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Still Nobody Has Explained to Donald Trump How Babies Are Born

On Monday, in an exclusive interview with the withered hellmouth Pat Robertson, Donald Trump elaborated on his opposition to late-term abortions, which he described in the last presidential debate in the most confused (and confusing) terms. Read more...

Pat Robertson Welcomes Trump, Using Bankruptcies and Gambling Hall as Evidence of Greatness

Click here for reuse options! Robertson warned Las Vegas bookies, "If you bet against Donald Trump, you’re gonna lose your shirt." The Rev. Pat Robertson, ever thinking himself a kingmaker, welcomed Donald Trump's supporters to his Regent University on Saturday with his personal story of meeting the Republican standard-bearer. Show More Summary

Pat Robertson Issues Warning To Las Vegas Bookies: Bet Against Trump And You’ll Lose Your Shirt [VIDEO]

2 days agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Kyle Mantyla reports at Right Wing Watch: The televangelist recounted meeting Trump for the first time years ago while attending an Evander Holyfield fight. At the time, Trump was facing financial difficulties, but assured RobertsonShow More Summary

Pat Robertson, Who Wrongly Predicted Mitt Romney’s Victory, Says Donald Trump Will Win the Election

In 2012, a week before the election took place, Pat Robertson announced that God told him Mitt Romney was not only going to "absolutely" win the election but win two straight terms. Which means we shouldn't really worry about his latest prediction regarding a Donald Trump victory...

Pat Robertson tells bookies, bet against Trump and ‘you’ll lose your shirt’

Who better to take gambling advice from than televangelist Pat Robertson. …Trump is holding a campaign rally in Virginia today at Regent University, the Christian college founded by Pat Robertson. Since Robertson has been a vocal supporter of the GOP nominee, it was no surprise to see him deliver some short remarks to open the [...]

This Week in God, 10.22.16

There's a reason TV preacher Pat Robertson will cozy up today to Donald Trump, a secular, thrice-married adulterer and casino owner.

Right Wing Watch: 10 Years Of Fighting The Right... With Their Own Words

It was two days after the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, that Jerry Falwell went on his fellow conservative evangelist Pat Robertson’s daily television program to blame the carnage not on Islamist extremists, but on gays and lesbians, abortion providers and us here at People For the American Way. Show More Summary

Pat Robertson: Donald Trump Was Just Being “Macho” When Boasting About Committing Sexual Assault

Pat Robertson, speaking on The 700 Club yesterday, had an incredibly flippant response to Donald Trump's caught-on-a-hot-mic moment in which he bragged about being famous enough to get away with forcing himself onto women.

Pat Robertson: Donald Trump 'Tried to Look Macho' in Comments on Groping Women; Russell Moore Decries 'Humiliating Mess'

Christian Broadcasting Network founder Pat Robertson dismissed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's 2005 tape where he bragged about groping women as an attempt to look "macho," though Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore has called the situation of evangelical leaders defending sexual assault "humiliating" and a "mess."

Pat Robertson Shrugs Off #Pussygate: Bragging About Sexual Assault Is Just “Macho Talk” [VIDEO]

2 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Raw Story reports: Pat Robertson on Monday declared that Donald Trump was the “clear winner” of Sunday night’s presidential debate, and the televangelist asserted that the GOP candidate’s admission that he groped women was simply “macho” talk. Show More Summary

Pat Robertson: It’s ‘macho’ for Trump to grab women ‘by the pssy’ without permission

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Pat Robertson on Monday declared that Donald Trump was the “clear winner” of Sunday night’s presidential debate, and the televangelist asserted that the GOP candidate’s admission that he groped women was simply “macho” talk. “Trump was the winner,”...

Pat Robertson: On Halloween, Your Kids Should Be “Praising the Lord,” Not “Worshiping Satan”

Halloween: The day when kids dress up, get candy, and worship Satan.Or at least that's what Pat Robertson thinks they do.

Pat Robertson Cites Homocon Matt Drudge’s Instantly Debunked Claim About Hillary Clinton’s Health [VIDEO]

2 months agoLGBT / Gay : Joe. My. God.

Brian Tashman reports at Right Wing Watch: Today on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson seized on a story promoted by the Drudge Report alleging that Hillary Clinton has a secret handler who guides her through health crises. The evidence?Show More Summary

Pat Robertson revives Vince Foster conspiracy theory

The golden oldies are getting play in a last, desperate attempt to stop Hillary Clinton. Robertson revived the debunked allegation that Bill and Hillary Clinton were involved in murdering former administration aide Vince Foster, who died of suicide. “All the records on that have now disappeared,” he said. (They haven’t.) “So they’re trying to clean [...]

Pat Robertson Says Facebook Witches Are After Your Babies

3 months agoFilm / Film Reviews : Pajiba

As host of the conservative Christian chat show The 700 Club, Pat Robertson has spoken out against what he sees as the evils of modern society. Having done so for decades has earned him a dizzying fortune, as well as...

Pat Robertson Tells Trump to 'Talk About the Economy,' Not 'Muslim Heroes'

Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson believes Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump needs to focus on the economy and stop his back-and-forth with the parents of a fallen Muslim-American soldier.

Pat Robertson: Donald Trump Shouldn’t Let the Devil Distract Him From Talking About the Economy

How horrible of a presidential candidate do you have to be before Pat Robertson steps in to tell you you're going off the rails? Because that's what the host of The 700 Club did yesterday, adding that Trump must be getting distracted by the Devil.

Pat Robertson Gets Creepy About Melania Trump's Looks

Christian Conservative leader Pat Robertson discussed last night's RNC convention at the top of his TV show and the topic turned to controversy surrounding Melania Trump's speech. Robertson agreed with many people when he said, "Trump's speechwriter should be fired for doing - or borrowing a few lines from Mrs. Show More Summary

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