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There’s electricity on the Martian moon Phobos, and it’s driving scientists nuts

NASA loves Mars because it's the closest planet in our Solar System that can be explored with current technology, and might even have hosted life at some point in its distant past, but they've really only scratched the surface of the secrets Mars could hold. Show More Summary

NASA decides to hang out at dwarf planet Ceres just a little while longer

With its hardware already right where it needs to be, NASA has decided it wants to extend its Dawn mission, which will bring its spacecraft extremely close to the surface of one of the most interesting objects in our Solar System that...Show More Summary

Google Maps Now Lets You Explore the Solar System

You can now explore space using Google Maps, with Google having added images from the planets and moons that make up our solar system. This new imagery lets you zoom out from Earth before exploring Venus, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Europa, Ganymede, Titan, and others in glorious technicolor. Show More Summary

New NASA study improves search for habitable worlds

(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) New NASA research is helping to refine our understanding of candidate planets beyond our solar system that might support life.

You can now use Google Maps to explore around our Solar System

If you thought Google Maps was good for finding your way around the world, you can now use it to check out a few locations in our solar system.        

In search of the ninth planet

A University of Michigan doctoral student has logged two pieces of evidence that may support the existence of a planet that could be part of our solar system, beyond Neptune.

The missing mass—what is causing a geoid low in the Indian Ocean?

The Earth's interior is still a mystery to us. While we have sent missions to probe the outer reaches of our Solar system, the deepest boreholes on Earth go down to only a few kilometres. The only way to learn what's going on deep inside our planet, in the core and the mantle, is by indirect methods.

Google Maps now lets you explore more planets and their moons

Have you ever wanted to walk amongst the stars? Google Maps is trying to make that happen. You can now explore 16 planetary bodies in our solar system.

NASA says the evidence for a ‘Planet Nine’ is mounting

We might not actually know how many planets are in our Solar System — and no, this isn't a trick regarding Pluto's status. For years, scientists have wondered if there might be a larger, planet-sized body lurking in or around the thick...Show More Summary

Astronomers Spot Ring Around Dwarf Planet

It’s an exciting time for astronomy. If it’s not the constant stream of newly discovered exoplanets, it’s the new discoveries about our own solar system. Every week it seems, we gain a better […] The post Astronomers Spot Ring Around Dwarf Planet appeared first on

Rocky ring spotted around a dwarf planet in our Solar System

The most effective way of discovering planets beyond our Solar System has been through observing occultations when a body passes in front of its host star. Astronomers have now used that method to get a better look at a little-known dwarf planet much closer to home: Haumea, which orbits the Sun beyond Neptune. Show More Summary

There’s a giant egg floating in our solar system with a ring around it

Some of the most exciting new discoveries in space come from far, far away, thanks to telescopes capable of detecting exoplanets that are so distant we'd likely never be able to actually visit them, but that doesn't mean there isn't still some pretty interesting stuff here in our own Solar System. Show More Summary

Weird dwarf planet has one very Saturn-like feature - CNET

Scientists discover Pluto's dwarf planet buddy Haumea has something in common with the gas giants in our solar system.

Distant dwarf planet near Pluto has a ring that no one expected

The tiny world Haumea has a ring, the most distant we’ve found in our solar system. This may mean rings encircle other far-off worlds in the solar system

Ring discovered around egg-shaped dwarf planet Haumea

A new study reports that a ring has been spotted around another object in our solar system: Haumea, a weird, egg-shaped, distant dwarf planet        

Dwarf planet has a ring to it: study

Move over Saturn! Scientists have found a ring around an unassuming mini-planet in our Solar System to debunk the theory that only giant planets can be so adorned.

Remote sensing for cosmic dust and other celestial bodies

(Springer) In a paper recently published in EPJ Plus, Stefano Bagnulo from Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, UK, and colleagues review the state-of-the-art in polarimetry studies of the small bodies in our solar system. Combined with...Show More Summary

Four Winds Report for Oct. 10, 2017

Today's biggest news is that the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, changes signs and enters Scorpio. This brings all the 'spirituality' and 'creativity' of Sagittarius and Pisces (since... This is content summary only. Please visit Planet Waves for full links, other content, and more!

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