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Giacomo Gates: Everything Is Cool

13 minutes agoMusic / Jazz : JazzWax

One of my favorite male vocalists is out with a new album—Everything Is Cool (Savant). I last wrote about Giacomo when his Miles Tones was released (here). And before that The Revolution Will Be JazzL The Songs of Gil-Scott Heron...        

Watch Out! Morrissey Covers Waylon Jennings’ ‘Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?’

14 minutes agoMusic / Country : Twang Nation

Growing up as country and metal as my primary cultural staple I never caed for The Smiths (too whiney, though “How Soon Is Now’ is badass) and was never a Moz solo fan (too mopey and pseudo clever) But I do have to give the man credit for pulling off a damn fine rendition of [...]

Carrie Underwood Reveals How She Accidentally Locked Her Son in the Car

Carrie Underwood is opening up about how she accidentally locked her six-month-old son Isaiah in the car back in July. “My husband [Mike Fisher] and I both got out of the same time, and both shut the door at the same time,” the 32-year-old singer told the US99.5 radio show. “And immediately one of our [...]

My Workout Playlist: Barry’s Bootcamp’s Courtney Paul

2 hours agoHealth : Well Good NYC

Each week, we share the tunes of popular fitness instructors who’ve got a serious knack for cranking out amazingly motivating music.

Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Son Just Came Out As Poly

3 hours agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Our son, who is almost 30 years old, was married four years ago. He just shared with us that for the last three years he and his wife have been practicing polyamory. They are committed to their relationship, but have each had relationships with both men and women over the last three years. Show More Summary

Why This Dude Rescues Dogs and Wears High Heels

It was almost two in the morning when the phone rang. My mom was frantic and scared, and her voice was shaking the moment I sleepily mumbled hello. I shot right out of bed because unfortunately, I knew that voice all too well. I could...Show More Summary

Comment Of The Day: Concision And Clarity Edition

6 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Jalopnik

I’ll be the first to admit that I am lightyears away from being any Ernest Hemingway. My thoughts are often jumbled, which means that I need approximately a billion words to get them all out. But every now and again the avatar of Hemingway shows up in the form of a commenter, and they say exactly what we all believe, deep down inside. Read more...

The Slowpoke Song has been translated

My 3DS gets so little use that whenever I do dig out the system, I forget that I downloaded that ridiculous Slowpoke theme. It goes "yaa!" whenever you scroll through your games and apps. "Yaa. Yaa. Yayayaya." It's great. Also great? The newly-dubbed Slowpoke Song. Read more...

What I've Learned

"Remember when my school supplies consisted of some folders, pencils and crayons?" my daughter said, laughing, as we laid out our cart full of this year's supplies. "I sure miss those days!" She's a freshman in high school now, my girl; her brother is a junior. Show More Summary

When We Said Fall, We Didn’t Mean Your Pants

Well my goodness, it’s uptight Republican sex week. In Minnesota, two Republican lawmakers were caught making out in the public park. Well, making out isn’t exactly right. They were at second base when a policeman found them. It says, “Was making out with female in car. Show More Summary

002/366: Boids

I spent a while this morning typing on my laptop on the deck, and brought the new camera out with me for occasional procrastination. The shady spot at that hour has a nice view of the bird feeder, and I snapped a few shots of these guys feeding (using a telephoto lens): (I cropped and…

How Many Consecutive ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episodes Can I Watch Before I Go Insane?

Obviously, I’m balancing my very precious time between thinking about working out, not working out, and spending the beautiful and sunny daytime hours watching Law & Order: SVU.

Yet Another Reason Ronda Rousey Is Inspiring People Everywhere

I hid it from the world. That's how I originally handled my oldest son's speech disorder diagnosis. He was barely 2 years old and we, his parents, were the only people who could make out what he was saying. After the doctor recommended an evaluation with a speech therapist, and we received the diagnosis, I retreated. Show More Summary

30 Things Not To Say To Your Only Black Friend

9 hours agoLifestyle : xoJane

Recently a friend texted me out of the blue, “What do you think about the Confederate flag?”Girl. There were not enough deep breaths in the world to center my spirit and put me in the mood to discuss slaves in the middle of the afternoon, yet there I was. I hadn’t even had coffee. With a quick... Continue reading

Mom, Why Are You So Mad?

Blogger and mother Vicky Lane explains her frustrations with motherhood in this post originally featured on Jacksonville Moms Blog. Mom, why are you so mad? Those few words coming out of the mouth of my tiny little girl who just turned three; heartbreaking. I wasn't even "mad." It was just another day. Show More Summary


All of the sudden I am very burned out on social media. This came up for me because I've been working in some new mediums, and of course I feel the need to whip out my phone and document my process and some images. And then I think ought to share them, but I really don't feel like it.I know exactly why I don't feel like it. Show More Summary

Robert Pattinson Crashes Wedding - Hangs Out with Bridesmaids

If Robert Pattinson crashed my wedding, I would literally ditch my husband and run off into the sunset with Mr. VAMPIRE himself. JUST KIDDING. (But not really, Rob, what’s your addy? I’m sending you the invite…)

Thank You, Wayne Dyer

I feel deeply moved by the passing of spiritual teacher, best selling author, healer, and a man who helped me get sober: Dr. Wayne Dyer. In 2008, I suffered my lowest bottom with drugs and alcohol. I was powerless, out of control, and my life was very small. Show More Summary

Metro Passengers Subdue Woman Trying To Abduct A Baby

"Out of nowhere, I saw this baby in the air, and a woman was screaming 'my baby, my baby,' " said a fellow passenger. [ more › ]

I Did My Best In Heroes of the Storm And Still Got Last Place

Late last night, Heroes of the Storm reached into my chest, tore out my heart, and began to vigorously stomp on it. It cackled maniacally while doing this. And all I could do was sit back and watch in a blind daze. Read more...

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