our calendar that are must-attends during this time. Observe.

10 Basic Strategies for Growing Your Business

In our attempt to simplify our business lives, we tend to over-complicate them further. In doing so, we often overlook the basics to growth.

The 25 best public law schools in America

Business Insider recently released its ranking of the 50 best law schools in America, which highlights the top institutions that prepare students to land highly coveted jobs in the legal world. Our methodology draws data from the American...Show More Summary

President Trump May Be Bad For Markets

A lot of people seem to think that if Donald Trump becomes the next U.S. President, then it will be good for our stock markets. After all, he is a successful business man. And we also tend to think that Republicans are the party of business. However, Trump may actually be bad for markets. Here's why...

Behind The Scenes Of Blogging For Business

Since we’ve heard from so many of you who are enjoying the peek behind the scenes of the blogging business in this week’s podcast episode (so glad!) we thought we’d point you guys to another resource on that subject: our 3-part series on how to start a blog, grow your audience, and earn money. Show More Summary

This 103-Year-Old Ice Cream Man Melts Our Hearts

When you’re 103 years old, you’ve earned the right to chill ? even literally, if that’s what you want. Givoanni Rozzo built a successful ice cream business in Cambridge, England, before retiring in 1995. Now he’s behind the wheel ofShow More Summary

What Are The Weirdest Business Ideas That Became Successful?

This post originally appeared on Quora. I started a gold grills business that did well. Picture: model wearing one of our grills. Photo by Dave Ochoa It generated $10,000-$20,000 in sales per month. It's also been featured in Forbes and dozens of other media sites. Show More Summary

Facebook Successfully Tests Drone, Pinterest Adds Buyable Pins to Web, More

Two social media sites were busy with big developments this week and they're topping our headlines amid a busy week for small businesses in this small business news and information roundup.

WE'RE HIRING: Join Business Insider as a Senior Research Analyst!

Click here to apply for this position We're hiring a Senior Research Analyst to lead our Payments research team, as part of our growing team at Business Insider Intelligence. Candidates will have 3-5 years of relevant work experience. We’re...Show More Summary

These Lipsticks Deserve a Chance Despite WTF Shade Names That Don’t So Much as Hint at Their Color

yesterdayLifestyle : xoJane

I rarely get to write about beauty stuff on xoJane these days because I'm busy keeping the gears oiled over on xoVain, but today, I'm making an exception. Because today, friends — today is a very important day in our nation's history. Today marks the time brave PR and marketing executives decided,... Continue reading

4 Ways Science Can Address the Looming Energy Crisis

Scientists and engineers have been hard at work, over the past several years, searching for ways to manage the flow of energy through our homes, business, vehicles, etc. New technology not only strives to make life more energy efficient, but also comfortable and convenient enough to allow smooth transitions from older systems. Show More Summary

Why Not Working in the City Could Make You Happier (Infographic)

As more urban startups encourage employees to stay close to work, a new Business Insider infographic shows the effect city living has on our health

58 Percent of Small Businesses Already Have International Customers, Survey Finds

Small businesses going global isn't the future. It's now, according to a new study that find more than half are already conducting business beyond our borders.

AM BRIEF: Live Nation, Amazon Report Record Quarters • SFX Maneuvers • VKontakte • Leadership Music • More

FRIDAY 7.29.16 Music Business News From Around The Web Live Nation's increasing strength makes the job of resurrecting SFX that much more difficult. Updated continuously under our More News tab

Interview: Eric Herman

Eric Herman on tightrope Eric Herman and I go way back -- his album Monkey Business was the very first album on I received from a kids' musician for possible review. Since that time, we've both had our share of success in the kids' music...Show More Summary

Exactly What 'Family Values' Got This T-Shirt Banned From Walmart?

2 days agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

Earlier this week, a Rutgers University professor did us all a huge solid when he brought to our attention a Very Special Reminder that once upon a time, Walmart was in the business of crushing little girls' dreams. The...

How to tell if your Cuban cigars are real or fake

Business Insider sent three reporters to Havana, Cuba, to experience the city as tourists. One of the top priorities on our list was to buy some authentic Cuban cigars. We tried two different approaches. First, we bought a box at an authorized store inside the Hotel Habana Libre. Show More Summary

Don't Be So Sure That States Can't Go Bankrupt

Our judicial system has a time-tested option for those who can’t pay their debts: bankruptcy. Individuals and businesses use it all the time. The debtor submits itself to a court, which tries to reach the fairest possible settlement with creditors. It’s messy, but it usually works for the best. Federal bankruptcy code [...]

Ray Kurzweil: To Merge With Technology Is to Enhance Our Humanity

Technological shifts outpace our awareness of them. While we're busy with our day-to-day lives—getting a new smartphone or downloading the next updates—we often don't notice how these incremental changes shape our relationship with technology. Show More Summary

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