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7 Ways Potty Training Your Kid Is Like Getting an Advanced Degree

Potty training seems really easy. I mean, you're bigger and smarter than your toddler, right? Well, definitely bigger. Yet, when you try to potty train, somehow, you end up using all your brain cells (that weren't killed by pregnancy) and still not ending up with a toddler who's dry through the night. Show More Summary

Super Undies Will Turn Kids Into Potty Training Super Heroes

Potty training is a rite of passage every parent and child go through. The process can range from what nightmares are made of to a surprisingly easy transition from diapers to underwear. Most potty raining stories fall somewhere in between, and the end result is still he same. Show More Summary

Potty Training Your Infant Is An Exercise In Futility?

After so many months and years or changing diapers, most parents are understandably thrilled to get their children potty trained. The extra room in the budget after eliminating diapers plus, the freedom of a child that can take care of business on their own is all incredibly enticing for a parent. Show More Summary

Kate Middleton Takes on Insane Parenting Task While Pregnant

Post by Nicole Fabian-Weber. Kate Middleton is a brave woman. Not only is she pregnant with her second baby before her son is even two, the Duchess is potty training right now! Seriously, Kate? If there ever was a crazy time to try to...Show More Summary

I Told My 2-Year-Old Her Butt Was Big

"Mummy, I hafta pee!" My freshly potty trained 2-year-old dashed into the bathroom where I was blow-drying my hair, tugging at her pajama pants as she ran. I set the blow-dryer on the counter, scooped her up, and rushed to the toilet,...Show More Summary

10 Things My Toddler Is Doing in the Bathroom Besides Using the Potty

"Who said toilet training boys is hard?" Famous last words. I uttered these a year ago, when my then-1-year-old son surprised us by using the potty a couple of times. Remembering the tantrums and tears we had endured when training our daughter, I thought we were out of the woods. Show More Summary

How a Dad Survived an Adventure in Toddler Potty Training

How did this dad finally potty train his infant? There was a secret, and he shares it here. The post How a Dad Survived an Adventure in Toddler Potty Training appeared first on The Good Men Project.

‘Our Little Family’ Spoilers: Jack Gets A Castle, CeCe And Cate Start Potty Training

Our Little Family got off to a fantastic start with its premiere last week and now the Hamill family is back with two new episodes airing on TLC Tuesday night. What can viewers expect to see in these next episodes with Dan, Michelle,...Show More Summary

Why I Gave Up Potty Training My Son After One Day

Apparently, the universe has a way of bitch slapping you in the face for making multiple public announcements about your first child potty training in one day. Looking back, I probably deserved it, seeing as my announcements were less...Show More Summary

I’d Rather Change Diapers Forever Than Potty Train

Now that the time to start potty training has arrived, I'm more confused than excited. More » I’d Rather Change Diapers Forever Than Potty Train is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect.

How to potty train your hamster

via YouTube Capture. » Inline Ad Purchase: & […]

It's Not Your Fault! Easy-to-Read, New Book Gives Parents Proven Strategies to Successfully Toilet Train Children and Resolve Delays in Training

In his new book, It's not your fault!, Joseph Barone, MD, a pediatric urologist, debunks the myth that failed potty training is the fault of parents, or of a child, and provides practical, research-based approaches for toilet training, and for solving bedwetting and daywetting difficulties.

'Potty Boot Camp' Owner Accused of Taking Her Methods Too Far

Post by Linda Sharps. When you were in the potty training trenches — and let us not discuss the aroma emanating from these moist, warm, steaming trenches of our memories — would you have been tempted to sign your child up for a potty...Show More Summary

Fancy Fashion Designer Makes The Perfect Clothes For Potty-Training Grown Men

2 months agoLifestyle / Parenting : Mommyish

If your kid never figures out potty training, at least he'll have something to wear when he grows up. More » Fancy Fashion Designer Makes The Perfect Clothes For Potty-Training Grown Men is a post from Mommyish - Parenting Imperfect...

SMH: Woman Facing Assault Charges After 1-Year-Old Returns Home With Multiple Bruises Following “Potty Training Boot Camp”

Woman Faces Assault Charges After Toddler Returns From Potty Training Boot Camp With Bruises via Huffington Post A Maui woman is currently on trial for allegedly injuring a 17-month-old boy during a potty-training “boot camp.” Maui News reports that on

How to Potty Train your bird in 72 hours only !

NOTE ; there are a few ignorant people who will tell yo […]

Your Magical Potty Training Trick Will Not ‘Fix’ A Late Trainer

3 months agoLifestyle / Parenting : Mommyish

Imagine if you were reading a parenting article about babies learning to walk, and someone wrote, “Oh, my child walked at 9 months. I don’t know why people make such a big deal about teaching kids to walk. I just stopped holding hisShow More Summary

Wise older bro explains to crying little bro that naps make everything better.

3 months agoHumor : Happy Place

Is there anything more frustrating than when we give small children the opportunity to nap and they won't take it? If someone tucked me into a crib right now, I'd be so grateful I'd potty train myself. Then I'd sleep for like ten hours and wake up in an excellent mood.

Elimination Communication: Tips to Potty Train an Infant

Post by Judy Dutton. Think potty training starts around 2 or 3 years of age? Surprise! A growing legion of parents say it's possible to potty train infants from the moment they're born. It's called "elimination communication" or EC, and it's slowly been catching on, particularly among fans of the natural parenting approach. Show More Summary

How to potty train your hamster

This is just a video about how to potty train your hams […]

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