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Tips on Successfully Taking Exams in Sociology

By Karen Sternheimer Nobody really likes exams—professors don’t particularly like grading them, and obviously given the choice most students would opt out of taking them. But they are typically a requirement of educational social institutions that want to remain accredited...

The Place of Religion in Peace and War

Last week's Sociology Research Seminar Series slot at the University of Derby addressed itself to the ambivalent role played by religion in modern wars. Given by Paul Weller, Emeritus professor and former head of the Centre for Society,...Show More Summary

When the Cost of a College Degree Means a Lifetime of Debt

'Sara Goldrick-Rab, professor of Higher Education Policy & Sociology at Temple University, and Founder of the Wisconsin HOPE Lab, a translational research laboratory seeking ways to make college more affordable, talks about her book Playing the Price: College Costs, Financial Aid, and the Betrayal of the American Dream. Show More Summary

“Muggles” and Stigma: Using Harry Potter to Teach Sociology

Professors of sociology often struggle to introduce sociological concepts in new and thought-provoking ways to their students. According to a recent article in Bowling Green Daily News, Professor Bertena Varney is tackling this issue in an unconventional way and using the Harry Potter series to engage her students with various sociological topics. In her “Inequality […]

Heart-Breaking Stories from Academia: America Treats Most Faculty Like Peons, and the Results Are Not Pretty

What's education? It's a good question. “What is education?” Ruth Wangerin asks me, when I Skype the sociology professor at her home in New York. “Is education a good for its own sake? Is it a process of weeding people out? Or is the student a customer paying for certification and the adjunct is there to train them?” It’s a good question. Show More Summary

Labor union decline also drives down wages for nonunion workers, study finds

A dramatic decline in the density of U.S. labor unions since the 1970s has resulted in  lower wages for both union and nonunion workers, suggests a new study led by Jake Rosenfeld, associate professor of sociology in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis.

Michael Eric Dyson to ESPN: Colin Kaepernick Is ‘The Best Kind of American There Is’

ESPN’s The Undefeated invited Georgetown Sociology Professor and frequent MSNBC guest Michael Eric Dyson to write an article on Colin Kaepernick. Because, after all, what the heck is the difference between ESPN, Georgetown Professors, and MSNBC anyway?

The Collateral Damage of Neoliberalism

A professor emerita of sociology at the University of California-Berkeley spends time with Trump supporters in Louisiana and forms a hypothesis about why they support Trump, which actually is interesting and insightful. Read “I Spent Five Years With Some of Trump’s Biggest Fans” by Arlie Russell Hochschild. The capsule version is that there are pockets […]

Is divorce seasonal? UW research shows biannual spike in divorce filings

To everything there is a season -- even divorce, new research from University of Washington sociologists concludes. Associate sociology professor Julie Brines and doctoral candidate Brian Serafini found what is believed to be the first quantitative evidence of a seasonal, biannual pattern of filings for divorce. Show More Summary

Pokémoning While Black

By Angelique Harris and Jonathan Wynn Harris is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Marquette University Have you been swept up in the Pokémon Go phenomenon? For those of you who haven’t: Pokémon Go is a virtual reality game that...

alumni affairs as institutional stratification

This guest post is by Mikalia Lemonik Arthur, associate professor and chair of sociology at Rhode Island College and a long time friend of the blog. She is an expert in higher education and is the author of Student Activism and Curricular Change in Higher Education. === My colleague Fran Leazes and I recently released […]

Italy's Eurosceptic Transformation Sounds Warning for Out-of-Touch EU

Once strongly pro-European, Italy has transformed into a Eurosceptic country since the turn of the millennium, sociology professor Enzo Risso told Sputnik Italian.

9 Ways To Have More Orgasms As You Age

4 months agoNews : Huffington Post

SPECIAL FROM Is your sexual response lagging lately? You’re not alone. “The truth is we produce less estrogen and testosterone as we age,” says Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington and author of 50 Great Myths of Human Sexuality. Show More Summary

When Your Wife is Mistaken for Your Caregiver

By Brian Brutlag Assistant Professor of Sociology, Rio Hondo College I am a huge geek. My particular flavor of geekdom is superheroes. Since I was a kid, I have always looked to superheroes for comfort, solace, and motivation as a.....

A Sociology of Brexit: What Motivated the “Leave”?

Will Davies, a politics professor and economic sociologist at Goldsmiths, University of London, summarized his thoughts on Brexit for the Political Economy and Research Centre, arguing that the split wasn’t one of left and right, young and old, racist or not racist, but center and the periphery. You can read it in full there, or scroll down for […]

Psychiatric Diagnostic Tools May Not Be Valid for African Americans

Depression in African Americans, according to Sirry Alang, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at Lehigh University, is expressed in ways that are inconsistent with symptoms of depression laid out in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). Show More Summary

Professor Kimya Dennis on Year 2 of her Course, The Childfree

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of interviewing Kimya Dennis, Assistant Professor at Salem College, who was teaching the sociology course, The Childfree, for the second time and was using my book, The Baby Matrix, as part of the curriculum. Show More Summary

Europe Should Overcome Brussels' Restrains, Form New Union With Russia, UK

It is high time that Europe overcame the limits set by Brussels and Germany and created a new union stretching from Britain to Russia, according to Italian journalist and professor of sociology Francesco Alberoni.

A conservative environment makes conservatives happier

Past studies have found that conservatives are happier than liberals. Dr. Olga Stavrova from the Institute of Sociology and Social Psychology (ISS) and Junior Professor Maike Luhmann from the Psychology Department at the University of...Show More Summary

Why Is Canada Sacrificing the Rights of Its Citizen, Hassan Diab, for France's War on Terror?

Abandoned by his government, Canadian academic Hassan Diab could face an unfair terrorism trial in France. A Canadian former sociology professor named Hassan Diab has been charged with committing an act of terror 36 years ago, but he says he knows nothing about it. Show More Summary

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