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BREIN Wants to Speed Up Dutch Pirate Bay Blockade

Anti-piracy group BREIN is determined to have The Pirate Bay blocked in the Netherlands, preferably as soon as possible. The group no longer wants to wait for a local Supreme Court hearing on the matter and hopes to speed up the issue with a preliminary injunction. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

A Pirate Bay cofounder wants you to forget about his new app until you're in mortal danger

Peter Sunde, a cofounder of file sharing site Pirate Bay, wants you to download his new app and then forget all about it — until there's a major emergency. The app is essentially a warning system that will alert you to nearby threats should you be anywhere near something like a gas leak, forest fire, terrorist attack, or even war. Show More Summary

Pirate Bay Founder Wants to Save Lives With His New App

Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde likes to innovate to improve people's lives, but with his latest project, he wants to save them too. Currently under development by members of the former Flattr team, the app is a digital version ofShow More Summary

Pirate Bay Re-enters List of 100 Most Popular Sites on the Internet

The Pirate Bay has slowly but steadily returned to its former glory. After more than three years, the deviant torrent site has regained a spot among the 100 most-visited sites on the Internet. While many of the site's users may cheer...Show More Summary

New Lawsuit Demands ISP Blockades Against ‘Pirate’ Site Sci-Hub

Shortly after Sci-Hub was ordered to pay $15 million in piracy damages to Elsevier, the American Chemical Society filed a lawsuit of its own against the "Pirate Bay for Science." The scientific society would also like to see a cut of the loot. Show More Summary

The Orange Is the New Black Netflix Hack Was a Terrible Idea

Putting an unreleased series on the Pirate Bay unless Netflix pays up? Good luck with that.

Indie Game Developer Shares Free Keys on The Pirate Bay

While many copyright holders are filled with rage when they see their content showing up at The Pirate Bay, not all are. The developer of the indie adventure game 'Paradigm' decided to hand out free keys on the popular torrent site instead,...Show More Summary

US Embassy Threatens to Close Domain Registry Over ‘Pirate Bay’ Domain

The US Embassy in Costa Rica has threatened to have the country's domain registry shut down unless it suspends The registry says it won't comply without a court order and has written to the ICANN organization to complain about harassment and personal insults. Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

The Pirate Bay Isn’t Affected By Adverse Court Rulings – Everyone Else Is

The Pirate Bay has provoked more copyright lawsuits and adverse legal rulings than any other Internet platform yet it remains steadfastly online today. Somewhat amazingly, The Pirate Bay has never been seriously affected by any of these processes. Show More Summary

AM BRIEF: Spotify: Users Rise, As Do Losses • Gets Original • Pirate Bay Ruling Fallout • More

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Pirate Bay Ruling is Bad News For Google & YouTube, Experts Says

The European Court of Justice handed down a ruling against The Pirate Bay yesterday, one which could have implications far beyond the torrent site. Platforms such as Google and YouTube, which play an active role in the way content is...Show More Summary

Pirate Bay may finally be sunk after EU copyright ruling

Can be found liable for infringement, even if it doesn't host any content itself.

3 Count: Wednesday the 14th

The Pirate Bay held liable for copyright infringement by the ECJU, VidAngel pivots to a new business model and Friday the 13th case heats up. The post 3 Count: Wednesday the 14th appeared first on Plagiarism Today.

Pirate Bay might infringe copyright after all, European court rules - CNET

File-sharing sites like the Pirate Bay could be holed below the waterline by a new ruling from The European Court of Justice.

Top EU Court rules internet providers can be ordered to block The Pirate Bay

In what could prove to be a landmark judgement, the European Union Court of Justice today has ruled that internet service providers will now be obligated to block access to notorious torrent platform The Pirate Bay at the request of copyright holders. Show More Summary

Pirate Bay Facilitates Piracy and Can be Blocked, Top EU Court Rules

Internet providers in Europe can be ordered to block access to The Pirate Bay, even though the site itself doesn't store any infringing material. This is the conclusion of the EU Court of Justice in what has proven to be a landmark case. Show More Summary

Pirate Bay founder: We’ve lost the internet, it’s all about damage control now

At its inception, the internet was a beautifully idealistic and equal place. But the world sucks and we’ve continuously made it more and more centralized, taking power away from users and handing it over to big companies. And the worst thing is that we can’t fix it — we can only make it slightly less awful. Show More Summary

The same hacker that targeted Netflix has reportedly leaked 8 episodes of an upcoming ABC show (DIS)

The hacker who leaked unreleased episodes of "Orange Is the New Black" in April is at it again, putting eight episodes of the upcoming ABC show “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” on the file-sharing website The Pirate Bay, according to Variety. “Time to play another round,” The Dark Overload wrote. Show More Summary

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