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One Thing That Always Improves My Parenting

I'm totally guilty of a double standard and have not been following my own advice. As a parent educator, I spend a lot of time thinking about how adults treat children. I preach about kindness and connection. I go on and on about how we have to model the behavior we want to see and practice the self-regulation of our emotions. Show More Summary

A Gay Father's Advice Regarding Anti-Gay Store Owners: Ignore the Tantrums

When my daughters were toddlers they would sometimes throw tantrums. Maybe they were tired or hungry or simply stressed about something like a new school or moving into a new home. Like most parents, we began to recognize the warning signs and acted accordingly, ignoring the bad behavior and never giving in to their demands. Show More Summary

Horrible Parenting Advice From Disney Characters

We know the life lessons impressed upon us by the heroes and heroines in Disney films, but the parents in these movies have advice to impart as well. It's just that it's the most awful parenting advice ever. When something goes wrong in a Disney movie, it's usually the parents' fault. Show More Summary

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See 19 of the best inspirational parenting tips to brighten your day

It's easy to tell parents to "slow down," "appreciate every moment." But how? Read advice from parents who have been there, done that.

Perceived connection between accent and intellect changed Doctor Who forever

It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. While this might be a piece of advice you heard from your parents growing up, it’s also a real problem in the […]

Doctors Advised Her Parents to Have an Abortion Because Her Mom Had the Chicken Pox

(LiveActionNews) — Jennifer Karcher is a beautiful, caring 23-year-old who is alive today because her parents refused to take their doctor’s advice to abort her. I talked with Jennifer and got her powerful story of survival. 1) Tell me about the time your parents were pressured to consider abortion. I’m the oldest child, I have a […]

Kylie Jenner Says Khloe Kardashian Is Her Mother Figure

Kylie Jenner reveals that she looks to Khloe Kardashian for parental advice instead of her own mother, Kris Jenner.… READ ON

Fun ad skewers Pinterest-perfect school lunches

6 days agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

Given that I don’t currently have kids and don’t plan on having them for a while, it’s a little strange that one of my favorite YouTube channels is about parenting advice. Read the rest

10 Baby Stock Photos That Would Make The American Academy Of Pediatrics Cry

Reality doesn’t apply when it comes to stock photography, so naturally common sense parenting practices and safety advice don’t either. Here are ten stock photos that would reduce sanctimommies and the American Academy of Pediatrics to tears. More » 10 Baby Stock Photos That Would Make The American Academy Of Pediatrics Cry is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Padma Lakshmi's advice for parenting picky eaters: 'Make it fun!'

If your kids are used to eating hot dogs and ketchup every night for dinner, it can be hard to introduce new recipes and interesting cuisines like Thai or Indian foods.But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost when it comes to expanding your picky eater’s palate. Actress and “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi caught up with TODAY.

One of Thrillist’s first employees got $2M to launch a new parenting site for guys

The goal, according to Rothman, is to provide parenting advice for guys who are on their first or second kid and looking for content geared towards them specifically.

How to Discuss Aging Issues With Your Kids

Getty Images By Maryalene LaPonsie The Internet is full of advice for adult children who want to discuss aging issues with their parents. Articles present carefully worded ways to approach seniors about selling their house, putting down...Show More Summary

5 Tips for a Well Organized (and Beautiful) Household

C onfession: I’m unabashedly in love with parenting advice. Particularly from anyone with a lot of kids. Have three kids? Pretty sure you know something that would help me out! Have SIX? How many hours do you have available for me to pick...Show More Summary

Cross-Post: The Gay Agenda #1: Advice for friends – knowing what you are saying

Categories: Feminism Tags: gay activismgay agendahow to be an allylgbtq rights Editor’s Note: This Cross-Post from Grounded Parents is written by Cerys Gruffyydd. If you want to read the full post or leave comments, click through the link at the bottom. ... (Read more...)

TV Club: Jane The Virgin: “Chapter Seventeen”

Raising a kid is hard, and there’s a lot to learn in order to be a good parent. In “Chapter Seventeen,” Jane is offered a lot of advice about how to prepare for her child, but all this does is create more pressure. While choosing items...Show More Summary

Mr. Dad Has Books for Every Kind of Dad

The post Mr. Dad Has Books for Every Kind of Dad appeared first on Mr. Dad | Parenting Resources and Advice for Expectant Fathers, New Dads, Dads of Teens, Single Dads....

Keep your brain healthy for the rest of your life

Gary Small, author of The post Keep your brain healthy for the rest of your life appeared first on Mr. Dad | Parenting Resources and Advice for Expectant Fathers, New Dads, Dads of Teens, Single Dads....

Respect Your Children + No-Drama Discipline

Jay Scott Fitter, author of Respect Your Children. Topic: A practical guide to effective parenting. Issues: Getting out of bad communication ruts with your kids; why giving advice rarely works—and what to do instead; best and worse...Show More Summary

Should You Talk to Your Child in a Different Language?

New parents face a lot of pressures. Until I became a parent myself, I didn’t realize the sea of conflicting advice that besieges parents on everything from feeding strategies to whether you need a baby Jacuzzi. One of the more important decisions is what language bilingual parents will speak to their child. Show More Summary

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