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Deschutes Black Butte XXVI

The post, Deschutes Black Butte XXVI, first appeared on The Barley Blog. Once Deschutes products started showing up in the fine state of Virginia, there was really only one beer that I was looking forward to more than the others. Sure, Fresh Squeezed IPA is a damn fine brew, but it’s their annual anniversary releases that I was drooling over. Show More Summary

MAC Unsung Heroes: Constructivist Paint Pot

The long-running Unsung Heroes series here on Makeup and Beauty Blog features some of my all-time favorite permanent collection products. When you’re on your second pot of MAC Constructivist — wait, I think this might be my third? —Show More Summary

Ask LH: Am I Allowed To Compare Companies On My Blog?

I’m currently in the process of creating my first website. The website will focus on tourism in Australia and compare companies that offer similar products. Am I breaking any laws by writing about these companies? For example, if three...Show More Summary

Ecommerce Goes Social, Twitter ‘Buy It Now’ To Revolutionize Retail

Twitter is partnering with the major E-commerce platforms to expand its tweets into the online retail business. The micro blogging site is already used by retailers to showcase products and now each post itself can be a product which can be clicked on and purchased. Show More Summary

Every website looks the same, and that’s ok

Surely you’ve noticed by now that most websites for design agencies, designers, startups, or even products, and personal blogs all look a bit… similar. Even if you haven’t noticed, you’ve probably read about it. So how worrying is it that every website now seems to be a carbon copy of another? I can already hear […]

I became hyper focused on my install rate. Here's what I'm doing to fix it

"This is a blog post about Word Ways, my recent undertakings with marketing, and how it has affected my perspectives towards the product and how it's communicated."...

Should Twitter Change Their Character Count?

Twitter is considering changing the character count allowable in each tweet. Or, rather, in the words of Re/Code, the blog that broke the story about Twitter’s character limit shifting, “Twitter is building a new product” that will allow users to do this. Show More Summary

Lumia Conversations and Surface blogs merge into new Microsoft Devices blog

As Microsoft prepares to make some major hardware announcements on October 6, the company is also making some changes in how it will promote those products. It has now merged its Lumia Conversations website, which offered news on its Lumia smartphones, with its official Surface blog to launch the new Microsoft Devices blog.

Batman is a 'Cornerstone' for Warner Bros Interactive, Earth is Round, Water is Wet

Over the weekend, Warner Bros. confirmed that Batman remains a big part of its interactive future. In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Ames Kirshen, vice president of product development for the Arkham and DC Comics games at Warner Bros. Show More Summary

Microsoft buys some key technology to beef up its Salesforce competitor (MSFT, CRM)

Microsoft has purchased "key technology and product assets" from Adxstudio, a seventeen-year-old small company that builds its products on top of the cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM offering, the company announced in a blog post.Show More Summary

Microsoft Reaffirms Its Commitment Towards Privacy In Windows 10

Terry Myerson from Windows team today blogged about the privacy concerns around Windows 10. From the beginning, Microsoft had the following privacy principles. Windows 10 collects information so the product will work better for you. You are in control with the ability to determine what information is collected. As we all know, Microsoft collects a […]

Allagash Cuvee d’Industrial

The post, Allagash Cuvee d’Industrial, first appeared on The Barley Blog. A quick search on this site quickly reveals my love for Allagash Brewing and their tasty, Belgian-inspired beers. I don’t think I’ve encountered a product from them that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. Show More Summary

30 Women who have revolutionized the tech sector

I get included in a lot of lists (19 Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now, Top 10 Aspergers Blogs, Top 100 Education Blogs, Top 50 Productivity Blogs) but I generally don’t pay a lot of attention. Lists are subjective, I don’t know who put the list together, and I mostly measure my success by if people...

What Air Pollution Control Rules Mean for Operators

As the EPA moves closer to new emissions standards for refineries, the agency has already begun instituting stricter enforcement, according to a Catalytic Products International blog. CPI says the EPA is going this “under the guise of Environmental Research and calling it Community Air Monitoring.” Here’s what CPI says this means for every operator with […]

Amy Poehler Produced Sitcom Gets Pilot Commitment From NBC

“NBC is back in business with Amy Poehler,” writes Lesley Goldberg in a scoop for The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed blog. The story continues, “The network on Thursday handed out a hefty pilot production commitment to ‘Dumb Prince’….” Also, “[Charlie]...

The 9 Habits of Blogging to Increase Your Chances of Success

This is a guest contribution from Jerry Low. There is one thing that all successful bloggers have in common with one another: Habits. They all have habits that keep them focused and productive no matter what else is going on. They can easily navigate the highs and lows of life and still keep blogging away. [...]Show More Summary

Behind the Scenes of our Latest Six Figure Product Launch

In today’s episode of the ProBlogger Podcast, I discuss the behind-the-scenes view of our latest product launch, which made $US120,000. On my main blog, Digital Photography School, we have more than 30 products, and the Lightroom Presets Pack was our most recent. Today I go through the complete life cycle of the product, from how we came [...]Show More Summary

North Dakota Pretty Much The Only Oil State Where Production Has Increased Since April

Bruce Oksol, who blogs about the Bakken oil boom, says it’s “worth a thousand words.” Here’s a link to the original tweet. North Dakota’s sustained oil production, even amid a dramatic drop-off in drilling activity, has been nothing short of remarkable as this graph I’ve used in the past shows (oil production numbers through July,...

12 Productivity Hacks For Authors

Becoming a productive author takes practice and using certain habits. Today’s author faces demand to write books, create blog posts... The post 12 Productivity Hacks For Authors appeared first on Lifehack.

Adroit Theory Imagination Atrophy

The post, Adroit Theory Imagination Atrophy, first appeared on The Barley Blog. I’ve had my fair share of Adroit Theory products by now and there’s one thing that I’ve noticed that they all tend to share in common. Most are excellent beers, but do not necessarily represent the style that may accompany the brew on the bottle label. Show More Summary

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