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It's Official: Dissent Is Officially Patriotic Again, Three Days Ahead of Schedule!

First Seal of the Apocalypse of Dissent Being Patriotic Again: Nobel Lunatic Paul Krugman calls Trump "illegitimate" is an act of patriotism. (Link to Matt Vespa of Townhall discussing the column, not the column itself.) Second Seal of the Apocalypse...

Paul Krugman: Calling Trump An Illegitimate President Is An Act Of Patriotism

You know with all the rising temperatures caused by Rep. John Lewis’ (D-GA) remarks about President-elect Donald Trump not being a legitimate...

New York Times Journalist Paul Krugman: It is “Patriotic” to Call Trump “Illegitimate”

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman continued the attacks on Donald Trump this weekend writing it was “patriotic” to call... The post New York Times Journalist Paul Krugman: It is “Patriotic” to Call Trump “Illegitimate” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Paul Krugman: With All Due Disrespect

People are saying that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president: With All Due Disrespect, by Paul Krugman, NY Times: As a young man, Congressman John Lewis, who represents most of Atlanta, literally put his life on the line in pursuit...

Paul Krugman: Why John Lewis Has Committed a Great Act of Patriotism

Click here for reuse options! No, we should not always say a president is not legitimate, but if the shoe fits... John Lewis is a hero and a patriot plain and simple, Paul Krugman writes in Monday's column. He was a brave hero when he...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: ‘It’s an Act of Patriotism’ to Call Trump an ‘Illegitimate’ President

2 days agoNews : Mediaite

Regarding accusations of being unpatriotic by questioning Trump legitimacy, the NYT columnist stated that "patriotism means standing up for your country's values."

Deficits Matter Again at the AP, and to Paul Krugman

There are predictable signs that after eight years of giving the problem inadequate attention and occasional ridicule, the business press has decided that federal budget deficits and the national debt are going to start to matter again. Show More Summary

Infrastructure Delusions

Paul Krugman: Ben Bernanke has a longish post about fiscal policy in the Caligula Trump era. It’s not the most entertaining read; perhaps because of the political fraughtness of the moment, Bernanke has reverted a bit to Fedspeak. But there’s...

We Are Getting Worried About Paul Krugman

When a delicate snowflake is suddenly faced with a perceived reality so devastating as to be an existential crisis, the mind's reaction to dealing with this cognitive dissonance can be disabling for some. Certainly for The New York Times'...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Donald Trump’s Medical Delusions

Repeal and hope to blame the Democrats: Donald Trump’s Medical Delusions, by Paul Krugman, NY Times:...Some Republicans appear to be realizing that their long con on Obamacare has reached its limit. Chanting “repeal and replace” may have worked as...

Paul Krugman Dismantles Trump's Delusional Healthcare Plans

Click here for reuse options! Exhibit A of the incoming president's total policy incompetence. While deciding what to rail about in his Friday column, Krugman took some swipes at F.B.I. director James Comey, again, and at Trump's multifarious ethical disasters. Show More Summary

Procrastinating on January 11, 2017

Over at [Equitable Growth]( Must- and Should-Reads: Paul Krugman: _[@paulkrugman on Twitter: "The whole Streep-Trump thing][]_ reminds me of a theme that has been running through my thoughts a lot lately -- namely, the death of honor... Mark Thoma: _[Why Trump Needs to Take the Economy More Seriously][]_:...

Deficits always matter

(January 10, 2017 04:52 PM, by Scott Sumner) Paul Krugman has a new post entitled "Deficits Matter Again": Not long ago prominent Republicans like Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House, liked to warn in apocalyptic terms about the dangers of budget deficits, declaring that a Greek-style crisis... (0 COMMENTS)

Paul Krugman Is Proven A Shameless Shill In A Single Tweet

Just insert the coin, you'll get the answer you want The post Paul Krugman Is Proven A Shameless Shill In A Single Tweet appeared first on RedState.

There Will Be No Obamacare Replacement

Paul Krugman: There Will Be No Obamacare Replacement: You may be surprised at the evident panic now seizing Republicans, who finally — thanks to James Comey and Vladimir Putin — are in a position to do what they always wanted,...

Paul Krugman Flip-Flops...Again

Presented with little comment... h/t @KevinWGlass In other words, 5 months after telling the world "it's time to borrow,"... ..investing more in infrastructure would clearly make us richer. Meanwhile, the federal government can borrow...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Deficits Matter Again

Republicans are planning to "blow up the deficit mainly by cutting taxes on the wealthy": Deficits Matter Again, by Paul Krugman, NY Times: Not long ago prominent Republicans like Paul Ryan... liked to warn in apocalyptic terms about the...

Paul Krugman Exposes GOP's Craven Hypocrisy on Deficits—and Why It Matters More Than Ever

Click here for reuse options! The budget Ryan is pushing would expand the deficit at exactly the wrong time. Paul Krugman has spilled a lot of ink explaining why deficit hawks led by apocalyptic Paul Ryan during the Obama years were dead wrong politically-motivated hysterics. Show More Summary

America was a 'stan' long before Trump

Paul Krugman et al conveniently forget that corruption, cronyism and contempt for the rule of law long predated Trump.

KRUGMAN: The US is in 'deeper and more treacherous waters than even the pessimists are saying'

Paul Krugman is at a loss about the future of the Trump presidency, but he's not hopeful. The Nobel-winning economist and New York Times columnist is concerned about possible connections between the president-elect and Russia. "We are,...Show More Summary

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