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iOS 8.4 to be released 8 AM PST on Tuesday, iTunes Match song limit will increase to 100,000 with iOS 9

Apple directors have been somewhat talkative over the weekend about the imminent release of Apple Music. Former Beats Music CEO, who now works as a Senior Director of Apple Music, blogged about the product’s launch. He reminisces on the history of digital music and radio saying that seeing Apple Music on stage at WWDC ‘it was hard […]

Intuit Labs Takeover

This week, the Lean Startup took over the blog on Intuit Labs with original stories centered around experimentation as a method for investigating all parts of a business or product idea. The week’s posts included case studies, tips, Q&As, startup stories, and more. Show More Summary

Yahoo overhauls its search engine for mobile browsers

Yahoo has updated its mobile search engine to now place images, videos and reviews in the spotlight. Announced in a blog post by Andrew Poon, Yahoo’s vice president of product management, the change is designed to make Yahoo Search in the US more immediately and directly helpful in the context of your specific query. Show More Summary

Should You Sell Products, Use Ads, Or Be An Affiliate?

There are a lot of different ways to make money online, and it can be hard to know what methods to choose for your specific blog or website. Some say products. Others say ads. Still others insist on affiliate marketing. Is there a right...Show More Summary

Innovation and Communication: How a Social Work Environment Fosters Productivity

How many times has a great idea gotten lost or buried in the avalanche of communications between employees at your company? The truth is it's nearly impossible to know that number without browsing through endless blogs, emails, meeting notes and audio/video files of project and group gatherings. Show More Summary

Perennial Ales Regalia

The post, Perennial Ales Regalia, first appeared on The Barley Blog. I’ve been enjoying the products of Perennial Ales over the last couple of years. The brews have been a joy to dive into. Regalia, a 8.5% ABV farmhouse ale is no exception. Show More Summary

Google Scrambles To One-Up Apple Music

6 days agoNews : Huffington Post

Google announced Tuesday that it is adding a free, ad-supported radio feature to its Google Play Music service in the United States in a push to attract more subscribers. In a blog post, Google Play Music product manager Elias RomanShow More Summary

Facebook Marketing Partners Test Prospecting Dynamic Product Ads

Some Facebook Marketing Partners, including ROI Hunter, have been testing a new advertising option: prospecting dynamic product ads. According to an ROI Hunter blog post, the new ad units are created the same way brands create product...Show More Summary

David Meerman Scott on the New Rules of Writing (and Profiting From) Great Books

David Meerman Scott is an internationally acclaimed strategist whose books and blog are must-reads for professionals seeking to generate attention in ways that grow their business. David’s advice and insights help people, products, and organizations stand out, get noticed, and capture hearts and minds. Show More Summary

If New York Is Spain and California Brazil, What Is Texas?

Following the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) release on June 10 of U.S. state gross domestic product (GDP) data for 2014, I was able to update the map below, which appeared on the Carpe Diem blog a year ago using 2013 data. The map was created by matching economic output in U.S. Show More Summary

Twitter is creating special new pages dedicated to products and places (TWTR)

Twitter is testing a new feature that organizes Tweets around "products" and "places" — giving these each their own page, according to a new Twitter blog post (via Recode). Each page will have images and video about the product or place, along with information about it like description or price. Show More Summary

Facebook to Media: Don’t Forget Author Tags

Facebook introduced its author tag feature for members of the media in June 2013, and product manager Vadim Lavrusik stressed that it is still a useful tool. Lavrusik wrote in a Facebook Media blog post that author tag makes it easier...Show More Summary

New ways to add Reminders in Inbox by Gmail

Posted by Dave Orr, Google Research Product Manager (Cross-posted from the Google Research Blog)Last week, Inbox by Gmail opened up and improved many of your favorite features, including two new ways to add Reminders.First up, when someone emails you a to-do, Inbox can now suggest adding a Reminder so you don’t forget. Show More Summary

YouTube Gaming – Best Offer From Google For Gamers

Alan Joyce, Product Manager, announced on YouTube’s Official Blog that Google, the Internet search giant, will launch “YouTube Gaming”, a live streaming gaming service which will be a direct competitor to Amazon’s Twitch service. The...Show More Summary

Interview with Product Hunt Founder Ryan Hoover

Many technologists who read this blog probably frequent Product Hunt at least weekly. Mark Suster, a venture capitalist in Los Angeles whose blog Both Sides of the Table I read regularly, recently interviewed Product Hunt’s founder, Ryan Hoover. Show More Summary

Berger Releases New 6.5mm 130gr AR Hybrid OTM

Berger has announced that development on its long-awaited 6.5mm 130gr AR Hybrid OTM bullet has completed and the new bullet is entering production. From Berger’s blog: We are thrilled to announce that our recent tests were successful and our new 6.5mm 130gr AR Hybrid OTM Tactical bullet will soon be released to the public. Show More Summary

Jeni's finds listeria, shuts stores a second time

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams has again temporarily closed its ice cream shops after finding listeria contamination at its production facility. In a blog post Friday morning, CEO John Lowe said the bacteria was found during a routine swabbing at its facility, taken as part of its monitoring program. Show More Summary

VIX ETFs - More Truth

Submitted by Salil Mehta via Statistical Ideas blog, As markets continue at a high level, volatility falls and their associated ETF products drop to record lows. As tempting as it is to use such products for hedging or for large gains,...Show More Summary

Only 1 In 20 "Skilled" Traders Profit From VIX ETFs

Submitted by Salil Mehta via Staistical Ideas blog, Our last article, Volatility-product hitmen, provoked a number of enthusiastic comments about how it should be easy to benefit from volatility exchange-traded products. The technical lingo in the counterarguments suggest they are likely from groping investment trading individuals. Show More Summary

Lessons Learned From Scaling a Blog

Time is at a premium during the early stages of a startup. You’re simultaneously trying to create a product, attract customers, recruit, figure out finance, legal, administration and more. So why on earth would you add “launch a blog”...Show More Summary

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