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Hubble photo of a star can help scientists study how planets are born

The Hubble telescope has already taken a picture of the Beta Pictoris, a 20-million-year-old star surrounded by a large disk of dust and gas located 63.4 light years from our solar system, back in 1997. But in 2009, scientists discovered a giant plan...

Hubble gets best view of a circumstellar debris disk distorted by a planet

Astronomers have used the Hubble Space Telescope to take the most detailed picture to date of a large, edge-on, gas-and-dust disk encircling the 20-million-year-old star Beta Pictoris. The new image traces the disk in closer to the star to within about 650 million miles of the star.

Kendall Jenner Goes Topless for LOVE: Are These Her Real Boobs?

Kendall Jenner has posed for her raciest photo shoot to date. We were warned about Jenner's X-rated LOVE Magazine pictorial way back in August when a picture of the 19-year old topless hit Instagram. But it's still jarring to see the...Show More Summary

Zodiac Signs pictured as Aliens

Imagine your zodiac signs are made up of alien pictorials, in this article you will see 12 zodiac signs that have been transformed in aliens. Scorpio Aries   Taurus   Gemini   Crayfish   Lion   Virgo   Libra   Sagittarius   Capricorn   Aquarius   Fish Related PostsAliens at ‘The Wyld – Nicht von […]

2014 in pictures (1)

2014 has been a remarkable year. Here’s my year in review, in pictorial form. The January tasting season began with the Burgundy 2012 tastings in London. This was a new discovery for me: the amazing white Burgundies of Arnaud Ente. As with any top Burgundies, the chances of (a) being able to afford them and (b) [...]

Sotheby's Paris announces Orientalist Pictures & Sculpture and Islamic Art Sale

6 months agoArts : Artdaily

This Autumn sees Sotheby?s France invite aesthetes on a voyage to the shores of the Orient. The 123-lot sale on October 23, retracing the key periods of this unique pictorial movement, unveils different facets of an Orient that was a subject both of dreams and exploration, and an endless source of fantasy and fascination. Show More Summary

What Happens to Airports When They’re Abandoned?

Here’s a fascinating look, mostly in pictures, at The Tattered, Haunting Remains of Abandoned Airports. (Not JFK’s Terminal 2) There’s a pictorial of Nicosia International Airport in Cyprus, which ceased operations with the Turkish invasion of 1974 and Yasser Arafat International Airport in the Gaza Strip, operational from 1998 to 2001. Show More Summary

How To: Carve A Box Of Money Out Of A Block Of Wood

last yearHumor : Geekologie

Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to print it out and make out with it like you do all those Jennifer Lawrence pictures you find online. This is a pictorial of the process that New York sculptor Randall Rosenthal uses to carve a box of money out of a block of wood. Show More Summary

Coming Attractions: Detroit, The Movie

(Steven Hayward) We’ve periodically featured pictorials of Detroit–the city run (into the ground) by Democrats for the last 50-plus years–in our Week in Pictures item, but I’m happy to note the forthcoming premier of a documentary by...Show More Summary

"For me, pictures like this are so troubling because they ask core questions about the contradictory nature of photography."

"On the one hand, the photo is a tremendously disturbing representation of evil and chaos." On the other, it is such a perfect and unique example of this evil that it transcends the constant, predictable, numbing pictorial representations of equal or greater violence that usually just slip away unseen. Show More Summary

Vintage Yoga Pictures

Actress Athene Seyler attempts to contort her body, in a scene from the show, “Skin Deep”. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images). Circa 1928 James Hay-Kellie demonstrating yoga positions. (Photo by Tunbridge-Sedgwick Pictorial Press/Getty Images). Circa 1940 See more »

Feedie: an app that shares food pictorially and literally

A lot of people use the iPhone, to take pictures of their food, and share the pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Sharing photos of your meals online has become a phenomenon and you probably have several friends who participate in this trend. But what if you can actually make a difference for a great cause by […]

Back of pack health warnings make little impact on teen smokers

Back of pack picture or text warnings depicting the dangers of smoking, make little impact on teen smokers, particularly those who smoke regularly, suggests research published online in Tobacco Control. Pictorial warnings work better...Show More Summary

Celtics Point Guard Arrested For Domestic Violence: Pictorial Of Victim Deann Smith [Video]

Celtics forward Jared Sullinger is facing domestic assault charges after an incident with his girlfriend, according to police. Jared was also put on blast wearing a dress about a year ago… Turn the pages to see the pictures of his

The Weiner in Pictures: Special Bonus Pictorial

(Steven Hayward) NO WAY.  I wouldn’t really do that.  We’re Power Line, not Gawker, or Mocker, or Schlocker, or whatever site would actually reproduce the tweets of Weiner’s weiner.  But there have been so many good cartoons coming our way since “The Week in Pictures” posted yesterday that it seemed to me a supplemental post was justified. Show More Summary

Pictorial Party: Engagement Photos

I feel like this post should be titled something like “LOOK AT ME. I HAVE TONS OF PICTURES OF MYSELF AND YOU SHOULD LOOK AT THEM.” I mean, I know it was really helpful for me to look at other…

Under Attack! Kris Jenner Responds To Charges She Exploits Her Family

Kris Jenner gets 10 percent of what her daughters make, negotiated Kim‘s nude pictorial debut and the pictures of her first grandchild — so what? “She’s not perfect… READ ON

"Hilma af Klint: A Pioneer of Abstraction" opens at Moderna Museet in Stockholm

2 years agoArts : Artdaily

One hundred years ago, Hilma af Klint painted pictures for the future. By 1906, she had developed an abstract pictorial imagery ? some years before artists such as Kandinsky, Malevich and Mondrian. Moderna Museet is celebrating Hilma af Klint as a pioneer of abstract art and one of Sweden?s greatest artists. Show More Summary

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE: A Pictorial Of Two Squirrels Caught In An Epic Battle Over The Same Peanut

2 years agoHumor : Geekologie

Because why work for your own nut when you can steal somebody else's, these are six pictures captured by photographer Andre Morozov documenting the battle between two squirrels over the same peanut in Ontario's Royal Botanical Garden. Show More Summary

Floor Tiles from Cleve Abbey in Somerset, England

Here are some pictures of 13th century tiles from Cleeve Abbey in England. They are a combination of geometric and pictorial designs. The latter employing heraldic and literary themes rather than scriptural. The form will be familiar...Show More Summary

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