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“Yes, the minimum wage can be too high….”

22 hours agoIndustries / Law : Overlawyered

“….Look at Puerto Rico.” [Nick Timiraos and Ana Campoy, W$J via @greg_ip] Similarly: Coyote takes issue with Paul Krugman. More on Puerto Rico’s woes: Anne Krueger et al via Tyler Cowen, Max Ehrenfreund/WP, earlier on protectionist, cost-raising Jones Act here, and more. Show More Summary

A Careful Look at Greece's Options and Why Yes Is the Only One

Paul Krugman and Joe Stiglitz have vociferously advocated voting no in the Greek referendum. Their main argument is based on the effect of austerity on the Greek economy and on the possibilities open to Greece following a refusal of the current deal. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Europe’s Many Economic Disasters

Was the creation of the euro a mistake? Should it be eliminated?: Europe’s Many Economic Disasters, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times:... Why are there so many economic disasters in Europe? Actually, what’s striking at this point is how...

Thursday assorted links

1. Paul Krugman on Puerto Rico. 2. Dan Klein reviews Arthur Melzer on esoteric writing. 3. Lyft vs. Uber. 4. Trade between guards and prisoners. 5. The world’s tallest cow dies after a lifetime of Photoshop accusations (recommended). 6. Economic growth in ancient Greece.  The truth about modern Greece.  And here is the truth about […]

Is This Why 'Europe' Is Now Trying To Crush Greece?

Via The NY Times, To the Editor: If, as Paul Krugman suggests, Greece leaves the euro and returns to the drachma, and if it is then successful at reconfiguring its economy and managing to re-establish a functional government that collects...Show More Summary

Obama's place in history becomes even more secure

Last fall, Paul Krugman called Obama "one of the most consequential and, yes, successful presidents in American history." Now, others are saying the same.

Noted for Your Afternoon Procrastination for June 30, 2015

Must- and Should-Reads: Anil Kashyap: [A Primer on the Greek Crisis]( Paul Krugman: [The Awesome Gratuitousness of the Greek Crisis]( Paul Krugman: ["In 2007, Greece... Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: What Happens When the West Imposes Endless Crippling Austerity on a Country

Greece's debt trap is inescapable and its exit from the euro will hurt the whole world economy. Paul Krugman has long been sounding the alarm about the relentless imposition of economy-hobbling austerity measures on Greece. Now, the worst-case scenario he has warned about seems to be coming to pass, with Greek banks closing and panic spreading. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman Urges Greeks To Vote 'No' On Bailout Referendum

5 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Paul Krugman is urging Greeks to vote “no” in a referendum that could determine their country’s future in the European Union. In a New York Times blog post published Sunday evening, the Nobel Prize-winning economist argued that the July...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Greece Over the Brink

Just say no: Greece Over the Brink, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: It has been obvious for some time that the creation of the euro was a terrible mistake. Europe never had the preconditions for a successful single currency.......

Paul Krugman: It’s “been obvious for some time that the euro was a terrible mistake”

Europe "never had the preconditions for a successful single currency" -- just ask the Greeks

‘Hooray for Obamacare’

Speaking of momentous Supreme Court decisions, here’s Paul Krugman on the Affordable Care Act: Put all these things together, and what you have is a portrait of policy triumph — a law that, despite everything its opponents have done to undermine it, is achieving its goals, costing less han expected, and making the lives of millions of Americans better and more secure. ?

Krugman: Hooray for Obamacare

Paul Krugman, New York Times: Was I on the edge of my seat, waiting for the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare subsidies? No -- I was pacing the room, too nervous to sit, worried that the court would use one sloppily worded sentence...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Hooray for Obamacare

Health care reform is succeeding: Hooray for Obamacare, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: Was I on the edge of my seat, waiting for the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare subsidies? No — I was pacing the room, too nervous...

Paul Krugman Reveals the Real Reason Conservatives Fear Obamacare

The law's opponents' real fear was that it might work. It is. Paul Krugman celebrated the Obamacare victory in the Supreme Court by pointing out the unforeseen success of the law in Friday's column. Start with the act’s most basic purpose, to cover the previously uninsured. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman Will Punch Your Fucking Teeth In

I wish all articles on economics had Street Fighter style GIFs. Read more...

Paul Krugman, Economics Fighter

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

I’m too dumb to understand what the article is about, but Walter Newton’s Street Fighter-style animations for “Paul Krugman Battles The Austerians” are fabulous.

Paul Krugman: Conservative’s worst fears about Obamacare succeeding have been fully realized

The ACA "reminds voters that sometimes government action can improve ordinary Americans’ lives"

'Breaking Greece'

Paul Krugman: Breaking Greece: I’ve been staying fairly quiet on Greece... But given reports from the negotiations in Brussels, something must be said... This ought to be a negotiation about targets for the primary surplus, and then about debt relief...

Krugman's Clever Misdirection on King versus Burwell

(June 24, 2015 01:16 PM, by David Henderson) Paul Krugman is clever. In a post, "Most of the Way with Obamacare," about the effects of Obamacare on the number of people with health insurance, he sneaks in two claims as if they are obvious and noncontroversial. The first... (0 COMMENTS)

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