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Pat Robertson: Obama 'Brought Muslim Brotherhood To Inner Circles Of Our Government'

When Robertson starts his rant off by saying, "the truth is we have a president, whose step father was a Muslim," you know he's going down into the bowels of the hideous John Birch Society. You remember them? That right wing extremist...Show More Summary

Pat Robertson: God Will Eventually Punish Us For Our Satanic Abortion “Holocaust”

On The 700 Club this week, Pat Robertson talked about the inevitable wrath we'll incur from God for legalizing abortion.Though if God is only now getting around to punishing us for something that's been legal nationwide for more than four decades, should we really be worried? He's clearly disorganized.

Pat Robertson: Gays and Islamists Are Allies, "Let Them Kill Themselves"

YouTube YouTube The true colors of the religious right didn't take long to show, after the horrific attack on a gay club in Orlando. Today, Pat Robertson dispenses with the phony sympathy altogether, and says gays and Islamists are allies,...Show More Summary

Pat Robertson On Gays And Muslims: Let Them Kill Themselves

last weekLGBT / Gay : Queerty

Pat Robertson finally broke his silence about the Pulse shooting, despite no one asking him. Previously, a satirical fake-news site had posted a story claiming Robertson said the Orlando shooting was punishment for marriage equality, although it was quickly proven false by Snopes. His actual statement, unfortunately, came out just as bad. Robertson is clearly [...]

Pat Robertson Does It Again: He Hopes Gay People and Muslims ‘Kill Themselves’

It wouldn’t be an official human disaster without Pat Robertson saying something heartless about its genesis in behavior that he does not approve of. Who can forget the on-air colloquy between Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell in which the two great religious leaders agreed that 9/11 was likely the product ... More »

Pat Robertson: Liberals Love Gays and Islamists; Conservatives Should “Let Them Kill Themselves”

You knew Pat Robertson was going to say something absurd after the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando and the King of Stupid Statements didn't let us down.

Pat Robertson: Gay 'Alliance' With ISIS Created Orlando Massacre

Echoing a common claim touted by various antigay conservatives, the Christian televangelist says liberals and LGBT activists are responsible for the Pulse shooting.

Pat Robertson: Christians Need To Just Let Muslims And Homosexuals Kill Each Other Off

2 weeks agoLGBT / Gay : NewNowNext

Pat Robertson says Christians should just let liberals, gays and Muslims kill each other.

Pat Robertson on Orlando: The Best Thing To Do is Let LGBT, Islamic Allies ‘Kill Themselves’

2 weeks agoNews : Mediaite

Televangelist Pat Robertson not only says that gay people getting what they deserved with the Orlando Shooting on Sunday, but he seemed delighted that it puts defenders of Islam and LGBT rights in a quagmire.

Pat Robertson Wishes Gays And Muslims Would Kill Themselves UPDATED

As usual a grifting, fake, "man of God" took the lowest of roads when describing the massacre in Orlando. You may remember when Robertson and the late Jerry Falwell blamed "secular Americans, gays, lesbians, and ACLU" for the 9/11 attacks. 700 Club's Pat Robertson is a vicious and disgusting man and he proved that with this horrific monologue. Show More Summary

It Was Too Late to Stop Trump Anyway

Matthew Sheffield: “The time to stop Trump was in the 1990s, when the movement’s intellectuals were busy prostrating themselves before Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as they sought to remake the GOP into a party for white Christians. The time [...]

In Old Video, a Former Producer of The 700 Club Sheds Disturbing Light on Pat Robertson

Atheists United, a group based in Los Angeles, has been uploading a lot of old lectures onto YouTube. One that caught my eye was given by Gerard Straub.Straub was a former producer of Pat Robertson's The 700 Club but it wasn't long before...Show More Summary

Pat Robertson: I Told You We Should Have Assassinated Hugo Chavez

I've been watching the 700 Club with Pat Robertson, more than normal since it's general election time, and I have to tell you, I could post three videos a day of the insane stuff he says as a supposed "Man of God." Today was a high water mark of crazy for Robertson, because this morning he told his audience he was correct in wanting the U.S. Show More Summary

Pat Robertson: Gays Are Making America Drunk With Fornication

The 700 Club's Pat Robertson, was all riled up Tuesday because of a Christian Broadcast News report that said the EU and U.S. are trying to turn the country of Georgia - gay. It's ridiculous on its face, but Robertson or the CBN do not...Show More Summary

Pat Robertson: Laws Protecting Trans People Are Part of an “Agenda of Anti-Christian Bias”

Pat Robertson, like so many on the Christian Right, believers that treating trans people like humans is absurd. On his show yesterday, he held little back, calling the nondiscrimination measures that protect trans people unnecessary and part of a "progressive agenda" that advocates "anti-Christian bias."

Pat Robertson: Feminists 'Scarred' A Generation Of College Women

The 700 Club's Pat Robertson was on an anti-feminist jag this morning because there's a group he is promoting called "Big Ocean Women," a religious right group of ladies trying to rewrite the meaning of feminism so that it affirms their religious views. Show More Summary

Did A Transgender Try To Watch Pat Robertson Poop?

2 months agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

We are very serious with the journalism question we are asking here. Pat Robertson told his “viewers” on The 700 Club that “so much” of the time, transgender people are big fakers who just want to sneak into the wrong bathrooms so they can see everybody nakey, even though most people do not get nakey in public

Pat Robertson: Most Transgender People Are Frauds

LGBT issues expert Pat Robertson is convinced that, while they may be a handful of transgender people out there, most of them are frauds. He then pointed to a scientific study to back this up. He pulled that idea straight out of his ass.

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