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Pokémon Go just crossed 50 Million downloads in Google Play

No one could have predicted this result 20 days after launch. Google's Play Store listing for Pokémon Go changed this morning, revealing the game had just crossed the 50 Million downloads mark only 20 days after the game's limited release in a couple of countries. Show More Summary

You Won’t Need PlayStation Plus To Play No Man’s Sky, Get The Details

No Man's Sky has been one of the most highly anticipated independent games this summer not just for its vibrant art style, but also for how massive and ambitious the game seems to be. And...

An awesome side-effect to playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a viral mobile game that needs no introduction. There are tens of millions of dedicated fans playing the game, even though it was only released a little less than three weeks ago on iPhone and Android. Even if you don’t play the game, it’s very likely you’ve heard about it in the news, and know how it works. Show More Summary

Talent Show: Unknown Mortal Orchestra gets morbid with our game, “Alive Or Not Alive?”

The transcontinental psych act Unknown Mortal Orchestra is no stranger to getting conceptual. The A.V. Club asked if UMO would be down to play a game based on the mortal part of its name, giving them a celebrity and forcing them to guess whether they are alive or not alive.

No, you don't need PlayStation Plus for No Man's Sky

Universe-spanning exploration game No Man's Sky does not require a PlayStation Plus subscription to play. Not to disappoint you, but the chances of meeting another player in the game are so small - and the likelihood you'll meet anyone you know so infinitesimal - that the game is technically classed as single-player. Show More Summary

No Man's Sky Won't Require PlayStation Plus To Play Online

The massively multiplayer game is actually lonely enough to ignore usual multiplayer costs.

The Shining: The Board Game

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We’re not sure we’d trust Jack Torrance to make a board game though, as YouTuber Chainsaw Estates shows in this amusing ’80s style parody commercial based on Stanley Kubrick’s classic.

NBA 2K17: 10 Intriguing Ways To Play MyLeague and MyGM

VideoWhen the mere announcement of new features for a game mode sparks a brainstorm session, this is no ordinary addition. The new options that will be added to NBA 2K17's MyGM and MyLeague are enough to make itone of mymost highly anticipated games of the year. image provided by 2K Sports The news [...]

Letters: Readers play the numbers game

3 days agoHealth : Booster Shots

Until the Dodgers finally come to their senses and retire Gil Hodges’ No. 14, clubhouse manager Mitch Poole [“Digital Domination,” July 19] should exercise his discretion, as he has been doing with Fernando's No. 34, and not give out No. 14. And, for that matter, how about the No. 36 of Don Newcombe,...

Capcom is making a new Mega Man game, will it be a Mighty-sized disappointment?

Capcom hasn’t made a Mega Man game in years, despite the wishes of long-time fans. This is part of the reason Mighty No. 9 exists — people want to play a new Mega Man game. If […]

It's time to give Starbound another look

This is not the same Starbound I remember playing two-plus years ago. Not even close! As of today, Chucklefish's extraterrestrial sandbox adventure game is no longer on Steam Early Access because, well, it's finished. The full release version for PC and Mac is out now across Steam, Humble, and for $14.99. Show More Summary

It's been over five years since Mega Man Legends 3 was canceled

Mega Man -- the fanbase that never stops dreaming. No matter what, even with a complete lack of proper releases, we never give up hope. I still look back at my collection after grabbing a game to play out of it weekly and think -- "one...Show More Summary

Become a game development rockstar with this Unity 3D training - now under $20

4 days agoHumor / odd : Boing Boing

It’s no secret that technology is changing the way we all work—but it’s also transforming the way we play. The games of today look nothing like those of 10 or even 20 years ago: these days it’s all about mobile and 3D. And now you can learn to design 3D mobile games with the Intro to Unity 3D Game Development Bundle. Show More Summary

How to Play Pokemon & Emulate Other Games on Your iPhone or iPad

There’s no denying that Pokemon GO has given Nintendo’s franchise a new lease of life, bringing new fans on board and rekindling a love many once had for the Game Boy smash hit first released in 1996. Luckily it’s not the only way you can play Pokemon on your iPhone. Show More Summary

Star Wars Battlefront's Skirmish Mode Is as Close as You'll Get to Playing the Original Games

It's by no means a revelation, but Skirmish fixes at least one problem that fans had with DICE's original release.

Doesn't Any Trump Know How to Play This Game?: Paying Bespoke Prices for Used Off-the-Rack Metaphors

Live from the Cleveland Dumpster Fire: No. No Trump knows how to play this game: Donald Trump, Jr. (July 19, 2016): "Our schools used to be an elevator to the middle class. Now they are stalled on the ground floor. They are like Soviet-era department stores, run for the benefit...

Chance to Play: Working with Parents who Don't Want you to be a Cricketer

6 days agoSports / Cricket : Harrowdrive

The nightmare has happened: Despite your boundless passion for cricket, you have been told you have no future in the game. Most likely it is your parents who have put up the barrier. They want the best for you and have decided cricket is not the future. Show More Summary

Is Anyone Playing a Good Game on 'Big Brother 18'?

After four weeks of Big Brother 18, one thing has become perfectly clear: There is no mastermind. There's no one person who seems to be completely controlling the house, fooling everyone around them. And that makes a very level playing field because no one seems to be playing a particularly good game.

Corsair Lapdog Review: Love The Idea, But No

It’s the void the Steam controller was supposed to fill, but failed. How do you play traditional PC games requiring a mouse and keyboard on a couch, without having to sacrifice comfort or precision? The latest answer from Corsair is to sacrifice neither. Show More Summary

Honest Game Trailers Cross The Streams With Ghostbusters

An Honest Trailer for Ghostbusters? No, no, not the new Ghostbusters, but the 2009 video game that featured the original cast. It was unique in that writers Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd (who played Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz respectively), had a hand in the production and script, making the game an official instalment — of sorts. More »      

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