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The Hottest Toy This Christmas: The Teddytaur

1 hour agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

(Photo: Steiff Shop) I'm laying down a marker here: the toy that every child will want this Christmas and that parents will be desperately hunting for through stores on December 24 is the Teddytaur. It's half teddy bear and half centaur. Show More Summary

Stupid Patent Of The Month: Infamous Prison Telco Patents Asking Third-Parties For Money

2 hours agoIndustries / Law : Techdirt

Plenty of businesses rely on third-party payers: parents often pay for college; insurance companies pay most health care bills. Reaching out to potential third-party payers is hardly a new or revolutionary business practice. But someone should tell the Patent Office. Show More Summary

ESPN is losing subscribers by the millions

Disney, the parent company of ESPN, warned that the sports network may keep losing subscribers. In a note back in August, Disney CEO Bob Iger said that ESPN "has experienced some modest [subscriber] losses" because of an overall decline in multichannel cable subscriptions in US households. Show More Summary

What She's Thinking When She Meets Your Parents

It’s no doubt that bringing your significant other home is the one of the biggest steps you can take in a relationship. Let’s face it, either way you cut it, it’s a big deal. At the very most, it means this person is “the one,” and at the very least, that you think they could be. Show More Summary

16 Signs Your Partner Will Make An Incredible Parent Someday

They always come from a place of empathy first; they put you, and your feelings, before their ego.

086/366: There Can Be Only One

We’re visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, and one of the highliughts of any trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa is that they have Nerf swords for the kids: This raged for a good while before dinner. Hopefully, they’ll sleep well tonight…

Holidays, the Best Time to Discuss Important Family Estate Plans?

Co-Authored by Kathryn Lyons Coming to the realization that one or both of your parents may need assistance because they are getting older is, itself, not an easy process. Your parents may be unwilling to discuss their needs with you out of denial or shame. Show More Summary

Native Americans mark Thanksgiving with mixed feelings, and a meal on L.A.'s skid row

6 hours agoHealth : Booster Shots

Michael Reifel was 10 years old when his parents' complicated relationship with Thanksgiving started trickling into conversations during the holiday feast. They were grateful for what they had, they would say, "but at the expense of our land." His father would recount tales of when Thanksgiving...

Off-center 'The Wonders' finds sweetness in unlikely places

A German Italian family of beekeepers — back-to-the-land parents and their four young daughters — drift in and out of focus in the dreamy, free-floating drama "The Wonders." What grounds them, and their story, are the workaday details of making honey in their hardscrabble corner of Tuscany, far...

Will Google's parent test Project Loon in the U.S.?

Heavily redacted documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission suggest it might.        

Groomed To Be An A-Hole

(Pet Store | USA) Pet Store | USA Categories: Crazy Requests Tags: Pet Store Pet Store | USA(We happen to work at a store extremely close to a high school which recently experienced a tragic shooting. Traffic builds up as parents are frantically trying to retrieve their children and belongings from the school. Show More Summary

How to Nurture and Finance Your Child Performer's Career

The natural tendency of most parents of extremely talented child performers with professional aspirations is to be as supportive in as many ways as possible, including financially. When the child is a minor, it's particularly advisable...Show More Summary

My, How Things Have Changed! A Look at Childhood Then and Now

One of the perks of working for a parenting site is being able to pull from your own experiences, both as a mother and as a former kid. Of course, this forces you to realize just how much has changed since your childhood. As a latchkey...Show More Summary

People Are Describing Why They're Thankful For Their Parents and It's So Sweet

Sometimes we all forget just how much our parents do for us. Whether it's making us soup when we're sick or laughing at us when we're hungover, they're always there when we need them most. On Yik Yak, a social network popular among college students, people are reflecting on what exactly about their parents they're thankful for. Show More Summary

Sharks Celebrate Thanksgiving Early With Feeding Frenzy At Florida Beach

8 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

It was a parent's worst nightmare. Tyra and Blake Whitlow were watching their four kids play in the ocean at a beach in Panama City, Florida, on Sunday when suddenly a frenzy of sharks swam up to the shore. “The water looked like it was boiling," Blake Whitlow told local news station WHNT 19. Show More Summary

Why Bones' Executive Producer Is Suing Fox

Bones executive producer Barry Josephson just dropped a giant lawsuit on both Fox and parent company 20th Century Fox Television, after an audit revealed a whole lot of money mishandling, among other things.Click To Continue Reading

'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director Slams Rumors About Chris Pratt's Character in Epic Facebook Post

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is slamming rumors floating around concerning the character of Peter Quinn (played by Chris Pratt) and who his parents are in the sequel. “All right. From this moment on I’m going to stop commenting on any rumors surrounding Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, because, eventually, someone is [...]

The Day My Son Wore a Princess Gown

Tara Wood, mom of seven, was surprised by her husband's joyous response to their son twirling in a princess gown. He let the boy be himself, because isn't that what parenting is all about? The post The Day My Son Wore a Princess Gown appeared first on The Good Men Project.

A parent found their son's sex toy and made the mistake of asking the Internet what it was.

9 hours agoHumor / odd : Happy Place

When a parent found a certain mystery object in the downstairs bathroom, they made the tragic mistake of publicly asking the Internet what it was, outing their son CJ's high-tech masturbation habits. While they're not familiar with modern masturbation, points to them for using social media. The comments that followed were perfect. Show More Summary

Meet The College Student Who Turned $1,000 Into $1,000,000

When Demitrios Bekas finished high school back in the 1974, he had a burning desire to start his own business.  But his parents didn’t share his passion; they had other plans for him. “Go to college and get me a degree,” his father repeated every single day at the dinner table. [...]

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