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Euro sentences to ponder

The point is that a country like Italy or Greece is not trapped by being in the euro. It could increase its competitiveness by raising value-added taxes on consumption and cutting payroll taxes. That is from Arnold Kling, channeling Gita Gopinath.  The interview with her at the link is worth reading. The post Euro sentences to ponder appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Memo To Trump: Slash Payroll Taxes For Workers, Not Income Taxes For The Elites

Donald Trump needs to pivot fast on his core economic program and embrace cutting payroll taxes for the working class, not income taxes for the elites. That means jettisoning the campaign's $3.3 trillion individual income tax cut (10-years),...Show More Summary

CBO Data Shows that Income After Taxes and Transfers has Increased While Market Income has Remained Nearly Unchanged for the Middle Class

Much is being made this political season over the stagnant incomes of middle-class workers and what can be done to improve their living standards. Solutions have ranged from more targeted tax cuts—such as “payroll tax cuts, family-friendly...Show More Summary

Retiring: Retirees’ Futures Hinge on Candidates’ Plans for Social Security

Democrats are calling for higher-income workers to pay more in payroll taxes, while Republicans’ proposals focus on cutting benefits.

Getting It Wrong On Disability Insurance

I've explained that a new House rule will make it harder to reapportion payroll taxes between Social Security's retirement and Disability Insurance (DI) trust funds to avert a one-fifth cut in benefits to severely impaired DI recipients in late 2016. Show More Summary

New Poll Shows Voters Prefer Payroll Tax Cut to Minimum Wage Hike

As Guy Benson reported earlier today, a new poll of likely voters conducted for Townhall by Gravis Marketing found that Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA)...

Don't Expand Government, Cut the Payroll Tax Instead

The Earned Income Tax Credit is one of the federal government's most successful anti-poverty programs. As House Budget Committee Chairman...

Most contractors employed via a recruitment agency to face around 7% pay cut from 1 July

3 years agoAustralia / Canberra : RiotACT

The ACT government proposes to implement a retrospective change to the payroll tax system which will apply from July 1 (although it is not expected to be passed until later in the year). This is the details of the change, as best I understand it. The change will affect most contractors who are employed via a recruitment [...]

Frontrunning: May 5

Fed’s Fisher Says Economy Strengthening as Payrolls Rise (BBG) Russia Knows Europe Sanctions Ineffective With Tax Havens (BBG) EU Cuts Euro-Area Growth Outlook as Inflation Seen Slower (BBG) U.S. Firms With Irish Addresses Get Tax Breaks...Show More Summary

A Carbon Tax to Rule Them All

Put simply, a tax shift means to cut one tax and replace it with another—such as to cut income and/or payroll taxes, and put a carbon price in their place. This is called a “tax swap” or “revenue neutrality,” and a diverse group of stakeholders--ranging from Citizens Climate Lobby to ExxonMobil--are coming out in support of it. Show More Summary

Oh, so it’s stimulus you need

I am viewed as being an opponent of fiscal stimulus, but I’ve always argued that an employer-side payroll tax cut would “work.”  It just seems kind of pointless.  If it’s a lower W/NGDP ratio that you need, just boost NGDP!  Christina Romer has also advocated this sort of payroll tax cut.  It lowers a country’s […]

Free Markets, Infidelity and the President of France

3 years agoNews : The Lede

Among President François Hollande’s proposed changes – while dealing with revelations of his supposed infidelity with an actress – was a pledge to cut public spending and slash the payroll taxes for business.

Higher Oil Prices Are Taxing Americans, But Solution Is Possible

At the beginning of this year, many Americans opened their paychecks to find that their take-home pay was suddenly less than it had been the previous month. The payroll tax cut had expired, resulting in the average American worker owing an additional $700 in payroll taxes this year compared to last.

Top Social Security Tax To Rise 2.9% In 2014; Benefits Going Up 1.5%

High earners will see $7254 in Social Security tax withheld in 2014, a stiff increase from $4624 in 2012 when a temporary payroll tax cut was in effect.

Walmart hit by reduced US spending

Wal-Mart Stores cut its annual profit forecast yesterday after higher US payroll taxes reduced customer traffic at the world’s largest retailer in the second quarter. ||| Renee Dudley New York Wal-Mart Stores cut its annual profit forecast...Show More Summary

Robert Kuttner: Obama, the Economy and the Movement

The Congressional Budget Office last year warned that the increase in payroll taxes coupled with the $85 billion Sequester would cut the growth rate for 2013 in half. That's happening. Instead of furloughing public employees, the government should be adding new public jobs. Show More Summary

Phantom limb Keynesianism

The US economy continues to slide into double dip recession under the savage austerity of income tax increases, payroll tax increases, and deep spending cuts. Not. But like the pain in a phantom limb that his been removed by surgery, the press has a hard time refraining from blaming the austerity for a slowdown that [...]

Dispatches XXV: A Conjecture Regarding Lagging Employment in Wisconsin

Transvaginal probes and giving regressive tax cuts after slashing K-12 education expenditures probably isn’t going to draw high-technology/knowledge based workers to the state Figure 1: Wisconsin private nonfarm payroll employment, seasonally adjusted (blue), Walker’s implied path for private employment (red). Show More Summary

Job Growth Stayed Slow In May, Report Signals

4 years agoNews : The Two-Way

Government spending cuts and higher taxes are weighing on the economy, experts say. According to the latest ADP National Employment Report, just 135,000 jobs were added to private payrolls.

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