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Ear cartilage pain (auricular chondritis): Causes, treatment, and relief tips

The outer edge of the ear is primarily made up of cartilage, and in some individuals, a sudden sensation of ear cartilage pain may occur. The initial presentation may feel like a pinch or a sharp pain in the outer … The post Ear cartilage...Show More Summary

Gout update: Purine-rich foods, gout diet, rheumatoid arthritis, gout pain relief

Gout can be a confusing topic, but your friends at Bel Marra want to make this arthritic condition crystal clear to you and how it may affect your quality of life. We have taken the time to round up the … The post Gout update: Purine-rich foods, gout diet, rheumatoid arthritis, gout pain relief appeared first on Bel Marra Health - Breaking Health News and Health Information.

A mouth so sore she couldn't eat: A medical mystery, then finally relief

Elizabeth Starrels sat in the examining chair of a Washington ear, nose and throat specialist in October 2012, weeping in frustration and pain. For the previous four months, Starrels, then 52, had been battling painful mouth sores that were getting worse. Eating had become a near impossibility,...

Massage Can Help Treat Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the leading cause of job disability in the world. About one in ten people have it, and for many who develop back pain, the condition becomes chronic. Now, a new study finds that massage may provide lasting relief for chronic lower back pain, according to research published in the journal Pain

Salicylic acid, a widespread ingredient in pain relief medications, promotes nasal mucosa colonization

An international research team has now shown that this multifaceted compound can also have an unpleasant side effect. Salicylic acid forms complexes with iron and lab tests showed that the iron limitation strongly promotes formation of biofilms by Staphylococcus aureus. Show More Summary

How Doctors Started the Opioid Epidemic

3 weeks agoNews : The Daily Beast

By refusing to accept their inability to separate pain relief from addiction, physicians have long suffered the sin of hubrisand their patients have paid the price.

'Norfolk 4': Rape pardon brings relief, but pain lingers

Eric Wilson feels he always needs an alibi. He rarely leaves his wife's side when not at work. He talks on the phone whenever he's in his car to leave … Click to Continue »

How to Finally Fix Your Posture and Avoid Back Pain

Back pain from improper posture can negatively affect your mobility, your mood, your sleep, and your ability to enjoy life. Thankfully, there are several easy strategies that can give you some relief and prevent future pain. Posture goes far beyond reminders to “sit up straight” like your mom always told you. Show More Summary

Fishing Shouldn’t Hurt

Debuting at the Bassmaster Classic, Clinically FIT’s Angler’s Elbow Pain Relief Kit gets rid of the agony and pain in every cast New York, NY (March 24, 2017) – Anglers aren’t the most forthcoming folk. Take, for example, the top tournament competitors while up on stage, supposedly spilling the beans about their day’s successes. Show More Summary

Steroid shots fall short in long-term relief for low-back pain

Chronic lower back pain affects millions of Americans. Many try steroid injections to ease their discomfort, but researchers now say this remedy provides only short-term relief. In their study, investigators from France focused on 135 patients with back pain seemingly caused by inflammation between...

Big toe joint pain: Causes, types, and pain relief tips

The feet are durable and flexible parts of the human body that are more complex than you would think. They’re made up of tendons, bones, joints, and tissues that all work together to allow us to stand upright, walk, and … The post Big toe joint pain: Causes, types, and pain relief tips appeared first on Bel Marra Health - Breaking Health News and Health Information.

Nektar's opioid painkiller succeeds in key late-stage study

(Reuters) - Nektar Therapeutics said its experimental opioid, designed to achieve pain relief without the high levels of euphoria that can lead to abuse and addiction with existing opioids, succeeded in a key late-stage study.

Weekly health news roundup: Hip pain in women, explosive diarrhea, blood pressure, agnosia

In case you missed it, here is Bel Marra Health’s weekly health news roundup, featuring information on hip pain in women, explosive diarrhea, blood pressure, and agnosia. Hip pain in women: Causes and pain relief tips One of the most...Show More Summary

Sciatic Nerve Pain: Prevention, Stretches, and Exercises for Pain Relief

Sciatica occurs when a person experiences feelings of numbness or tingling, which begins in the lower back region, through the buttocks, and runs down the leg—the sciatic nerve. Nerve pain resulting from sciatica is a symptom related...Show More Summary

Pain Relief Tech Sounds Great, But Does It Really Work?

I tried four pain relief devices, including TENS (electricity), PEMF (magnets) and light therapy options. Here's what I found with each.

3 Stretches That Give Instant Relief From Sciatica

Whether due to an injury or pregnancy, sciatica hurts! The piercing, shooting pain is caused when the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower spine down the back of each leg, gets pinched. It can be unbearable, so try these simple stretches to help get some relief. Related: Bye-Bye, Lower Back Pain: Yoga Sequence For Mommies-to-Be

Would You Last 3 Minutes in a Chamber Filled With Freezing Air?!

Professional athletes swear by concentrated cold treatments for pain relief and muscle recovery. In this episode of Hannahgram, Hannah puts cryotherapy to the test to see if standing in -264ºF can really improve your well-being. Filmed at KryoLife NYC

Dying patients waiting hours for pain relief in NHS funding shortfall

Overworked district nurses struggling to care for dying patients, with one in seven posts cut in two years, warns King’s Fund Dying patients are waiting up to eight hours to receive pain relief because of cuts to district nursing services during the NHS’s unprecedented budget squeeze, a new report has revealed. Show More Summary

Hip pain in women: Causes and pain relief tips

One of the most commonly complained about ailments in older people is hip pain. Depending on how severe your hip pain is and what the cause is, the treatment will vary. By determining the exact location of your hip pain, … The post Hip pain in women: Causes and pain relief tips appeared first on Bel Marra Health - Breaking Health News and Health Information.

Engineers develop a plastic electrode that stretches like rubber but carries electricity like wires

The brain is soft and electronics are stiff, which can make combining the two challenging, such as when neuroscientists implant electrodes to measure brain activity and perhaps deliver tiny jolts of electricity for pain relief or other purposes.

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