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Lawyer Faces Up To 50 Years Prison Over Payroll Taxes

Payroll tax violations can be more serious than income tax ones, with trust monies at stake. The IRS--and prosecutors--are harsh, so don't cross them.

Yankees Still Moving Toward Path to Win Without Luxury Tax

6 days agoSports / Baseball : Bats

Hal Steinbrenner says the New York Yankees are starting to get the influx of homegrown young talent into the big leagues that will eventually help them get their payroll below the luxury tax threshold and still win games.

How Has Federal Revenue Changed Over Time?

In 2015, the vast majority of federal revenue came from just two sources: individual income taxes and payroll taxes. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the sources of federal revenue have changed dramatically over the course of the last century. Let’s travel back one hundred years, to 1915. Show More Summary

How The 'Twitter Tax Break' Cost The City $30 Million More In 2014 Than 2013

SF includes stock options in its payroll tax calculation, and those weren't factored in until the 2014 tally. [ more › ]

Bernie Sanders Admits He’ll have to Raise Taxes to Pay for His Plan

For once, George Stephanopoulos caught Bernie Sanders flat-footed, where he admitted that he’ll have to raise the payroll tax in order to pay for paid maternity leave. Well, what about his free community college/university proposal, won’t THAT cost much more money to pay for?!

Execs Get 10 Years Prison Over Company Taxes? Yes, Here's How

Tax violations can be criminal, and that's especially true with payroll taxes. The IRS considers money withheld from employee pay as theirs, so don't spend it.

Retiring: Retirees’ Futures Hinge on Candidates’ Plans for Social Security

Democrats are calling for higher-income workers to pay more in payroll taxes, while Republicans’ proposals focus on cutting benefits.

Totally Checked Out

(Retail | GA, USA) Retail | GA, USA Categories: Crazy Requests Money Tags: Retail Retail | GA, USA(I am working on the customer service desk; we cash payroll and tax return type checks. The phone rings.) Me: “Customer service, how may I help you?” Customer: “Yeah, I just got my state tax refund check. Show More Summary

Should the Cap on Social Security Payroll Taxes Be Lifted?

Should Higher-Income Employees Pay More? The Social Security system has served to keep many elderly Americans out of poverty since its inception in 1935. It faces a looming funding crisis as the large Baby Boomer generation begins to retire. Show More Summary

Mailbag: Rand Paul's Tax Plan

A Rand Paul fan writes in to take issue with my description of his plan (I have added some links): I think you’ve got faulty information. You write that “Paul abolishes the payroll tax, flattens the income tax and imposes a new value-added...Show More Summary

Martin O'Malley Explains How He'd Expand Social Security As Progressives Wait On Hillary Clinton

3 months agoNews : Huffington Post

WASHINGTON -- Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley said Friday that he would expand Social Security benefits and lift the payroll tax cap on the wealthy if elected president, as progressives wait to see whether the candidate he's trying...Show More Summary

Brazil Senate passes austerity bill in win for Rousseff

BRASILIA (Reuters) - Brazil's Senate approved a bill to roll back payroll tax breaks on Wednesday that is a key measure in President Dilma Rousseff's efforts to reduce a gaping fiscal deficit and restore confidence in her government's accounts.

Tax Roundup, 8/5/15: Steal employment taxes? YOLO! And: what are your state’s real pension liabilities?

Living it up now, dealing with the prison time later. The few times I have seen taxpayers get behind on payroll […]

OR: LTD May Pick Up a Tax Increase

Aug. 02--Lane Transit District leaders will decide this month whether to increase the agency's payroll tax rate on local businesses starting Jan. 1 to sustain a three-year increase in bus service hours, culminating with the opening of...Show More Summary

How Many Years Back Can the IRS Go in its Search for Tax Fraud?

The IRS and Department of Justice have cracked down on tax fraud and tax evasion regardless of its form. However, in recent announcements the Department of Justice has revealed its targeted enforcement focus on business payroll tax fraud, offshore tax fraud including non-compliance with FATCA & FBAR, Stolen Identity Tax Return Fraud (SIRF), and other […]

Treasury Hoards Cash (Why?) As Tax Revenues Soar

Withholding tax collections weakened last week, which has implications for July nonfarm payrolls, but remained in the same narrow range of 5-6% annual nominal growth they have been in since April. The Treasury continues to build and hold record levels of cash instead of increasing spending. Download this report for all the details, charts, and analysis…

Taylor: Should Payroll Taxes Be Repealed?

Willard B. Taylor (NYU), Should Payroll Taxes Be Repealed?, 148 Tax Notes 213 (July 13, 2015) This article argues that serious consideration should be given to the repeal or payroll taxes, i.e., of FICA and SECA, and of the 3.8% tax on net investment income, and Social Security and Medicare...

Happy's Pizza Founder Gets Over 4 Years Prison For Tax Fraud

Income tax and payroll tax brought down the Happy's Pizza founder yielding a stiff prison sentence.

Deron Williams Is Said to Be Leaving Nets for Dallas

Williams was reported to be planning to join the Mavericks after getting a buyout of $27.5 million over five years, an agreement that would move the Nets’ payroll beneath the luxury tax threshold.

Cleveland Cavs' Face Expensive 'All-In' Season After Re-Signing Their Own

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, "All In" wasn't just a playoff motto but apparently the offseason strategy as well. Already with a payroll well above the salary cap and dipping into the luxury tax in 2014-15, the Cavs now appear to be closing...Show More Summary

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