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Pizza Hut Reinvented: What Has Change? What Has Stayed The Same?

Pizza Hut is known as the place of ever expanding ideas to promote or make the next big pizza pie. From dinner and flix in the Middle East to stuffing bacon and cheese into pizza crusts. Then, bringing BookIT to adults and free pizzas to Fantasy football groups. Show More Summary

Pizza Hut And ICFLIX Deliver ‘Dinner And A Movie’ To The Middle East

Pizza Hut pizza has been one of the most recognizable pizza’s for over 50 years. Pizza Hut is not normally associated with the Middle East, with some exceptions such as military bases of operations during conflicts. The Middle East itself has been the site of violence, suffering, and war for more than decade. Until now,

Real-Life Cheeseburger Pizza Sightings In UK Rather Disappointing

Yesterday, we shared the news that the grease-filled sunflower known as the Cheeseburger Pizza made its way from Pizza Hut Middle East to Pizza Hut UK. We focused on its awesomeness and calorie content, but as with all heavily-promoted fast foods, the real question is this: how terrible does it look in real life? We saw two versions of “advertising … [More]

Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger-Stuffed Crust Menace Spreads To United Kingdom

Almost a year and a half ago, the unholy spawn of a pizza and a platter of cheeseburger sliders arrived in Pizza Hut outlets in the Middle East. It’s a stuffed-crust pizza, but with little mozzarella-topped burgers embedded in the crust. The whole thing looks like a grease-filled sunflower. The problem is that it’s gradually moving west. Could it come … [More]

Pizza Hut Debuts 'Crazy Cheesy Crust'

Remember how jealous you were when Pizza Hut Middle East launched the Cheeseburger Crown Crust? Or when a photo from China, of the Hot dog-encrusted shrimp tempura pizza, began to circulate earlier this year? Well, apparently America just got one step closer to crazy pizza land, with Pizza Hut's latest stuffed crust invention.

Double Sensation from Singapore Pizza Hut Wins for Most Insane Pizza

Not one to be outdone by Pizza Middle East with their Crown Crust or Cone Crust, Pizza Hut Singapore is making the Double Sensation their December sweetheart.

Stunt Pizza, Reviewed: The pizza nerdlings at Slice try...

The pizza nerdlings at Slice try Pizza Hut Middle East's "freakish crust experiment" The Cone Crust Pizza. It has "parmesan-encrusted cones around its rim, each of which is loaded with either 'delicious honey mustard chicken strips' or 'indulgent Philadelphia cream...

The Scoop on Pizza Hut's Cone-Crust Creation in the Middle East

The Cone Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut Middle East is the daredevil design of the season, vying with the Cheeseburger Crown Crust for freakshow pizza supremacy. Our dedicated correspondent in Dubai didn't cower in the face of this cream cheese and chicken-stuffed beast, but dove right in to take you inside and deliver the scoop on the stunt pizza of the moment!

Pizza Hut Kit Kat Pops, Candy Bars Wrapped in Sugared Pizza Dough

5 years agoHumor : Laughing Squid

“So chocolately tasty!” We recently posted about Pizza Hut Middle East’s Cone Crust Pizza and we mentioned Kit Kat Pops, their new dessert offering. They are Kit Kat candy bars wrapped in hot sugar-coated pizza dough. In this video, you can watch them ‘in action’: Want to have a break? Have sweet cravings? We have [...]

Check Out Pizza Hut Middle East's Stuffed Cone Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut Middle East, what is up?! First you have that crazypants Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza and now you're adding cream cheese stuffed and honey mustard chicken filled cones to the edge of your pizza?

Cone Crust Pizza, An Ice Cream Cone-Like Crust Offering by Pizza Hut

5 years agoHumor : Laughing Squid

Cone Crust Pizza is the latest novelty pizza offering from Pizza Hut Middle East (we posted about their Crown Crust Carnival pizza in the past) and it features a crust that looks like a ring of ice cream cones. Each “parmesan encrusted” cone is stuffed with something savory, like cream cheese, honey mustard coated chicken [...]

Paul Brady: Eating The Crown Crust Cheeseburger Pizza In Dubai (PHOTOS)

6 years agoNews : Huffington Post

The Crown Crust pizza, a ridiculous beef-topped pie offered only at Pizza Hut in the Middle East, is almost certainly more popular in the United States than it is in the United Arab Emirates, where it was recently introduced.

This Week's Tasty 10: The Most Popular Posts from the SE Picnic Basket

1. A Taste of the Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut in the Middle East » 2. 17 Great Hot Dogs to Eat Near Minor League Ballparks » 3. The Food Lab: How To Make Beef Barbacoa Better Than Chipotle's » 4. How to Treat a Tourist Right in the West Village and Soho » 5. Show More Summary

Pizza Hut Stuffs Crust With a Dozen Mini Cheeseburgers

Behold the caloric abomination that is the Cheeseburger Crown Crust pizza. This hybrid product—half cheeseburger, half pizza—is new to Pizza Hut Middle East and has become the most blogged-about disgusting food item of the week. I hit...Show More Summary

Pizza Hut's Burger, Nugget, and Hot Dog Stuffed Slices Have HOW Many Calories??

Post by Lindsay Mannering You know, I'm really thankful for people who take it to the next level. They're as fun as they are deadly. Take the research and development team for Pizza Huts in the Middle East. They saw that whole hot-dog in the crust thing happening in the U.K., and they were like, nah man, we can do better than those pansies in Europe. Show More Summary

Pizza Hut Serves Cheesburger Pizza in Middle East

Fast food giant, Pizza Hut, has recently started serving the crowned cheeseburger pizza at their Middle Eastern locations. You can order this fast food innovation with chicken strips or mini cheeseburgers stuffed within the pizza crust. Show More Summary

Novelty Pizza Wire: The pizza nerdlings over at Slice...

The pizza nerdlings over at Slice actually tried the Crown Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut in the Middle East. Verdict: "While remotely resembling a pizza, it lacked the harmoniously cheesy and saucy spirit that any self-respecting pizza would have... There...

A Taste of the Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut in the Middle East

A few days ago, Robyn Lee had posted about the burger reincarnation of a pizza that Pizza Hut in the Middle East has created in their murky pizza laboratories. Today, having grabbed lunch at a Pizza Hut branch in Dubai, I'll tell you what the cheeseburger pizza construction actually tastes like.

Food FYI: Pizza Hut's cheeseburger-ringed pizza in Middle East

Food FYI: Pizza Hut cheeseburger pizza; mad cow; Noma pop-up; bourbon

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