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Earliest Known Zero Symbol Identified in Ancient Indian Manuscript

5 days agoArts : Hyperallergic

Carbon dating reveals the earliest known symbol for zero is in a 3rd or 4th century Indian manuscript at the University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries. The post Earliest Known Zero Symbol Identified in Ancient Indian Manuscript appeared first on Hyperallergic.

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation and Oxford University Press enter into publishing partnership

(Oxford University Press USA) The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation and Oxford University Press announced today that they have entered into a new partnership to publish the Foundation's journal Inflammatory Bowels Diseases beginning in 2...

New hope for limiting warming to 1.5 C

Significant emission reductions are required if we are to achieve one of the key goals of the Paris Agreement, and limit the increase in global average temperatures to 1.5°C; a new Oxford University partnership warns.

Robots are coming for our jobs — here’s why the founder of 'blue collar LinkedIn' isn't worried

Robots are coming for your job. That may sound vaguely dystopian, but it's on the horizon. A 2013 study from Oxford University found that a whopping 47% of US jobs could be automatized in 20 years. Jobcase CEO and founder Fred Goff has...Show More Summary

Financial Times Reporter Eaten by Crocodile

A Financial Times journalist was killed by a crocodile while washing his hands at a lagoon in Sri Lanka during a holiday with pals. Paul McClean, 25, an Oxford University graduate, is understood to have wandered away from his group of friends to find a toilet when he was attacked. Show More Summary

A Google VC explained why Cambridge has the edge over Oxford on tech startups

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge have one of the longest-running rivalries in the world. They compete every year in The Boat Race (rowing), The Varsity Match (rugby), and of course, in the academic league tables. But today there's...Show More Summary

Financial Times reporter killed in Sri Lanka crocodile attack

LONDON - A young journalist at the Financial Times was dragged into a river and killed by a crocodile whilst holidaying in Sri Lanka, the BBC reported on Friday. Paul McClean, an Oxford University graduate with a first-class degree in...Show More Summary

Video: Earliest recorded use of zero is centuries older than first thought

Scientists from the University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries have used carbon dating to trace the figure's origins to the famous ancient Indian scroll, the Bakhshali manuscript. The text dates back to the third or fourth century, making it the oldest recorded use of the symbol.

Carbon dating finds manuscript contains oldest recorded origins of the symbol 'zero'

last weekArts : Artdaily

The origin of the symbol zero has long been one of the world?s greatest mathematical mysteries. Today, new carbon dating research commissioned by the University of Oxford?s Bodleian Libraries into the ancient Indian Bakhshali manuscript,...Show More Summary

Measuring a crucial mineral in the mantle

University of Delaware professor Jessica Warren and colleagues from Stanford University, Oxford University and University of Pennsylvania, reported new data that material size-effects matter in plate tectonics. Plate tectonics, the way the Earth's plates move apart and come back together, has been used since the 1960s to explain the location of volcanoes and earthquakes.

Tectonic plates 'weaker than previously thought,' say scientists

Experiments carried out at Oxford University have revealed that tectonic plates are weaker than previously thought. The finding explains an ambiguity in lab work that led scientists to believe these rocks were much stronger than they appeared to be in the natural world. This new knowledge will help us understand how tectonic plates can break to form new boundaries.

Sir John Beazley

ashmoleanmuseum: Sir John Beazley was born #onthisday in 1885. He was Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art at the University of Oxford from 1925 to 1956, and is known for creating a system to classify ancient Athenian or ‘Attic’...Show More Summary

Low-level radiation exposure less harmful to health than other modern lifestyle risks

(University of Oxford) Low-level radiation exposure poses less of a health risk than other lifestyle threats, such as smoking, obesity and air pollution, according to Oxford University research.Human populations have always been exposed to ionizing radiation, and more so in modern life. Show More Summary

Cold comfort: Fat-rich diets and adaptation among indigenous Siberian populations

(Molecular Biology and Evolution (Oxford University Press)) Recently, scientists have been exploring the genetic signatures of adaptation in several indigenous cold-adapted human populations. Now, University of Arizona professors Ryan...Show More Summary

Genes linked with education and fertility depend on when and where you live

Different genes affect educational attainment and fertility in different times and places, according to new research from the University of Oxford. This means we could be missing important variations when we try to draw conclusions about...Show More Summary

Fathers can influence the sex of their offspring, scientists show

(University of Oxford) It has traditionally been thought that in mammals only mothers are able to influence the sex of their offspring.But a new study in wild mice led by Dr Aurelio Malo of Oxford University's Department of Zoology has shown that fathers can, in fact, influence sex ratios.

Under-reporting of vertebral fractures by radiologists: A missed opportunity

(International Osteoporosis Foundation) A new retrospective study by researchers at the University of Oxford has found that within a cohort of hip fracture patients many had previous imaging studies showing incidental vertebral fractures -- but 54 percent of the vertebral fractures were not reported by radiologists. Show More Summary

New perspectives in ocean acidification research: editor’s introduction to the special feature on ocean acidification

Ocean acidification, caused by the uptake of additional carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, will have far-reaching impacts on marine ecosystems (Gattuso & Hansson 2011 Ocean acidification. Oxford University Press). The predicted...Show More Summary

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