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If the Trump Revolution Is Possible, So Is a Progressive One

35 minutes agoNews / Independent News : AlterNet

The increased tempo of the GOP's snatch and grab in recent days suggests that they're feeling a certain desperation. Yes, I know, the United States is a deeply conservative country. Americans don’t engage in periodic attempts to overthrow the system. Show More Summary

Can Patrick Brown avenge Tim Hudak and John Tory’s electoral disasters?

In the past two elections, Progressive Conservatives snatched defeat from the jaws of victory The post Can Patrick Brown avenge Tim Hudak and John Tory’s electoral disasters? appeared first on

The Progressive View of Presidential Leadership in Claremont Trumpism

The current issue of The New York Review of Books (December 21, 2017) has an article by Jacob Heilbrunn on "Donald Trump's Brains" that identifies the Straussian conservatives associated with the Claremont Institute as the intellectuals with the most influence in the Trump administration. Show More Summary

TOLERANCE: Nancy Pelosi to California Republicans: ‘You Don’t Belong Here.’ Here in Colorado, we …

TOLERANCE: Nancy Pelosi to California Republicans: ‘You Don’t Belong Here.’ Here in Colorado, we could use a few more California conservatives to balance out all the California progressive invaders who turned my once-fine state deep purple.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Jack Goldsmith & Adrian Vermeule: Elite colleges are making it eas…

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Jack Goldsmith & Adrian Vermeule: Elite colleges are making it easy for conservatives to dislike them. First is the obvious progressive tilt in universities, especially elite universities. At Harvard,Show More Summary


Patrick Kearney, president of bridgeUSA, writes, This transcends left and right, progressive and conservative. This is a movement to shed labels and engage in politics as free thinkers. I sympathize with the sweet sentiment while remaining deeply skeptical. Indeed, I...

Amazon’s Alexa Is A Digital Social Justice Warrior

Nobody doubts that Jeff Bezos is a liberal who opposes Donald Trump, the Republican Party, and any semblance of a conservative agenda. We normally associate the Washington Post as his venue for spreading his progressive propaganda, but it turns out Alexa, the digital assistant produced and distributed by Amazon, is another way he pushes his agenda. Show More Summary

The Sexual Harassment Apocalypse... Why Now?

I'm old enough to remember when the progressive left first weaponized sexual harassment. It occurred during the early 90s when they thought they could use it to keep a conservative judge, Clarence Thomas, from SCOTUS. And it almost worked; the...


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! You know, progressives sure do have a poor understanding of the whole 'equality under the law' thing that our country was founded upon. Exhibit A: Stop saying the sitting biblical conservative congressman whose extramarital infidelities were exposed...

Trump's Judicial Picks: 'The Goal Is to End the Progressive State'

Donald Trump is radically reshaping the same federal courts that have been the biggest bulwark against his agenda—by picking mostly white, conservative men. Donald Trump has sustained more than his fair share of political losses during the first 10 months of his presidency, mostly at the hands of the federal courts. Show More Summary

ABCNews' Alleged "Proud Independent" Chief Political Analyst: There's a Big Difference Between Rapists and Molesters Working for "The Common Good" (i.e., Progressives) and Those Not Working for the "Common Good" (i.e., Conservatives)

When does this guy's scandal drop, someone wondered. Every leader (and each of us) is human and flawed and makes mistakes, but there is a difference between those who are flawed who work for the common good and those who...

A supply-sider is a progressive who’s been elected governor

People used to say that a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged.  I wonder if the same sort of principle applies to progressives who have been elected governor, and assume responsibility for the health of their state’s economy: Here’s New York Governor Andrew Cuomo: New York will be destroyed if the deductibility of state […]

DCCC Shouldn't Endorse Primary Candidates

The DCCC claims to be neutral in primaries but always puts its fingers on the scale for corrupt conservatives from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party, Blue Dogs and New Dems, never for progressives. The DCCC favors wealthy self-funders and "ex"-Republicans. Show More Summary

Roy Moore EVISCERATES Mitch McConnell After He Calls For Him To Drop Out Of Race

Mitch McConnell is a slug, pure and simple. I can’t stand the man. He’s betrayed conservatives over and over. He’s destroyed good Republicans and he’s never met a progressive, corrupt

SNL Mocks Democrats And The Video Had Me Laughing So Hard

Up until recently, it would seem that Saturday Night Live only wanted to appeal to liberal and progressive audiences, mocking Republicans and conservatives relentlessly to the point of predictability. Many

Progressives have long disdained Christians, but now they’re declaring open war

Conservatives need to get behind those politicians who are truly willing to defend our principles.

Progressives need to stop abusing their cultural power

"every single conservative respondent raised the issue of being called racist." The post Progressives need to stop abusing their cultural power appeared first on Hot Air.

#Concerned: "Meeting of the Concerned" Ultra-Pure Conservatives Have Strangely Hardcore Progressive Instincts on So Many Issues

I?m sick & tired of ?thoughts and prayers? for mass shooting victims. What we need: legislation & regulation. Start with assault-weapon ban.— Max Boot (@MaxBoot) November 5, 2017 Gun advocates insist: only prayer can mitigate human evil. Policy is futile....

Charles Halleck, conservative D.C. judge turned progressive firebrand, dies at 88

He championed marginalized groups and attempted to decriminalize marijuana in 12 years as a judge.

'Liberals,' Conservatives and Stereotypes

Yesterday I said that an infallible mark of a 'liberal' or 'progressive' is a refusal to distinguish legal and illegal immigration. Another infallible mark is the refusal of 'liberals' or so-called 'progressives' to admit that there is truth in some...

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