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5 Disturbing Facts Big Food Doesn't Want You to Know

A few inconvenient truths you might need to know before tucking into that next bite of shrimp, beef or bacon. From mercury in tuna and wood pulp in parmesan cheese to ground beef treated with ammonia to retard E. coli (“pink slime”), the press does a good job exposing the dangerous and deceptive practices of Big Food. Show More Summary

Jayson Lusk on Food, Technology, and Unnaturally Delicious

How bad is pink slime? Are free-range chickens happier? Can robots cook? Jayson Lusk of Oklahoma State University and the author of Unnaturally Delicious talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about these questions and more from his new book. Show More Summary

Pink Potato Slime May One Day Save Us All From Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

When root vegetables are stored in an area that’s too damp, they can grow a pink slime that breaks down cell walls and is generally gross. The rot comes from a bacteria, called Clostridium puniceum, that normally only grows only in areas with no oxygen. Why would it grow in an environment where there’s plenty of oxygen? The answer …

Pink slime, plaster turn this Marine into future statue

The National Museum of the Marine Corps in Triangle, Va., is building a new exhibit depicting a dramatic helicopter scene from the Vietnam War. Marine Sgt. Chasen Upshaw is one of eight life-size figures that will be cast in the museum piece.

Should Food Grown in Space Be Labelled?

People are big on food labels. Some people want labels on genetically modified foods. Others want foods labeled if they contain so-called “pink slime” (LFTB, or ‘lean finely textured beef’). Others want animal welfare labels. Lots of concerns, for reasons … Continue reading ?

Sorry, these pink burger buns from KFC China are no joke

Remember when pink slime was the grossest thing that fast food ever did to us? You'll be longing for those good old days after seeing KFC China's new pink burger buns, as part of the rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger, reports The...Show More Summary

Shoppers on a Mission: How Consumer Demand for Transparency Is Changing Our Food

by guest blogger Courtney Pineau, associate director of the Non-GMO Project As anyone with access to social media knows, our food system is having a public relations crisis. From pink slime to glyphosate, it seems the unfortunate hidden ingredients in our meals are being highlighted in an almost daily barrage of tweets and Facebook posts. Show More Summary

McDonald’s, If It’s Come To This, Just Improve Your Food

“We’ve heard the same rumors you have,” says a recent publication from McDonald’s. “Fillers in our beef, so called ‘pink slime.'” The message is fine, but the location is problematic: McDonald’s is not only protesting a little too much, but this message is on a tray placemat. In one of their restaurants. The kind that you look at while you … [More]

This Disgusting Video Shows How Processed Deli Meat Is Made

After pictures of "pink slime" caused customers to question how McDonald's actually made Chicken McNuggets, the fast-food giant released a video showing how the popular snacks were created. That backfired when customers grew even more...Show More Summary

We’re not lovin’ it: McDonald’s most notorious scandals

From employee treatment to pink slime to the McLibel case, McD's keeps screwing up

Seriously, what’s in McDonald’s French fries?

last yearNews : The Raw Story

We’ve all heard the horror stories coming out of the kitchen of your local McDonald’s. “The burgers are made with ‘pink slime.’” “There’s no chicken in the Chicken McNuggets.” “The McRib can’t be real meat.” And then there are those videos going around that show how food from McDonald’s doesn’t...

Stephen Colbert’s real-life controversies: That WHCD speech, that pink slime joke, the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

Stephen Colbert’s conservative political pundit character may be fake — and judging by the fact that the Grim Reaper (“Grimmy”) is Colbert’s show’s final guest when it wraps up on Thursday, the persona may not be long for this world. That’s okay though, because he won’t be soon forgotten; Colbert frequently waded into real-life controversy […]

McDonald's attempts to explain what's in its chicken McNuggets, again

McDonald's is on a mission to get pink slime out of your head. The fast-food chain has released a new video attempting — once again — to explain the contents of its famous chicken McNuggets. 

What’s Inside A McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) McNugget?

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD), reeling from the effects of a food scandal in China and seemingly unable to shake rumors that its McNuggets are made of “pink slime”, is raring to get positive public relations, Landon Dowdy reports for CNBC. One of the steps McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) is taking to redemption is by starting to give […]

McDonald’s Releases Video to Prove The McRib is Made of Actual Food

Social media has not always been kind to McDonald’s. And so, the fast food chain hired MythBusters co-host Grant Imahara do disprove Twitter-feuled myths of pink slime and other gross rumors as part of a new ad campaign. The latest target in McDonald’s marketing campaign is the McRib. Although the seasonal menu offering has a…

McDonald's launches campaign to answer pink slime, other rumors

2 years agoSports / Baseball : Dodgers Now

McDonald's Corp. is taking to social media to dispel rumors that its food is unhealthy and to explain why its burgers remain intact for weeks out in the open.

McDonald's Really Wants You to Believe It Serves Real Food

The chain swears the burgers are not made of pink slime. McDonald's is launching a new campaign called "Our Food. Your Questions" in a feeble attempt to convince people that they do indeed serve actual food. According to Burger Business,...Show More Summary

Roy Choi talks burgers and 99-cent fare at his new fast food chain Loco'l

After opening a series of restaurants all over Los Angeles and the infamous Kogi truck, Roy Choi is turning his attention to 99-cent fast food. If you're thinking mass-produced burgers and pink slime, think again.

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