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How to Retire and Create Passive Income with Instagram Advertising

By Rotem Gal Some people retire and simply collect their predetermined retirement amounts based on the balances they have in their various retirement accounts. But imagine what it would be like to still earn a good income in retirement, without having to do a lot of the work. Picture yourself creating an advertising campaign that does all of […]

7 Best Time Tracking Software Apps to Boost Your Productivity

As we talked about in our series on passive income, time is the most valuable resource you have. You can get more cash, but you’ll never have more seconds left to live than you do right now. Despite our inevitable slow march towardsShow More Summary

Is It Possible To Retire Early On A Blogger’s Income?

It is said that the best time to start investing is yesterday. The second best time is today. I, for my part, see blogging as a profitable business. It’s a good source of passive income for me, especially when coupled with the other online businesses I’ve built up over the years. Show More Summary

Why Passive Income Is Like the Stock Market

More than ten years ago, in the early days of this blog, John wrote about the concept of trading hours for dollars. If you haven’t read that post, I highly recommend you go back and read it. A lot has changed on the Internet since then, but the fundamental philosophy remains the same. Passive income is the way to go, […]

How to Automate Your Passive Income

Want even more passive income streams? Then it's time to embrace the automation revolution! Try these automated strategies to supercharge your residual income.

The working rich are driving income inequality, not the rentiers

Anti-Piketty: Have passive rentiers replaced the working rich at the top of the U.S. income distribution? Using administrative data linking 10 million firms to their owners, this paper shows that private business owners who actively manage their firms are key for top income inequality. Show More Summary

GOP tax plan punishes people who work, rewards passive income

last monthHumor / odd : Boing Boing

The logic of Republican "trickle down" economics is that giving "job creators" more money per hour worked incentivizes them to keep working, and thus creating more jobs. (more…)

Earning Passive Income Through Your Blog is NOT a Myth! Here’s How You Can Do It

Every day we read and hear about people saying they want to escape their stressful 9-to-5 jobs. We are further inspired by stories of people whose passive income ideas have helped them make it big. As it turns out, generating passive income is not as easy as investing your money and waiting for it to come streaming back. Show More Summary

How to Make Money Blogging: Proven Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

Regardless of whether you see blogging as a hobby or full time job, it is one of the most profitable ways to generate passive income. And it costs little or nothing to start. The post How to Make Money Blogging: Proven Ways to Make Money from Your Blog appeared first on Business Opportunities.

Ask the Readers: Do You Have Passive Income?

Most strategies for building wealth involve developing one (or more) streams of passive income. It can take some work to set up, but once you have your operation running, producing income should require no or very little effort on your part. Some examples include publishing a book, becoming an...

An Income Conveyor Belt: How to Build Passive Income

Passive income is everyone's ultimate dream, right? Having passive income is like having an income conveyor belt that allows you to make money for your business while you do absolutely nothing. However, achieving the reality is far from easy. Show More Summary

5 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

The internet is responsible for many wonderful things, from letting you shop whenever and wherever you want, to the ability to view unlimited cat videos. And if you're savvy, the internet can also be a great place to develop income-producing assets for yourself. Income-producing assets are...

3 Of The Most Important SEO Tips That You Need to Implement Right Away

Let me ask you a simple question before talking about the most important SEO tips to follow in 2017. Why few sites like Backlinko, Moz, Smart Passive Income get a TON of traffic while the majority of the websites get embarrassingly little traffic? The reason is this: all the high traffic sites are both search engine and user friendly. Show More Summary

The Sad (Unnecessary?) Decline Of The Cartooning Business

3 months agoArts : Modern Art Notes

"Almost a decade ago, these artists—freelancers who face stiff competition for 15 slots each week in the print magazine—could count on licensing deals for substantial passive income. Some received monthly checks as high as $8,000; others regularly saw one or two thousand dollars. Today, even those who saw the highest royalties receive only a few […]

How to choose a rewards credit card

Rewards credit cards, when used responsibly, can bring a nice stream of passive income and benefits by making regular purchases. Rewards take the form of cash back, airline and hotel points, general spending points and other cardholder perks. Some even have spending portals that allow cardholders...

Safety First: Finally Bought A Family Car And It’s Not A Minivan

After deep deliberation, I decided to pass on buying the $550,000 Mercedes G650 Maybach. It just felt like too much to spend on a family car when I could invest the money and earn $20,000 a year in passive income forever! Thank you all for your advice. Show More Summary

How to have money rolling in without doing anything

Passive income allows you to have a stream of income pouring in with little on-going work on your part.        

How to Turn Your Blog into a Digital Store

The best way to create a steady stream of passive income from your blog is to start selling digital products. Unlike other blog monetization methods such as advertisements, you don’t have to have a huge traffic base to succeed. You just need to attract the right audience to your blog, so you can qualify them and nurture them through your […]

Safety First: Finally Bought A Family Car And It’s Not A Minivan

After deep deliberation, I decided to pass on buying the $550,000 Mercedes G650 Maybach. It just felt like too much to spend on a car when I could invest the money and earn $20,000 a year in passive income forever! I ended up buying a late model 2015 Range Rover Sport V6 HSE with 11,200 Read More...

10 Business Ideas That Make Money While You Sleep

    In this video, you will learn about 10 business ideas that make money while you sleep. Instead of trading time for money, these businesses can be run with minimal maintenance while making you passive income. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think in the comments below! Here are a few […]

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