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A Jurassic World Version Of Pokemon GO Is Coming To Your Phone

After a few years of running around outside catching wild Pokemon, fans will soon have the opportunity to do the same with dinosaurs. More »      

Jurassic World gets the Pokemon GO clone nobody needs

Universal Studios today announced Jurassic World Alive, an AR mobile game made in the style of Pokemon GO. When I say “in the style of Pokemon GO,” I mean identical to that game. The player uses their phone as a map to track dinosaurs by sound, capture them, and use them in battle against other players. Show More Summary

These Chibi Pokémon Might Be the Most Adorable Little Creatures We’ve Ever Seen

Oh dear. We were already suckers for Pokémon, but I’m not sure we were quite at ‘catch ’em all’ levels of obsession yet. But, if this is going to be how Pokémon are going to look, we’re gonna need to be hoarding these cuties like Beanie Babies in the ’90s. Show More Summary

Upcoming Jurassic World Alive Game Looks Like a Pokemon GO Clone

Pre-registration on Google Play is now up for Jurassic World Alive, a game that bears a striking resemblance to Pokemon GO. Not that that’s a bad thing, just something worth pointing out. You see, Jurassic World Alive will have you walking...Show More Summary

Jurassic World Alive is Pokémon Go with dinosaurs

Augmented reality app Pokémon Go made around $800m last year - so it's no surprise others are still trying to cash in on the same idea. Jurassic World Alive is the latest, but probably not last, big budget franchise to try and muscle in on the Pokémon Go formula - this time by unleashing dinosaurs around your local neighbourhood. Show More Summary

‘Jurassic World’ Gets Its Own ‘Pokemon Go’-Style Mobile Game

Hold onto your butts: the Jurassic Park franchise is the latest pop culture juggernaut to jump on the augmented reality bandwagon. A new report says Universal has teamed with mobile game developer Ludia to create Jurassic World Alive, a new AR game that’s similar to Pokemon Go. Show More Summary

'Jurassic World Alive' Looks Like 'Pokemon GO' but Dinosaurs

Universal is partnering with Ludia to release Jurassic World Alive this summer ahead of the release of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie. This is looking like Pokemon GO [Free] meets dinosaurs, as you walk around real-world locations, and collect dinosaurs that appear in the wild. You can train your dinosaurs, raise them into more

How Brands Like Audi and Pez Are Winning the AR Game

Pokemon Go made history in 2016 when it amassed $500 million faster than any other gaming app to date. It then broke yet another record by climbing to $1 billion in revenue in just six months. Although its popularity has died down a bit since, the game is still raking in a profit of between...

Jurassic World Alive is Pokémon Go With Dinosaurs

One of Jurassic Park: The Lost World‘s most famous (or infamous) scenes involved an angry T-Rex rampaging across the streets of San Francisco. Thanks to a collaboration between Universal and Ludia, players will […] The post Jurassic World Alive is Pokémon Go With Dinosaurs appeared first on

Pokemon GO celebrates Pokemon Day with party hat Pikachu which knows the move Present

It’s Pokemon Day, and those wandering around the outdoors will find a special Pikachu. Pokemon GO players should keep an eye out for a special Pikachu through tomorrow afternoon. This version of Pikachu will be wearing a festive, striped purple hat to celebrate Pokemon Day 2018. Show More Summary

‘Pokémon GO’ Announces A Rather Lackluster Community Day Choice For Its Third Outing

Pokemon GO has announced its next featured Community Day Pokemon and the date when you can start hunting it.

Pokémon Go's next Community Day event dated

Pokémon Go's next monthly Community Day event will take place on Sunday, 25th March from 10am to 1pm. OG starter Bulbasaur will be the featured Pokémon, meaning we'll likely see its alternate-coloured Shiny version available for the first time in limited numbers. Show More Summary

Pokémon Go still has the power to bring people together

This weekend, Pokémon Go celebrated its latest Community Day - a monthly date for trainers to team up and, together, track down something special in the game. Saturday's event centred on the rare dragon Dratini, which appeared in huge numbers throughout the three-hour Community Day window. Show More Summary

Pokemon GO - Bulbasaur a part of Community Day

Mark your calendars, Trainers. The next #PokemonGOCommunityDay is coming your way on March 25, featuring the Grass-type Pokémon Bulbasaur! — Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) February 26, 2018 Bulbasaur will forever hold a special place in my heart. Show More Summary

Pokémon Day 2018: What You Need to Know for 'Pokémon Go,' Snapchat and More

Pokémon Day might not be something you can find on your calendar — unless you have a Pokémon calendar, in which case it probably is highlighted, bolded and a few other things besides — but it is an actual, honest to goodness thing that is happening on Tuesday, February 27. We're pretty sure it's a worldwide holiday,

Pokemon GO - Festive Pikachu and FireRed/LeafGreen avatar items

Happy Pokémon Day! Celebrate all things Pokémon with festive Pikachu wearing party hats available in the wild from February 26 to February 28. — Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) February 26, 2018 Time for a throwback!...Show More Summary

Pokémon Go Day: How to get Party Hat Pikachu now!

In honor of Pokémon Day, Pikachu is getting its festive Party Hat back — but just until February 28! Pokémon Go is celebrating Pokémon Day by once again bringing back its festive Party Hat Pikachu for a limited time. But don't delayShow More Summary

Pokémon GO’s Third Community Day Pokémon Should Definitely Be…

Pokemon GO's next Community Day should feature a specific Pokemon to make the hunt more interesting than ever.

What's Happening With Pokemon Go's Legendary Week

The Pokemon Go Community Day is a huge event for some gamers because it opens up an opportunity for gamers to get their hands on some additional legendary Pokemon that were previously made unavailable.

In Ghostbusters World, you become a Ghostbuster

Sony announced a new mobile AR game to come in 2018: Ghostbusters World. Think of it like Pokemon GO, but set in the Ghostbusters universe!

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