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4 Reasons Sanders Can Win the General

Over the weekend, Paul Krugman continued his New York Times campaign against Bernie Sanders in a column (on his New York Times blog) citing a Vox article that quoted six academics expressing doubts about Sanders's prospects in a general election. Show More Summary

@NYTimeskrugman is no longer just a bot

Paul Krugman is in fact tweeting there.  His first “real tweet” is: Prediction: By the fall, moderate Republican pundits will declare that given the Democrat’s flaws, Trump is the better choice. The post @NYTimeskrugman is no longer just a bot appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

New York Times' Paul Krugman, on Team Hillary, Mocks 'Bernie Bros' as Well as 'Horrifying' GOP

Catching up with New York Times columnist Paul Krugman: He is definitely on Team Hillary, and on his blog unleashes contempt usually reserved for Republicans upon a segment of supposedly angry, sexist, web-trolling Bernie...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman has it backwards: Hillary supporters are the ones in a fantasy world

The New York Times columnist wants voters to be pragmatic. But pragmatism for its own sake can be a dangerous thing

The employment to population ratio, revisited

Many of us think this diagram shows there has been some kind of structural break in the labor market, and/or that recovery is proceeding slowly.  Paul Krugman, very recently, suggests that structural factors play little role because the measured unemployment rate is now below five percent. Show More Summary

Krugman: Not Failure, Not Even Reality Will Stop the Republicans from Dropping Their Canned Talking Points

Republicans show no sign of learning from experience. In his latest column, Paul Krugman delves into the eerie reality that all elements of the GOP, from Congress to the crew running for the White House, just can't let go, and keep saying the same thing over and over. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: The Time-Loop Part

"It feels as if you’ve entered a different intellectual and moral universe": The Time-Loop Part, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: By now everyone who follows politics knows about Marco Rubio’s software-glitch performance in Saturday’s Republican debate.... Mr. Rubio’s...

It Is Paul Krugman Who Lives in a Fantasy World, Not Bernie Supporters

Krugman wants people to be rational and pragmatic like he is. They aren't—and sometimes that is a good thing. Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman can’t stand that people are irrational; that working-class conservatives are duped into voting against their own economic interests. Show More Summary

A Few Scattered Notes, Observations, and Examples of Graphs and Diagrams in Teaching and Doing Economics/The Honest Broker

Perhaps starting a broader conversation... Paul Krugman: [In Defense of Funny Diagrams]( "Brad DeLong asks a question about which of the various funny diagrams economists love... Show More Summary

Krugman on Bernie Sanders’ Electability

Okay, I’m not going to get in the habit of responding to everything Paul Krugman writes on Bernie Sanders, but there are a few quick points worth making about his latest post on Sanders’ electability. 1) Krugman is raising an entirely reasonable point that voters should consider, so no one should be upset at him for putting the issue on the table. Show More Summary

“Mr. Cruz has a truth problem”: Paul Krugman destroys the anti-Obamacare arguments by Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders

In his Friday column for the TImes, Paul Krugman unravels the two candidates' positions against Obamacare

Paul Krugman Confronts Obamacare Haters

Some of those critics are from the left, Krugman laments. Paul Krugman admitted there are flaws with Obamacare, which he has long touted as hugely successful in Friday's column. But he hardly wants to scrap the whole thing and argues against its critics on both the right and the left. Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Who Hates Obamacare?

The left's attack on Obamacare could be harmful: Who Hates Obamacare?, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times:...the Affordable Care Act is already doing enormous good.... Why, then, do we hear not just conservatives but also many progressives trashing...

Will Team Hillary Play the Race Card?

As the pressure mounts, the Hillary campaign may try to isolate Bernie Sanders from African-American and Hispanic voters. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman recently floated the first trial balloon when he put forth an unsubstantiated claim expressly designed to promote tensions between class and racial justice advocates. Show More Summary

'Post-Iowa Notes'

In case you want to talk about the primaries, here's something to get you started: Post-Iowa Notes, by Paul Krugman:...Sanders is tapping into something that moves a lot of Democrats, and which Clinton needs to try for as well....

Paul Krugman: The Fate of the World Is at Stake in This Election

Basically, we're screwed if the wrong people get in power. Paul Krugman writes in Monday's column that no less than the fate of the planet rides on the results of this year's election. And, while that is a pretty scary way to start a...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman Revokes Credentials of Those Who Don’t Support Clinton

It looks like the race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is really heating up. Yesterday, Paul Krugman told readers: “As far as I can tell, every serious progressive policy expert on either health care or financial reform who...Show More Summary

Bernie Is More Credible and Electable Than Hillary

Now that the media is finally saying it's time to start taking Bernie Sanders seriously, we've seen a flurry of hit pieces from Paul Krugman, Ezra Klein, Paul Starr, and other supposed liberal/progressive champions arguing, ironically,...Show More Summary

Paul Krugman: Wind, Sun and Fire

"We can have an energy revolution even if the crazies retain control of the House": Wind, Sun and Fire, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: So what’s really at stake in this year’s election? Well, among other things, the fate...

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