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Scientists make new discovery about bird evolution

(Oxford University Press USA) In a new paper published in National Science Review, a team of scientists from China described the most exceptionally preserved fossil bird discovered to date.

Neurosurgical practices must evolve and transform to adapt to rapidly changing healthcare industry

(Oxford University Press USA) Neurosurgeons hoping to successfully navigate the rapidly changing healthcare industry must advance their strategies and adapt new ways of thinking in order to continue to thrive in an evolving environm...

New research shows how metabolism and epigenetics play a role in cancer development

(Oxford University Press USA) A study published in Briefings in Functional Genomics investigated how epigenetics can modulate human's genetic program -- it can emphasize or silence genes. The new research shows that if epigenetics is...Show More Summary

HIV co-infection influences natural selection on M. tuberculosis

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) While M. tuberculosis has been evolving with humans for thousands of years, HIV co-infections create host immunological environments that this bacterium has not encountered before and could, therefore, be nudging it to evolve new characteristics. Show More Summary

Agriculture, dietary changes, and adaptations in fat metabolism from ancient to modern Europeans

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) Evolutionary biologists are weighing in based on the increasing power of DNA analyses to explore how changes in diet over eons have caused human adaptations to genes regulating fat metabolism. Show More Summary

High uric acid levels in young children may result in higher blood pressure later on

(Oxford University Press USA) A new article published in the American Journal of Hypertension finds that very young children with increased uric acid levels had higher blood pressure at 3 years of age.

High folic acid level in pregnancy may decrease high blood pressure in children

(Oxford University Press USA) A new article published in the American Journal of Hypertension finds that babies born to mothers with cardiometabolic risk factors were less likely to develop high blood pressure if their mothers had higher levels of folate during pregnancy.

Principles of 3-D genome folding and gene expression studied across species

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) With new techniques, scientists are beginning to understand the principles of 3-D genome folding. And in one of the studies of its kind, Anastasia Kovina, Sergey Razin a et al. Show More Summary

Oxford University Press to publish Journal of Crustacean Biology

(Oxford University Press USA) Oxford University Press (OUP) has signed an agreement with The Crustacean Society to publish Journal of Crustacean Biology (JCB), from Jan. 2017.

Toxic cocktail

(Oxford University Press USA) Today, everyone carries a toxic load of industrially-produced chemicals in their bloodstream: pesticides, plasticizers, disinfectant products, flame-retardants, surfactants, and UV filters. These chemicals are harmful to everyone, but they are particularly dangerous to pregnant women and their developing fetuses.

Study finds police use out of court resolutions in over 5,000 domestic abuse cases

(Oxford University Press USA) A study published in the British Journal of Criminology investigated the nature and extent of UK police use of 'out of court resolutions' in cases of domestic abuse and found that many forces are potentially putting lives at risk. Show More Summary

New study on smoking bans finds decreasein smoke exposure in public and private places

(Oxford University Press USA) Exposure to secondhand smoke has long been associated with negative health effects. A study of secondhand smoke exposure after two smoking bans in Spain, publishing today in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, suggests that overall exposure can be decreased across all settings by comprehensive legislative efforts.

AOSpine North America provides a glimpse into the future of spine care

(Oxford University Press USA) AOSpine North America has brought together experts to provide a glimpse into the next generation of spine care leading to a supplement in Neurosurgery on the 'Future Advances in Spine Surgery.'

Dating the undatables

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) New research recently published in the scientific journal, Molecular Biology and Evolution, by a team of scientists from Ireland and India resolved a 195-year old confusionShow More Summary

Successful insomnia treatment may require nothing more than a placebo

(Oxford University Press USA) A new study published in Brain indicates that successful treatment for insomnia may not actually require complicated neurofeedback (direct training of brain functions). Rather, it appears patients who simply believe they're getting neurofeedback training appear to get the same benefits.

Congress of Neurological Surgeons Partners with Oxford University Press to Publish the 4th Edition of Guidelines for Severe TB I in Neurosurgery Journal

The Congress of Neurological Surgeons announces the publication of the 4th Edition of the Guidelines for the Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (Guidelines) in the January issue of Neurosurgery.

Book Review: Dystopia: a Natural History (Oxford, 2017)

A new book from Oxford University Press takes a lively and engaging look at that bleakest of topics.

Washington, D.C. March 2: Book forum on business and the Roberts Court

At 4 p.m. on March 2 — that’s Thursday of next week — I’m hosting a Cato book forum for Jonathan Adler to discuss his new book, Business and the Roberts Court (Oxford University Press, 2016). Details and registration here: Is the Supreme Court “pro-business?” That’s a claim often heard from critics of the Roberts […] Washington, D.C. Show More Summary

Ancient Eugenics: Much more than just selective infanticide

A history resource article by Mary Harrsch © 2017 Recently, I received a review copy of a new release from Oxford University Press entitled "A Cabinet of Ancient Medical Curiosities: Strange Tales and Surprising Facts from the Healing Arts of Greece and Rome by J. Show More Summary

Looking at Sardinian DNA for genetic clues to an island's -- and Europe's -- past

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) In a new study, an international team led by geneticist Anna Olivieri from the University of Pavia tackles a highly interesting question: what were the origins of the Sardinian...Show More Summary

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