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Liking Things

Around New Years, Facebook put out one of their movies where it tallied up how you had interacted with the site over the last 12 months.  I knew this because I watched my friend’s movie on her timeline.  It yanked out images of what was important to her: her kids!  her dogs!  her husband!  It […]

Are you 6 words away from your best ever results? Find out!

I’d like to share something personal with you today. It’s a lesson I learned a couple of years after starting my business. Two decades later, it’s still a part of every business decision I make. And as you’ll see, it can be summed up in just 6 words. Show More Summary

Bikepacking the Bog Dam Loop

A moose trotted through my camp while I was eating dinner. Startled the hell out of me and him. I’d heard some commotion on the river below the embankment where I’d hung my hammock, but ignored it while I sat there cooking dinner. The moose popped out of the forest and ran about 20 feet …

Cultivating Your Personal Style | Shopping

Now that I’ve created a mood board with ideas that inspire me and checked out what I already have in my closet, I can plan for how I’ll budget out and shop this fall. Before we dig into that - a little side story. Let’s stroll down memory...Show More Summary

The pleasures of reading aloud

‘I have nothing to doe but work and read my Eyes out,’ complained Anne Vernon in 1734, writing from her…

I Hear Your Voice review

The most recent addition to the complete review is my review of Kim Young-ha's I Hear Your Voice, just out in English.

Best Gifts For Bikers And Motorcycle Lovers

It took a few days for the snarls, roars and pops of the motorcycle engines to stop ringing in my ears, and the sand out of my eyes. It'll take me longer to forget about Sturgis, South Dakota, home to one of America's biggest motorcycle rallies. Show More Summary

Storytelling vs. "Storytelling"

Despite what digital marketers tell you, storytelling and selling can commingle and even thrive together. See three classic storytelling ads that sold the shit out of the product—my latest post for Digiday—LINK.

When I die in PUBG, make sure to bury me with my gear

Death is a tricky thing in PUBG. Like half the time, you have no idea where you ended up getting killed from. The other half, you know that death is inevitable and that you're just gutting it out as long as you possibly can. Here's the thing though: When I'm going to die, I want to do it where no one can find my loot. Show More Summary

My favorite internet animator, Joe Sparks, is back

7 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Joe Sparks' Radiskull and Devil Doll remain my favorite characters of the Dotcom boom. After a long hiatus while working for a company that apparently wouldn't let Joe publish independent work, he is back. Check out his darling new video! Representin' Hades!

Laura Lam's 'False Hearts' is a gripping tale

8 hours agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Rarely does a novel grab my attention like Laura Lam's False Hearts. I started reading Laua Lam's False Hearts and could not get out of my chair until I was done. I then rewound my Kindle to page one and handed the device to a friend...Show More Summary

Cartoon: Trump condemns both sides

Follow me on Twitter at @MattBors or like my Facebook page. New: check out the new animated political cartoons I’m making.

Squirrel! (Open Thread)

This squirrel was hanging out on a post near one of the bird feeders. It kept staring at me for some reason, even though I was minding my own business inside the house and am famously tolerant of squirrels raiding my feeders: I figured if I pulled out my camera, it would go away, and […]

SCOTT ADAMS: The Magical Thinking Opposition. “My hypothesis is that the political side that is ou…

SCOTT ADAMS: The Magical Thinking Opposition. “My hypothesis is that the political side that is out of power is the one that hallucinates the most – and needs to – in order to keep their worldview intact.” This reminds me of Jane’s Law: “The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The […]

New Overwatch animated short shows Mei's (INCREDIBLY TRAGIC) backstory

Oh my god. I mean just... oh my god. It turns out that Mei, Overwatch's most adorable scien...

? Listen: Various Artists: Pastel Voids - PASTEL_VOIDS_SUMMER_2017

Pastel Voids has always been so clubbed out? Like, their new batch — including the sampler, PASTEL_VOIDS_SUMMER_2017 — is fucking tuna clubbed seals in a can. So, as much as you respect my time, I’ll do the same for yours… the following...Show More Summary

Being Too Nice Is Toxic Sometimes

I try to spend a vast majority of my time trying to figure out how to be nice to other people. I always think I am not doing enough.

Premiere: D. Gookin - “Retaliation”

By this point in my time as a music journalist/blog boy, it’s about time to get a template going. Think about it, a Mad Libs style write-up that makes it easy to gush about anything? Yes, please. That way I can crank out content, get the social media kudos, and save myself a lot of time for writing Frasier fan fiction. Show More Summary

Daily Dose of Cute

FUZZY LITTLE CUDDLE MONSTER! ? Matilda was lying next to me just purring away, reaching her paws out beneath the pillow to find my leg and knead and knead and knead, while I rubbed her head and belleh (except for a wee break to snap this photo, natch).As always, please feel welcome and encouraged to share pix of the fuzzy, feathered, or scaled members of your family in comments.

“Come and Get It” Cookbook Tour! by Ree

Yahoo yippety! My new cookbook comes out in two months, and I can’t wait. It’s been a crazy-fun cookbook to write, and I’m taking a crazy-fun cookbook trip! Starting October 23, I’ll be visiting locations all over the land. Here is the schedule. I would love, love, love to see you!   PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY […]

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