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Morning Plum: The GOP Congress is set to run off the rails. That could help Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has signaled that she hopes to run for president in part by painting the GOP-controlled Congress — and, by extension, the Republican Party — as a divisive, destructive, hidebound, reactionary force. As the Post recently put it, Clinton has accused Congressional Republicans “of waging a war on women, playing politics with a black […]

Morning Plum: GOP governors running for president will fight Obama on climate

Folks aren’t focused on this yet, but your humble blogger continues to insist that it may prove very, very important. If President Obama helps negotiate a global climate accord later this year, one of the crucial contrasts of the 2016 election could turn on a hugely consequential question: Should the U.S. participate in the agreement, […]

Morning Plum: Hillary can’t run from the trade debate forever

Today the Senate is expected to cast the final vote granting President Obama “Fast Track” authority to negotiate the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. With trade badly splitting Democrats, Hillary Clinton had avoided taking a meaningful position on Fast Track, only suggesting she might not support it if it didn’t also include worker assistance (which […]

Steam now offers full refunds for any reason

Woah. Steam just announced it will allow for refunds on "nearly any purchase on Steam" and "for any reason," from your computer's inability to run it to you plum not enjoying it. That last one might make developers sad. There are some caveats, mind. Show More Summary

Morning Plum: Republicans are at war with each other over the Patriot Act

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is digging in hard behind his insistence that we must extend NSA bulk metadata surveillance for ever…and ever…and ever…and ever — or at least until 2020. But now McConnell is running into opposition from multiple quarters: From a left-right alliance in the Senate that is determined to end bulk surveillance, […]

Morning Plum: The Hillary rollout begins. Here’s what to look for.

Hillary Clinton will reportedly release a video announcement on Sunday confirming she is running for president. CNN reports that her video is aimed, at least in part, at the Democratic primary audience: Clinton has already filmed her campaign video, a person close to the campaign said, which outlines the central themes of her second bid […]

You Can Now Hire a Handyman on Amazon

6 months agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

Last year, Amazon started toying with the idea of not only selling you a TV, but also hooking you up with someone who could mount it. Now, Amazon's Home Services marketplace is up and running 41 major US cities so you can order plumbers and plungers from the same place. Read more...

Morning Plum: Scott Walker versus Jeb Bush for soul of the GOP?

Will the Republican Party run for the White House in 2016 with a genuine effort to expand the party’s appeal beyond its core constituencies and make inroads with the voter groups that have buoyed Democrats in recent national elections? Or will Republicans mainly prioritize the need to further energize their core constituencies and hope they […]

Morning Plum: Liberal groups float Elizabeth Warren for Dem Senate leader

The news is breaking this morning that Harry Reid will not run for reelection, which will set in motion a scramble for power at the top of the Democratic Senate leadership. This, in turn, will intensify the debate between the rising “Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party” and its (somewhat) less populist wing over […]

Morning Plum: GOP presidential candidate has crazy idea that we should do something about climate

Senator Lindsey Graham probably has no chance whatsoever of being the next GOP presidential nominee. But if he does run, he could end up doing us all a very valuable service, by forcing his fellow GOP candidates out of their comfort zones on the issue of climate change. Politico talks to Graham about his presidential […]

Morning Plum: Is Ted Cruz really an outlier in today’s GOP?

Ted Cruz will announce in a speech at Liberty University today that he is running for president. All signs are that he will position himself as the candidate who is willing to fight hardest in defense of conservative values. Some analysts have posited that if Cruz were to somehow win the nomination, he’d be the […]

Condoms in Venezuela run $755 as oil prices plummet

As the petroleum-rich country’s economy is slammed by falling oil prices, expensive imports like condoms are becoming a luxury only the wealthy can afford. Continue reading ? The post Condoms in Venezuela run $755 as oil prices plummet appeared first on PBS NewsHour.

Know Your Foxes and Know Your Coyotes of Golden Gate Park – Both are Harmless – Tail Up or Tail Down?

TweetGet your 2015 coyote update from Hoodline. Coyotes are small, brownish, wild dogs, basically. They run with their non-bushy tails held down. Thusly, as seen on JFK Drive near the Bison Paddock, shortly before Fish and Game plumb blew this critter away, with a rifle: Lots of people don’t notice them, cause they hide most […]

Yuriko Kajiya promoted to principal!

10 months agoDance / Ballet : Haglund's Heel

Wow. It didn't take long for Artistic Director Stanton Welch to recognize what a miracle he had in Yuriko Kajiya. After her performance last night during which she opened the run of Houston Ballet's The Nutcracker as the Sugar Plum....

Morning Plum: Can Joni Ernst run out the clock?

This weekend’s polls confirmed again that the battle for the Senate may hinge largely on what happens in Iowa. Which means control of the Upper Chamber may turn to no small degree on this question: Can Joni Ernst run out the clock before her actual positions catch up with her, and eke out a victory […]

Morning Plum: Scott Brown calls for replacing Obamacare with Romneycare

As I’ve argued, multiple Republican Senate candidates have been, to varying degrees, running against the word “Obamacare” while professing support for its general goals and fudging on whether they would take its benefits away from people. This suggests the politics of Obamcare — while a net liability for Dems — are unfolding in a more […]

Morning Plum: Republicans running away from House GOP

It’s often observed that the House GOP’s lurch to the right on policy and periodic outbreaks of reckless brinksmanship have made life difficult for statewide GOP candidates who are trying to appeal to a more diverse electorate than that found in many House GOP districts. Case in point: Thom Tillis, who is running for Senate […]

Morning Plum: As GOP lurches right on immigration, sane Republicans watch in horror

In Arkansas, GOP Senate candidate Tom Cotton is running an ad attacking Senator Mark Pryor over the border crisis that veers headlong into Ted Cruz/Steve King territory. In Michigan, GOP Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land is up with another border spot that is almost as bad. It is increasingly sinking in with the political classes […]

Fugitive Korea Ferry Owner Found Dead

A decaying body found in a plum field is that of the fugitive billionaire who owned a ferry that sank in April, South Korean cops have confirmed. Yoo Byung-un, patriarch of the family that owned the ferry operator, went on the run soon after the Sewol sank in April and...

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