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Super Mario Bros. As an Augmented Reality Game

10 minutes agoTechnology / Gadgets : technabob

Forget Pokémon Go. I want to play Super Mario Bros. in augmented reality. Well, coder and designer Abhishek Singh has done it. He has recreated “World 1-1” from the game in Unity3D. Super Mario Bros. has…

Niantic just gave a big middle finger to Pokémon GO cheaters by rendering illegally caught Pokémon useless

7 hours agoTechnology / Google : Phandroid

Niantic is making yet another effort to curb cheating in Pokemon GO, this time by blacklisting illegally caught Pokemon from being placed inside gyms. It's about freaking time.

Pokemon Go gyms are updated and back online – the gym under construction phase is over

This is more than just a new way of fighting in gyms. Update as of June 22 at 10pm British Summertime: Gyms are now appearing back online worldwide. If your local gyms aren’t yet up, they will be in the coming hours – act fast and go get your Pokemon into those coveted gym spots! […]

Pokemon GO cheaters find workaround for slashed Pokemon, Niantic quickly squashes it

As we reported already, Pokemon GO cheaters were finding that their ill-gotten Pokemon were marked with red slashes. That way everyone would know they weren't legitimate captures. Not surprisingly, cheaters found a quick workaround.Show More Summary

The Best New Pokémon Go Features

After a year of Pokémon Go, developer Niantic released a major update with a bunch of new features. Here's what to look for.

These are the Pokémon Go loading screen wallpapers you've been looking for!

Looking for your favorite Pokémon Go loading screen wallpapers? You'll find them — and the story of how they get made! — below! Pokémon Go changes its loading screen wallpaper roughly once a season, and always in a way that ties into whatever special events or big new features are coming our way. Show More Summary

How do you change movesets in Pokémon Go? With Technical Machines (TM)!

How do you get and use Quick TM and Charge TM to change your movesets in Pokémon Go? From beating the Raid Boss, starting this July! Movesets are one of the most important elements of Pokémon Go. Generated at random, with the roll of...Show More Summary

Super Mario Bros. Level Recreated Using HoloLens

Augmented reality is proving to be just as popular as virtual reality. Pokemon Go was the first AR title to achieve mainstream recognition, and now other are trying to emulate it. Of, course, there are others who want to have fun along...Show More Summary

Redditors make fun suggestions as Niantic announces vague anti-cheating measures for Pokémon Go

Redditors are having fun after Niantic announced new measures to deter cheating in Pokémon Go … more…

I Do Not Understand How The Math Adds Up For Pokémon GO’s Gym Raids

Pokemon GO has spelled out the stipulations for raids, but are the criteria going to be too hard for the vast majority of players to meet?

'Pokémon Go' will flag creatures caught using cheats

Niantic has decided that forcing Pokémon Go cheaters to a life of catching Pidgeys isn't quite enough of a punishment. Now, any Pokémon caught using "third-party services that circumvent normal gameplay" will be marked with a slash in...Show More Summary

The brand new Pokemon games everyone’s going nuts over are 20% off on Amazon

Guys, we have one word for you: Pokemon! That’s right, everyone’s favorite adorable little creatures will soon appear in not one but TWO brand new games that Nintendo announced during the big E3 2017 conference last week. The bad news is Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon aren’t available just yet. Show More Summary

Pokemon Go: monsters caught by cheaters will now carry a mark of shame

If you’re using tracking apps to catch Pokemon, don’t expect them to behave. Yesterday we dropped details of a the game’s huge new patch, which added some major features – gym badges, legendary monsters, TMs, expanded gyms, the works. Also included, it seems, was a mark that will pop up on the profiles of cheaters. […]

Pokémon GO cheaters punished with unpredictable monster behavior

Last month, Pokémon GO developer Niantic decided to deal with cheaters by trolling them with extremely common monsters. Now the company is taking its anti-cheating measures to another level. In a Reddit post, Niantic had the following...Show More Summary

Pokemon Go Launches New Anti-Cheat Measures

Developer Niantic Labs continues to try to dissuade users from using any type of third-party add-ons for Pokemon Go. A new update has taken things a step further with suspected cheaters having their Pokemon directly affected. Niantic...Show More Summary

Amazing life-sized playable Super Mario Bros level recreated in Central Park using the HoloLens (video)

Pokemon Go have given us a taste for outdoor augmented reality gaming, but it takes a powerful device like the HoloLens to really bring the potential of the idea to life. HoloLens developer Abhishek Singh has taken up the challenge of...Show More Summary

Datamining Pokemon GO's latest update hints at Battle Teams, Legendary Battles and more

The gang over at The Silph Road have poured over the latest Pokemon GO update, and as usual, they've come across a bunch of things that indicate plans going forward. You can see the breakdown below, and then hit the link for full details. -...Show More Summary

Pokemon Go’s developers are making life even more difficult for cheaters

Cheating has been an issue in Pokemon Go from the outset. Players have found ways to spoof their location within the app, allowing them to catch Pokemon and capture gyms without ever going outside. Over the past few months, Niantic has begun to fight back, taking countermeasures to combat the most egregious spoofs and hacks. Show More Summary

Ultra-powerful 'Legendary' Pokémon are finally coming to 'Pokémon Go'

Since the release of Pokémon Go last July, players have been clamoring to catch so-called Legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo. Legendaries are extremely rare and powerful Pokémon from the original game series. And until now, they've been completely...Show More Summary

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