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Get ready, Donald Trump. You’re about to run into a buzz saw.

THE MORNING PLUM: At last night’s debate, Donald Trump lorded it over his rivals with supreme confidence. Gone was narcissistic, rambling, insult-spraying Trump. In his place stood calm, unifying, presidential Trump. The Donald noted with satisfaction that his foes were mostly laying off of him. “I can’t believe how civil it is up here,” he […]

You knew it was coming: Donald Trump unzips fly, flashes America

THE MORNING PLUM: For nine months, Donald Trump has run as the GOP race’s supersized alpha. The most garish moment of last night’s debate — in which Trump intimated that there is “no problem” when it comes to the size of his schlong — merely put this on display in a moment of explicit exhibitionism. […]

Make no mistake: Obama just tried to undercut Bernie Sanders

THE MORNING PLUM: The Hillary Clinton campaign has been engaged in an aggressive effort to accomplish one crucial political goal: Knocking off Bernie Sanders’ halo. One common thread running through many Clinton attacks on Sanders — whether it’s questioning his record on guns or suggesting his single payer dream isn’t going to happen — has […]

Donald Trump is running as Christianity’s savior. And it might work.

THE MORNING PLUM: Donald Trump’s lead over his GOP rivals seems to be holding strong in today’s polling, and his battle with Ted Cruz for front-runner status seems to be intensifying. Central to the war between Trump and Cruz are evangelical voters. Trump and Cruz are dominating among them, with Trump commanding the support of […]

The Lady in the Van

Maggie Smith can do anything — even save this rickety vehicle from a case of the terminal cutes. Now ending her memorable run as the Dowager Countess on Downton Abbey, Smith has picked herself another juicy acting plum. She's playing Mary Shepherd, a decidedly unsanitary and unlovable vagrant who parked...

Morning Plum: Will Paul Ryan take on the right wing? He might have no choice.

So Paul Ryan is officially running for House Speaker. The question everyone is properly asking: Why will his Speakership be any different from that of John Boenher? There’s a potential paradox in the answer to this question: While Ryan is undoubtedly more conservative than Boehner his, it’s possible he’ll go further than Boehner did in […]

Morning Plum: Good luck, Paul Ryan. You’re gonna need it.

So Paul Ryan has now told fellow House Republicans that he is open to running for Speaker, provided that warring factions inside the party agree to unite behind him. Ryan says that “we have become the problem,” and while it’s not quite clear who he is talking about there, it seems plain enough that Ryan […]

Morning Plum: No, Paul Ryan probably can’t ‘unify’ the Republican Party

House Republicans are pleading with Paul Ryan to become their savior, and according to multiple reports out this morning, he’s seriously considering running for House Speaker, after all. Ryan is widely said to be the only person capable of “unifying” the GOP conference. But at risk of belaboring the obvious, here’s the question: Why would […]

Morning Plum: Among Democrats, Hillary leads Bernie and Biden on all the issues

As we continue to wait for Joe Biden to tell us whether he will run for president, a new CNN poll brings us what I believe is the most comprehensive polling yet on which candidate Democrats prefer on the issues — and Hillary Clinton leads Biden and Bernie Sanders on all of them. The new […]

Morning Plum: Poor, helpless John Boehner has run out of excuses

If I remember correctly, John Boehner recently announced that he is resigning as Speaker. That happened, right? Yes, it did. And so, you’d think Boehner has little reason to worry about the security of his job, leaving him free to raise the debt limit with a minimum of fuss, averting untold damage to the U.S. […]

Morning Plum: The GOP Congress is set to run off the rails. That could help Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has signaled that she hopes to run for president in part by painting the GOP-controlled Congress — and, by extension, the Republican Party — as a divisive, destructive, hidebound, reactionary force. As the Post recently put it, Clinton has accused Congressional Republicans “of waging a war on women, playing politics with a black […]

Morning Plum: GOP governors running for president will fight Obama on climate

Folks aren’t focused on this yet, but your humble blogger continues to insist that it may prove very, very important. If President Obama helps negotiate a global climate accord later this year, one of the crucial contrasts of the 2016 election could turn on a hugely consequential question: Should the U.S. participate in the agreement, […]

Morning Plum: Hillary can’t run from the trade debate forever

Today the Senate is expected to cast the final vote granting President Obama “Fast Track” authority to negotiate the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. With trade badly splitting Democrats, Hillary Clinton had avoided taking a meaningful position on Fast Track, only suggesting she might not support it if it didn’t also include worker assistance (which […]

Steam now offers full refunds for any reason

Woah. Steam just announced it will allow for refunds on "nearly any purchase on Steam" and "for any reason," from your computer's inability to run it to you plum not enjoying it. That last one might make developers sad. There are some caveats, mind. Show More Summary

Morning Plum: Republicans are at war with each other over the Patriot Act

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is digging in hard behind his insistence that we must extend NSA bulk metadata surveillance for ever…and ever…and ever…and ever — or at least until 2020. But now McConnell is running into opposition from multiple quarters: From a left-right alliance in the Senate that is determined to end bulk surveillance, […]

Morning Plum: The Hillary rollout begins. Here’s what to look for.

Hillary Clinton will reportedly release a video announcement on Sunday confirming she is running for president. CNN reports that her video is aimed, at least in part, at the Democratic primary audience: Clinton has already filmed her campaign video, a person close to the campaign said, which outlines the central themes of her second bid […]

You Can Now Hire a Handyman on Amazon

Last year, Amazon started toying with the idea of not only selling you a TV, but also hooking you up with someone who could mount it. Now, Amazon's Home Services marketplace is up and running 41 major US cities so you can order plumbers and plungers from the same place. Read more...

Morning Plum: Scott Walker versus Jeb Bush for soul of the GOP?

Will the Republican Party run for the White House in 2016 with a genuine effort to expand the party’s appeal beyond its core constituencies and make inroads with the voter groups that have buoyed Democrats in recent national elections? Or will Republicans mainly prioritize the need to further energize their core constituencies and hope they […]

Morning Plum: Liberal groups float Elizabeth Warren for Dem Senate leader

The news is breaking this morning that Harry Reid will not run for reelection, which will set in motion a scramble for power at the top of the Democratic Senate leadership. This, in turn, will intensify the debate between the rising “Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party” and its (somewhat) less populist wing over […]

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