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I and Thou: Philosopher Martin Buber on the Art of Relationship and What Makes Us Real to One Another

20 hours agoHumor / odd : Brain Pickings

"The primary word I–Thou can only be spoken with the whole being. The primary word I–It can never be spoken with the whole being."

Against Any Intrinsic Life-Value

Welcome to another episode of "Moral Philosophers Wasting Their Time". Okay... that's too harsh and condescending. But, it is the case that a lot of work being done in moral philosophy seems to be grounded on false assumptions, meaning...Show More Summary

What Happened To Alienation? It Used To Be A Staple Of Literature

After the Second World War, alienation came to betoken a near-universal spiritual and psychological malaise. Existentialist philosophers such as Jean-Paul Sartre used it to describe a fundamental aspect of the human condition. Novelists...Show More Summary

The wild pizzas of southern Italy have to be seen to be believed

INTERNATIONAL - When do dough, tomato sauce, and mozzarella stop being mere ingredients and become pizza? It’s a philosophical question that has divided chefs and diners for decades. For some, only pies in the Neapolitan and Roman styles are acceptable—Sicilian, at a stretch. Show More Summary

Bloomsbury to Release ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ Illustrated Edition in Paperback!

Today, Bloomsburg Publishing announced its intention to release the popular Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone illustrated edition in paperback! The hardback edition, wonderfully brought to life through the art of illustrator Jim Kay, was an instant success when it first hit shelves in 2015–and now fans will have access to the same magic in more!

The Paradoxical Power of Idleness

In 1935, the influential British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote an essay titled “In Praise of Idleness.” In it, he extolled the virtues of relaxation and leisure even in the face of withering pressure to push your body and mind to their limits. Show More Summary

Sick of Politics?

Then I invite you into the serene precincts of Maverick Philosopher: Strictly Philosophical.

Jordan Peterson Throws a Wild Punch at David Benatar

Philosophers have been known to advance extreme theses. David Benatar's signature anti-natalist theses are not only extreme, but extremely unpalatable to almost everyone. This makes him a target of vicious attacks. I don't agree with him, but I admire him...

Philosophers' Communication Problem - Causation

Philosophers seem to have a pathological dislike of having their claims be comprehensible to real people. I am going to add “cause” to my list of examples. Here, "cause" joins terms such as “realism” and “anti-realism”, and “objective”...Show More Summary

Pragmatic Causation

Yesterday, I mentioned that philosophers distinguish between the causation that occurs when there are no people (e.g., the meteor that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs), and the causation that people are interested in (whetherShow More Summary

Causation versus Explanation

It turns out that the ideas that I posted yesterday - my "pre-study" ideas of causation - turn out to be philosophically... um... wrong. I want to remind the reader that I have never studied theories of causation outside of the realm of moral responsibility. Show More Summary

Jessie Greengrass’s Sight is unashamedly philosophical

A pregnant mother’s reflections are intercut with stories of psychoanalysis and empiricism in an exceptional debut novel

Capitalism vs. Socialism: General Thoughts on Bruenig

(March 7, 2018 02:27 PM, by Bryan Caplan) Yesterday I critiqued Elizabeth Bruenig's opening statement point-by-point. Today, I cover broader issues.1. Bruenig builds her case on quotes from famous, pre-modern philosophers, interspersed with philosophical jargon. She references virtually no facts from the last two hundred years. When people... (11 COMMENTS)

Critic’s Notebook: The Jews Who Dreamed of Utopia

last weekNews : NYTimes: News

An exhibition in Vienna explores the role that Jewish philosophers, politicians and artists played in building communism and international socialism.

Next Splatoon 2 splatfest will attempt to answer a question as old as time

Today, Japanese Splatoon 2 players are battling it out over the surprisingly deep debate of base desires versus life's natural beauty. The West is planning on following suit with its own philosophical battle, albeit a far simpler one.The...Show More Summary

How a Dead Philosopher Makes a Transatlantic Trip

Like all the other passengers on a commercial flight from London to New York next Monday, Jeremy Bentham will be strapped in. But the moral philosopher will have markedly less legroom than his fellow travelers. He’ll while away the 3,459 miles in the cargo hold, tipped on his back, padded with foam, legs bent in a sitting position. Show More Summary

On Parfit on Knowing What Matters

If I had to pick a "favourite philosopher", it would be Derek Parfit. His book Reasons and Persons is, in my view, the best there is -- containing striking insights and arguments on every page, and laying the groundwork for basically all subsequent work on the deepest puzzles surrounding consequentialism, personal identity, and population ethics. Show More Summary

The Childless as Anthropological Danglers

The Austrian philosopher and Vienna Circle member Herbert Feigl wrote about nomological danglers. Mental states as the epiphenomenalist conceives them have causes, but no effects. They are caused by physical states of the body and brain, but dangle nomologically in...

These Are the 14 Most Important Moments in adidas BOOST History

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” said Roman philosopher Seneca the Younger. A statement that rings undoubtedly true when thinking about the impact and success of adidas Running’s game-changing BOOST sole. When the BOOST sole first launched, it was assuredly ahead of the curve and equally timely. It hit stores just before the wellness trend […]

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