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Anthony L. Fisher on Red Eye Talking Jon Stewart's White House Visits, Hillary Clinton's Jet-Setting, and Paul Krugman's Elitism

7 hours agoNews : Reason

Reason TV Writer/Producer Anthony L. Fisher appeared on Fox News Channel's Red Eye with Tom Shillue last night, discussing the secret bromance between Jon Stewart and President Obama, Paul Krugman's sneering "people watching," and Hillary Clinton's "do as I say, not as I do" approach to climate change. Original airdate: Tuesday July 29, 2015.

The Bubble Boys: Jeb Bush and Bill Clinton

Paul Krugman rightly mocks Jeb Bush for taking credit for the strong growth in Florida during his tenure as governor. As Krugman points out, the reason for the strong growth was that Florida had one of the worst housing bubbles in the country. Show More Summary

'Second-best Macroeconomics'

Paul Krugman wonders if he has been advocating for the right type of policies: Second-best Macroeconomics: The... economic problems facing both the United States and Europe have been quite straightforward and comprehensible.... So no worries: just hit the...

With your tattoos and topknots, who do you think you are?

Ezra Klein and Paul Krugman are having a friendly argument about hipster topknots and tattoos (full disclosure: I played an indirect role in the prehistory of this debate). As Krugman noted in an earlier post, this seems like a trivial topic to argue about. However, it actually touches on important questions of communication in economic […]

KRUGMAN: Of course Greece had a plan for a new currency (GREK, EUR, EURUSD)

Well, duh. Greece had a plan to introduce a new currency if it got forced from the euro, and Nobel Laureate and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman can't believe people are shocked (shocked!) to find this out. "I mean, really: it would have been shocking if there weren't contingency plans," Krugman writes. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman Decimates Jeb Bush's Medicare Delusion

Bush lives completely inside the conservative information bubble. Jeb Bush's declaration that he wants to "figure out a way to phase out" Medicare last week—and his campaign's immediate lame back-pedaling— came as no big surprise to Paul Krugman. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: The GOP has never “abandoned its dream” of destroying the social safety net

"It’s the very idea of the government providing a universal safety net that they hate," he argued

Paul Krugman: Zombies Against Medicare

Despite what you might hear from conservatives, Medicare is "eminently sustainable": Zombies Against Medicare, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Medicare turns 50 this week, and it has been a very good half-century. Before the program went into effect, Ronald...

Krugman on Greece

(July 27, 2015 01:58 AM, by David Henderson) Athens, we have a problem. I missed seeing Paul Krugman on Fareed Zakaria's show on CNN on July 19. The transcript is worth looking at, not because it's that informative about Greece but because it's informative about how--and how carefully--Krugman... (0 COMMENTS)

Ireland and Greece, again

Hans-Werner Sinn has an op-ed in Saturday’s New York Times calling (again) for a Greek exit from the Euro, a recommendation on which he agrees, as he notes, with Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz. Part of his argument is that … Continue reading ?

'The Old Man and the CPI'

Paul Krugman: The Old Man and the CPI: I don’t watch financial news, but CNBC was on in the gym, so I was treated to a long ad from Ron Paul, who wants you to buy his video explaining the...

Paul Krugman kneecaps Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan, devastates Koch Brothers and bankrupt “voucher” ideology

"Who could have imagined conservatives would keep proposing exact same policy despite evidence that they're wrong?"

Paul Krugman: The M.I.T. Gang

The MIT school of economics: The M.I.T. Gang, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Goodbye, Chicago boys. Hello, M.I.T. gang. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the term “Chicago boys” was originally used to refer to Latin American...

Paul Krugman: Republicans are “determined to learn nothing from experience”

GOP "responded to the utter failure of free-market orthodoxy by digging in even deeper"

Paul Krugman on the minimum wage

(July 23, 2015 09:12 AM, by Scott Sumner) Paul Krugman recently had this to say on the minimum wage: Until the Card-Krueger study, most economists, myself included, assumed that raising the minimum wage would have a clear negative effect on employment. But they found, if anything, a positive... (0 COMMENTS)

The Big Lesson of the Eurozone Crisis

Paul Krugman notes that Eurozone crisis is a vindication of that optimum currency area (OCA) theory. I agree but would note the crisis also sheds light on the specialization versus endogeneity debate surrounding the OCA criteria. Interestingly, Krugman himself wrote some of the literature in this debate back in the early-to-mid 1990s. Show More Summary

What makes the Very Serious People so very serious?

I mean that question quite um…seriously. Paul Krugman, who I believe originated the concept, recently defined it as follows: “…someone distinguished by his faith in received orthodoxy no matter the evidence.”  I would rather have something less normative and also more specific. I think of it this way: the People are Very Serious if they […]

Paul Krugman: Europe’s Impossible Dream

Why did Europe ignore the "euroskeptics"?: Europe’s Impossible Dream, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times:... To someone who didn’t know much economics, or chose to ignore awkward questions, establishing a unified European currency sounded like a great idea. It...

Government brings out the worst in us

(July 19, 2015 09:03 AM, by Scott Sumner) Paul Krugman doesn't understand why people think government is bad: Why, exactly, are these public functions unquestioned bywords for "something bad"? Maybe I'm living a sheltered life here in central New Jersey, but I don't find the Post Office a... (0 COMMENTS)

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