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We Get It: Paul Krugman Has Been Right All Along

Here is Paul Krugman just in the past month: It’s now seven years since I warned.... Who could have predicted such a thing? Well, me.... Many of us warned from the beginning that the multiplier was probably much larger.... Those of us...Show More Summary

Krugman Targets Solar, Misses Broadly

It was always a tradition around MIT to remark whenever the Nobel Prize for Economics was announced (and the winner wasn’t from MIT) that the Prize had lost most of its meaning. I had left by the time Paul Krugman, a former MIT professor, won but can imagine what was [...]

Paul Krugman Explains the Latest Draft of the TPP

Suppose there's a complex public policy proposal being debated and you want to know where you should stand. However, you really don't want to devote a huge amount of time to diving into all the details. There are just so many hours in the day, after all. One possibility is to simply see what people on your side of the tribal divide think about it. Show More Summary

'TPP Take Two'

Paul Krugman: TPP Take Two: I’ve described myself as a lukewarm opponent of the Trans-Pacific Partnership; although I don’t share the intense dislike of many progressives, I’ve seen it as an agreement not really so much about trade as about...

Krugman: Today's GOP Is Further to the Right than Cheney—Yikes!

When it comes to energy policy, Republicans are wed to Big Oil. Here's a sentence no one ever expected to utter: Today's GOP is further to the right than Dick Cheney. That cannot be good. Paul Krugman opens his Monday column by reminiscing...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: “The GOP has become fossilized”

It used to be the party of Big Energy -- now it's just the party of Old


David Aron Levine: [Medium Proves Innovation Still Works]( Paul Krugman: [Puzzled By Peter Gourevitch](

Paul Krugman: Enemies of the Sun

Why are Republicans hostile to initiatives that promote wind and solar energy?: Enemies of the Sun, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Does anyone remember the Cheney energy task force? Early in the George W. Bush administration, Vice President Dick...

Is There a "Correct" Monetary Policy? Yes!

[Over at Equitable Growth][1]: In what way does Peter Gourevitch think that Paul Krugman's analysis of the Federal Reserve is wrong? Here we have, first, Gourevitch saying: "opinions of the shape of the earth always differ": Peter Gourevitch:...Show More Summary

For the Weekend...

The transcript does not include the most telling moment: the moment when Niall Ferguson says, in response to Paul Krugman's pleading for a very moderate Keynesian use of government demand to reduce unemployment: >Well, if you want to try the Soviet model... Show More Summary

Paul Krugman is right about economics. What his arguments need are more politics.

[This post is a response to Paul Krugman’s post on “The Fed Puzzle” at the New York Times]. The question I sought to raise in my post on Krugman’s article from last week is indeed what explains Federal Reserve behavior.  It was not to disagree with Krugman’s policy views. I read him regularly and follow his […]

New Podcast Refutes Paul Krugman Every Week

Last night marked the debut of the long-awaited Contra Krugman podcast. The podcast is hosted by Tom Woods and Robert P. Murphy. Tom Woods is a well-known libertarian and best-selling author with a daily podcast I listen to regularly. Murphy is the author of Choice, a summary of Mises’s Human Action which I have been […]

Paul Krugman: Never forget what the GOP’s really about it — “top-down class warfare”

GOP candidates' tax plans consist of "huge cuts on the wealthy while blowing up the deficit"

Paul Krugman: Voodoo Never Dies

Why do Republican politicians support tax cuts for the wealthy despite their unpopularity (as documented in a part I left out), and their failure to spur economic growth?: Voodoo Never Dies, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: So Donald Trump...

'Jeb Goes Galt'

Paul Krugman: Jeb Goes Galt: This is amazing: “I think the left wants slow growth because that means people are more dependent upon government,” Bush told Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo. Remember, this is the establishment candidate for the GOP nomination...

This is why Paul Krugman is wrong about the Federal Reserve

The current debates over whether the Federal Reserve should raise interest rates or hold them raises a key question in political economy. Why do we have the economic policies that we do? In a number of columns, Paul Krugman has thundered against the prevailing orthodoxy of cutting spending, raising interest rates and balancing budgets. For […]

'And Then There Were None'

Paul Krugman: And Then There Were None:...I... want to weigh in for a minute on Donald Trump’s tax plan — which would, surprise, lavish huge cuts on the wealthy while blowing up the deficit. That’s in contrast to...

The Face of the Base - The New York Times

Live from Over the Rockies: Paul Krugman: [The Face of the Base]( "Joe Weisenthal asked me why Donald Trump is riding so high in the polls... > he said, my answer was subtle and nuanced. Show More Summary

Monday DeLong Smackdown Watch: Robert Waldmann

Robert Waldmann: [In Which Paul Krugman Notices How Very Few Students Milton Friedman Has...]( More Summary

Paul Krugman: Why the Republicans in DC Are About to Get Much More Dangerous

Now that John Boehner's gone, the extremists in his party are going to be even worse. John Boehner was awful, or as Paul Krugman writes in Monday's column, "a terrible, very bad, no good speaker of the House. Under his leadership, Republicans...Show More Summary

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