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New perovskite solar cell design could outperform existing commercial technologies

(Stanford University) Stanford and Oxford scientists have created new perovskite solar cells that that could rival and even outperform conventional cells made of silicon. The novel technology is made with tin and other inexpensive, abundant materials.

Research states US expats in UK could hold deciding vote in US election

A scholarly paper recently issued by a US institute based at Oxford University revealed US expat voters in Britain could hold the key to the result of the US presidential election. The research paper, entitled â??Americaâ??s Overseas Voters: how they could decide the US presidency in 2016â??, stresses the power of overseas voters in the... Expats Blog -

Oxford University press to publish Paediatrics & Child Health

(Oxford University Press USA) Oxford University Press is pleased to announce its partnership with the Canadian Paediatric Society to exclusively publish Paediatrics & Child Health, the only peer-reviewed paediatric journal in Canada...

Safe new storage method could be key to future of hydrogen-powered vehicles

(University of Oxford) One of the main obstacles facing hydrogen fuel technology has been the lack of a lightweight, safe on-board hydrogen storage material.A major new discovery by scientists has shown that hydrocarbon wax rapidly releases large amounts of hydrogen when activated with catalysts and microwaves.

Monkeys are seen making stone flakes so humans are 'not unique' after all

(University of Oxford) In a paper, published in Nature, the research team says this finding is significant because archaeologists had always understood that the production of multiple stone flakes with characteristics such as conchoidal fractures and sharp cutting edges was a behaviour unique to hominins. Show More Summary

Being Kind Won't Change Your Life. But It Might Improve It A Little, Oxford Researchers Say

Video Does being kind to others make you happier? A little, Oxford researchers say. Together with their colleagues from Bournemouth University, they analyzed 428 published articles that had investigated the relationship between kindness and happiness and conducted a meta-analysis of the findings. Turns out that the overall effect of kindness on happiness [...]

Overseas U.S. Voters Will Make 'Critical Difference' To Swing States in Election

yesterdayNews : Newsweek: US

U.S. voters based overseas could swing key states in next month’s presidential election, an Oxford University study has found. A report from the prestigious U.K. university says the estimated 2.6 million voters living outside of the U.S. Show More Summary

New tools identify key evolutionary advantages from ancient hominid interbreeding

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) Neanderthals. Denisovans. Homo sapiens. Around 50,000 years ago, these hominids not only interbred, but in some cases, modern humans may have also received a special evolutionary advantage from doing so. Show More Summary

My final year at Oxford, when I felt punished for having ME

For centuries Oxford has ‘rusticated’ students – expelled them to their family home in the country – and those who are ill receive the same treatment I had made it to the final year of my English degree at Oxford University, but I almost didn’t make it any further. Show More Summary

Ancient hominid 'hanky panky' also influenced spread of STIs

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) With recent studies proving that almost everyone has a little bit of Neanderthal DNA in them (up to 5 percent), it's become clear our ancestors displayed hominid hanky panky, and with it, a potential downside, the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Show More Summary

Goodenough for the BBC

It’s 36 years since German-born John Bannister Goodenough (now 94 years old) demonstrated a practical rechargeable lithium ion battery at Oxford University the successors of which let you argue with people you don’t know on the other side of the world and look at blurred photos of their food while sitting in the pub with … Continue reading "Goodenough for the BBC"

The connection between child marriage and domestic violence

(Oxford University Press USA) A new study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology indicates that women across 34 countries are at increased risk for domestic violence if they marry before age 15.

Watch a driverless car tested on the streets of the UK for the first time

Driverless cars have arrived in the UK. This small two-seater electric car was developed by Oxford University scientists and has been tested for the first time in a public space. The car navigated its way around a pedestrianised area of Milton Keynes. Show More Summary

Jordan's airborne monuments men discover, protect sites

The helicopter door opens and Robert Bewley leans out hundreds of feet above the Hisban Roman ruins outside Amman, Jordan. Feet on the struts, the Oxford University archaeologist begins snapping photos as the chopper circles the ancient stones.

Public interest in plane crashes only predicted 'if death toll is 50 or higher'

(University of Oxford) Researchers analyzed Wikipedia articles about 1,500 plane crashes around the world to discover that a death toll of around 50 is the minimum threshold for predicting significant levels of public interest. The location of the airline companies trumps death tolls if they are based in North American or Latin American countries.

Elderly patients with unstable ankle fractures could avoid surgery

(University of Oxford) Elderly patients with unstable ankle fractures could avoid surgery, according to research by a UK team led by Oxford University.The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, compared surgery to pin a broken ankle with a new plaster cast technique known as 'close contact casting.'

Watch: Particle accelerators explained in a wonderful animated short

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

In this video from The Royal Institution, University of Oxford Accelerator Physicist Dr. Suzie Sheehy explains about how you go about designing a particle accelerator. (more…)

Bright Future for Perovskite Solar Cells

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a solvent system with reduced toxicity that can be used in the manufacture of perovskite solar cells, clearing one of the barriers to the commercialization of a technology that promises to revolutionist the solar industry. Show More Summary

Microsoft awards $5 million worth of Azure credits to Alan Turing Institute

Alan Turing Institute (the Turing) is the U.K.’s national center for data science, with its headquarters at the British Library in London. It is a joint venture founded by the universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh, Oxford, University College London and Warwick and the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Today, Microsoft Research announced that […]

Online emancipation: Protecting users from algorithmic bias

(University of Nottingham) To establish a system of auditability and build trust and transparency when it comes to internet use researchers from The University of Nottingham, the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh want...Show More Summary

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