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Hate Online Ads? A New Product Offers An Alternative: Micropayments

With ChangeTip Contribute, blog readers can pay pennies per page in lieu of viewing ads. The product could provide a model for bigger publishers, who lost an estimated $22 billion in revenue in 2015 due to ad blockers.

A top developer said the Apple Watch is a 'confused product' — and lots of people agree (AAPL)

Marco Arment, a developer who helped found Tumblr and then Instapaper, has written a blog post describing the Apple Watch as a "confused product" that needs to be "rethought to do less, better." "The Apple Watch is a confused product, designed like a tiny iPhone," Arment writes. Show More Summary

2016 Topps Series I 36-card jumbo pack

I picked up a retail jumbo and a 72-card hanger box of this year's flagship product - as seen on other card blogs and eBay, I like how Topps has incorporated many unique images in a card design that feels a bit different than in past years. Show More Summary

Reselling? This Manufacturer Threatened Me for Selling Their Products on Amazon!

When A Manufacturer Threatens You While Miles to Memories is not a reselling blog, I have been doing quite a lot of reselling lately. To be honest, the demise of Bluebird/Serve didn’t have much to do with it as I was already sort of moving in that direction. Show More Summary

Managing Your Blog on the Go? Tips to Stay Organized and Productive with iOS

Even under the best circumstances, managing a blog is never easy. You’re constantly brainstorming new ideas, spending way too much time doing research on your topic, writing a few drafts, finding the perfect pictures to complement your copy and proofing your “final” draft a few hundred times. Show More Summary

A .NET port of Scientist

Over on the GitHub Engineering blog my co-worker Jesse Toth published a fascinating post about the Ruby library named Scientist we use at GitHub to help us run experiments comparing new code against the existing production code. It's an enjoyable read with a really great analogy comparing this approach to building a new bridge. Show More Summary

Why We Won't Have A "Lehman Moment" In The 2016 Crash

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, What the central banks cannot do is create productive places to invest the credit they've generated in such excess, or force qualified borrowers to swallow more unproductive debt. One way to lose a war is to focus on preparing to fight the last war. Show More Summary

US Mobile defends domestic sales of distributor-imported Xiaomi and Meizu phones

Following Xiaomi's statement that US Mobile is not an authorized distributor of its products in the U.S., the carrier has taken to a blog post to explain its decision to partner with a third-party distributor to sell imported smartphones from China in the U.S.. Show More Summary

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Tropical Stout

The post, Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Tropical Stout, first appeared on The Barley Blog. While many breweries stick to annual, flagship products, a good deal of them also have experimental or limited runs that they release […] The post, Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Tropical Stout, first appeared on The Barley Blog.

Office Supplies Turn This 3D-Printed Plastic Tube Into a Throwable Dart

There are blogs, books, and endless YouTube videos dedicated to re-purposing office supplies into everything but productivity tools. But with this 3D-printed plastic tube you can easily turn a thumbtack, a few sticky notes, and your office’s cork board into a game of darts. Read more...

Evernote won't be selling products like moleskine notebooks any longer

Evernote is taking its hands off Evernote Market, the online shop that sold Evernote-branded physical products from post-it notes to Moleskin bags, the company said in a blog post Monday. Starting February 3, Evernote will no longer sell or fulfill orders on the website, instead deferring that role to its partners at Adonit, Moleskine, and PFU. Show More Summary

The Tragic Flaw of 'Grease: Live'

After watching Fox's Grease: Live on Sunday night, I would like to send a message to any cast member of the production if they ever stumble across this blog. It wasn't your fault. I saw the payoff of all the time and energy you put in. Show More Summary

How To Get Women Actively Involved In Climate Change Mitigation

Originally published on Asian Development Blog. By Dagmar Zwebe What is it with climate change mitigation projects? Why have so many projects developed in Asia, but so few featuring women as agents of change and/or in productive roles?...Show More Summary

Update, or a missing person report

I just received a kind inquiry via email from a reader who wondered what had happened to this blog. It’s a fair question. It’s been a challenging few months, professionally and personally, and I’ve been less productive than I would … Continue reading ?

The Importance of rel=”nofollow”

The rel=”nofollow” attribute has been around for quite a while on the internet, and more and more websites and blogs tend to use it to link to sites and products that they do not wish to endorse, such as sponsored links. Such links, after being assigned the rel=”nofollow” attribute, are termed as nofollow links and are not followed by search engines. Show More Summary

Which Oman Air Business Class Itinerary Should I Book?

On the blog front, this year is all about reviewing new airlines for me. On January 1 I outlined 16 of the airline products I wanted to review in 2016, and I'm off to a good start. I already flew Finnair business class and Air IndiaShow More Summary

On The Hunt For Natural Beauty Products For Women Who Actually Like Makeup

The creators of Beauty Lies Truth are advocating for better—and bolder—natural beauty products. It sounds like the start of a joke: A rock star and a Harvard business school student team up and start a beauty blog. But Beauty Lies Truth...Show More Summary

Report: Instagram Snags Its New Head Of Product Kevin Weil From Twitter

Twitter's former head of product Kevin Weil is joining Instagram to lead product at the photo-and-video sharing app, according to a report in tech blog Re/code.

Slack just snagged a top exec from Foursquare to make it better for large companies (AMZN)

Slack, the red-hot $2.8 billion startup, wants to go beyond messaging — and its latest hire gives a clue to where the business messaging app might be headed. On Tuesday, former Foursquare SVP of product Noah Weiss wrote in a blog post that he's joining Slack to lead its new Search, Learning, and Intelligence group. Show More Summary

Vegan cruelty free cosmetics review: Brija Cosmetics

I know this is a food blog but being a vegan, there are other areas of my life that I have to watch out for animal products. It's impossible to avoid absolutely everything because animal by-products are used a lot in so many things. It's easier to go with what you can control. Show More Summary

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