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Venus and Jupiter ‘Kiss’ This Weekend, Next ‘Date’ in 50 Years

This Saturday, Venus and Jupiter will merge in the night sky. This is an extremely rare event as the next similar planet parade will occur only in almost half a century, Space & Telescope magazine reported.

Proxima b’s star could be blasting away the planet’s atmosphere

We’ve just found a potentially habitable exoplanet nearby, but monthly violent outbursts from the star Proxima Centauri could be bad news for life

How could something that isn't happening have been happening for longer than we thought?

Humans are not good for the planet. But humans are the only ones capable of judging good from far as we know right now. So if humans didn't exist, would the planet be better off or worse off? Who would judge? I'm confused. And all of that is irrelevant...

Meet some of the species we’ve found in 2016

Each year, we become aware of more of the species that share our planet.

Bastille Played A Secret Show Under The Name Chaos Planet And Here’s How It Went Down

1 hour agoEntertainment / Music : NME

Bastille Played A Secret Show Under The Name Chaos Planet And Here’s How It Went Down

World's Scientists: "Human Consciousness Will Remain a Mystery"

Sir Roger Penrose, a mathematical physicist at Oxford University, has asked "what right do we have to claim, as some might, that human beings are the only inhabitants of our planet blessed with an actual ability to be "aware"? It...

Kandi Mossett on Native American Pipeline Protests

For many people, what's happening right now in North Dakota is a crucial story of a frontline fight of indigenous people against extractive industry—and on behalf of humanity, really, and the planet.

[Blu-ray] ‘Journey to the Seventh Planet’ is Low Budget Sci-Fi Fun

Journey to the Seventh Planet is the type of low budget science fiction film from the 60’s that I used to come across on late night television when I was a kid. While the film has budgetary restrictions that clearly show, the filmmakers make due with what they had and delivered a fun, imaginative little […]

TAG Heuer, China Embark on Mars Mission 2020

3 hours agoLifestyle / Luxury : Luxuo

TAG Heuer is teaming up with China’s Mars Exploration Program to embark on a mission to see the red planet come 2020.

Psychological and Environmental Aspects of Who We Eat

"Meat Climate Change: The 2nd Leading Cause of Global Warming" highlights the incredible damage agricultural practices do to our planet and psyches and offers viable solutions.

Human Population Growth Continues to Threaten Biodiversity

4 hours agoNews : Truthdig

By Tim Radford / Climate News Network Scientists find that impacts of population growth on the planet’s biodiversity aren’t generally as bad as feared – but are intensifying rapidly in species-rich areas.

NASA’s Juno to fly closest to Jupiter on Saturday

4 hours agoNews : The Raw Story

NASA’s Juno is all set for its closest approach to Jupiter on Saturday, when the spacecraft — which entered into orbit around the gas giant on July 4 — will be soaring about 2,500 miles above the planet’s swirling clouds at a speed of 130,000 miles per hour with respect to the planet. During...

The Wastefulness of Modern Dining, as Performance Art

Many of us reflect, at least occasionally, on how our gastronomic habits affect the health of the planet. We regret that our takeout dinners come in a Styrofoam container inside a paper bag inside a plastic bag, with white plastic utensils in their very own plastic sheaths. Show More Summary

Why we keep looking for life on other planets

Astronomers this week are exulting over the discovery of a planet they can’t see, orbiting a star that they can’t get to, at least until they find a way to travel 25 trillion miles in less than the 17,157 years it would take with existing technology. Still, the star, appropriately named Proxima...

Needle in a Haystack: Newly Discovered Earth-Like Planet 'Could be Habitable'

Scientists have spotted previously unknown Earth-like planet that may be the closest place for life outside the Solar System. The discovery was made by researchers at the European Southern Observatory. Sputnik spoke to astrophysicist Dr. Sandra Jeffers about this planet.

Coordinator of UK Ocean Acidification Research Attacks The Spectator for 'Willfully Misleading' James Delingpole Column

The Spectator is one of the oldest English language magazines on the planet, established in London in 1828.  Chances are if you’ve never read it, you’ve probably heard of it. The Marine Biologist magazine, on the other hand, was only launched in 2013. Show More Summary

Hunting Season - Beware Of Wild Yautja

6 hours agoHumor / odd : Neatorama

Hunting Season by Crumblin' Cookie The Predator Activity Monitoring Committee is now taking a proactive stand against aliens who choose to hunt for prey on planet Earth, and they've started their campaign against interstellar evil by putting up a bunch of signs. Show More Summary

Evolving Architecture: Live in the Sun, Sip coffee on Asteroids!

Start My Vehicle. Experience Marathon Journeys. See Undiscovered New Places. Do you remember this rhyme sentence we used, to learn the names of the planets in our Solar System? With changing pattern of education, we feel that the coming...Show More Summary

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