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Pat Robertson Has Crazy Advice For A Woman Following Her Husband's Gay Affair

22 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

Pat Robertson is at it again. No stranger to anti-gay remarks, the conservative televangelist advised one of his "700 Club" viewers to forgive her husband of 11 years after he apparently cheated on her with a male friend he'd met atShow More Summary

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1731

23 hours agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

DESCENDANTS: Disney Channel's new movie on the kids of classic villains PAT ROBERTSON: Forgive husband's gay affair unless he's a "habitual homosexual" TOUCHDOWN: 89-year-old WWII vet scores at University of Kansas football game. ULTRON: Is it inevitable? For more recent...

Pat Robertson: It’s Cool If Your Husband Gets Drunk And Blows That Guy Just The One Time

23 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

Mark your calendars, kids, because today is one of those rare occasions when we are shocked and awed by scamster televangelist and occasional speed demon Pat Robertson. Usually, we find his half-cocked-and-mostly-senile word meanderings...Show More Summary

Pat Robertson Tells Mom Of Lesbian God Can ‘Straighten Things Out’

“There’s so much lesbian stuff,” says  Pat Robertson, that’s “pushed by the media.” If only there wasn’t so much “lesbian stuff'” on the media, we could make God happy. But fear not, worried moms, it could be “just a phase” and your lesbian may be “straightened out” at a good Christian camp. Now read this:780,000 [...]

Pat Robertson: Forgive husband who had drunken gay fling — unless he’s a ‘habitual homosexual’

yesterdayNews : The Raw Story

Conservative TV preacher Pat Robertson on Monday told a woman whose husband had a brief gay affair with a fellow churchgoer to forgive, unless he turned out to be a “habitual homosexual,” reports Right Wing Watch. “My husband and I are Christians and have been together for 11...

Jon Stewart's 'Moment of Zen' Features Pat Robertson Praying for Jesus to Cure Woman of Her 'Filthy' Lesbianism: VIDEO

4 days agoLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart's Moment of Zen on Wednesday's episode featured televangelist Pat Robertson praying for a woman who "turned to lesbian relationships for comfort" at an early age. Later she went to prison, became a Christian, and...

Pat Robertson prays for Jesus to cure ‘lesbianism’ — even for women who do ‘filthy things’

6 days agoNews : The Raw Story

Pat Robertson on Wednesday invited viewers to pray with him so that Jesus could save them from “lesbianism” and the “filthy things” that they had done. In a 700 Club profile, Lisa Kemp recalled that she turned to sex and drugs as a result of being molested at the age of 5....

Robertson: Hillary Wants To ‘Ban People From Criticizing Politicians’

Pat Robertson believes Hillary Clinton wants a constitutional amendment to ban criticism of politicians. Robertson was referring to Clinton’s comments that she is open to a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which opened the floodgates to corporate and dark money in elections. Show More Summary

Pat Robertson: 'Big Daddy’s home! Wham!'

Notoriously addled butt munch Pat Robertson took a question today from a woman worried about her 11-year-old son who "started listening to music that speaks of the 'beast within' and the 'infection in people.'" Consequently, his behavior...Show More Summary

Pat Robertson Tells Mom To Beat iPod-Listening 11-Year-Old ‘Twerp’ Son — ‘Big Daddy’s Home! Wham!’

Pat Robertson dispensed some advice for a viewer who emailed in to his 700 Club broadcast Thursday asking the 84-year-old televangelist what to do about her 11-year-old son who had taken to listening to music on his iPod that didn’t meet his parents approval. Show More Summary

Pat Robertson: 'Bunch Of Gays' Are In League With Hillary Clinton To Destroy Freedom - VIDEO

last weekLGBT / Gay : Towleroad

Desperately banging the same drum as his fellow religious right activists as they continue their journey towards the dustbin of history, Pat Robertson has - once again - said that LGBT rights advocates are intent on their mission to destroy freedom

Pat Robertson: ‘Smack [Your Kids] Around…To Protect [Them] From Evil’ Music

You have to “smack” your child to “protect” them from evil music. A woman named Marie wrote in to Robertson about her 11-year-old son, who she said had “recently started listening to music that speaks of the ‘beast within’ and the ‘infection in people’.” “I worry for his soul,” the mother told Robertson. “I know [...]

Is Your Kid’s iPod Full Of Satan’s Music? Pat Robertson Has The Answer

Pat Robertson knows your iPod is full of the Devil's music, and he knows how to get it out of there. More » Is Your Kid’s iPod Full Of Satan’s Music? Pat Robertson Has The Answer is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

Pat Robertson: ‘Smack’ your children to protect them from ‘evil’ devil music in iPods

last weekNews : The Raw Story

TV preacher Pat Robertson on Thursday advised parents to “smack” children around to protect them from the “evil” music that is often found inside of iPods. A woman named Marie wrote in to Robertson about her 11-year-old son, who she said had “recently started listening...

Pat Robertson fears President Hillary Clinton will take US ‘back to the ’50s’

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Pat Robertson complained somewhat inexplicably that Hillary Clinton would move the U.S. “back to the ‘50s” if she were elected president. The religious broadcaster, who is known for his retrograde views on civil rights and social issues, opened “The 700 Club” on Monday with a rambling “Back to the...

Harriet Miers: Too Much Faith?

2 weeks agoReligion : SoMA Review

No wonder Pat Robertson is falling all over Bush’s Supreme Court nominee.

Pat Robertson to wifeless man: Go to Christian Mingle and you won’t burn in hell for ‘nasty thoughts’

2 weeks agoNews : The Raw Story

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Thursday told an unmarried man who was worried about “burning in hell” that he should find a wife at the dating website “What happens when the Lord doesn’t put a woman in one’s life?” a viewer named Paul asked...

The Problem with I.D.? God... And Pat Robertson's No Help.

2 weeks agoReligion : SoMA Review

Pity the poor intelligent design folks! They’ve got a tough case to make: that creation science isn’t religion, but is good science, at least as good as evolution—if not better, because evolution doesn’t posit a really, really smart “designer” (a.k.a. God) as responsible for the complex natural order.

Does Pat Robertson Want to Watch Dudes Do It in the Butt or What

For someone so against gay rights, Pat Robertson sure seems to be obsessed with butt stuff. The 85-year-old televangelist and last known living dinosaur recently released a new video in which he demands to be shown a child conceived through anal sex. And he’d also probably like to see how it was made. Read more...

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