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Google's Project Fi Adds Unlimited 'Bill Protection'

With Bill Protection, you won't pay more than $80 a month for call, text, and data charges on a single line, regardless of how much data you use.

Project Fi Introduces Unlimited Data Option

A long time ago I wrote about the benefits of Google’s Project Fi, especially for international travelers. Full disclosure: I’m a T-Mobile customer, though security concerns as of late have me second guessing my decision. One of the issues I had with Project Fi was the lack of an unlimited data option. Well, Google effectively […]

Question of the Day: How’s Life With Project Fi?

Google announced a pretty major change to Project Fi today in the form of Bill Protection. Going forward, Project Fi is now essentially an unlimited data plan, where you only get charged for your call and texting plan ($20), along with up to 6GB of data (up to $60). If you use less, you pay … Continued Question of the Day: How’s Life With Project Fi? is a post from: Droid Life

How to sign up for Google's Project Fi - CNET

Google's wireless carrier ambitions are finally open to all; here's how to sign up.

Google’s Project Fi has a new unlimited data plan, but it’s not as cheap as it seems

Google's Project Fi has built a reputation for being the simplest mobile carrier out there. You pay $10 per gigabyte for the data that you use, with the only fixed monthly fee being a $20-per-month charge for unlimited calling and texting. Show More Summary

Here's How Google's Project Fi Now Delivers Unlimited Data

Nearly every major wireless carrier offers an unlimited data plan. Now, Project Fi has joined them, thanks to a feature immediately active for all subscribers that stops charging you past a certain monthly limit.

Project Fi Just Introduced a Super Flexible $80 Unlimited Plan That You Should Consider

Folks, we need to have a fresh talk about Google’s Project Fi. Today, Project Fi announced a new feature called Bill Protection. It’s a mostly terrible name because it doesn’t exactly sell what Google is doing here. I say that because...Show More Summary

Project Fi brings a new unlimited data plan into the mix with ‘Bill Protection’

Project Fi brings a new unlimited data plan into the mix with 'Bill Protection'

Google's Project Fi gains "unlimited" data plan with Bill Protection

Bill Protection caps your monthly fee while adding more data and providing peace of mind.

Google's Project Fi offers a sort of unlimited plan - CNET

"Bill protection" will help heavy data users cap what they spend.

Google launches Bill Protection for Project Fi customers

With Project Fi, you have the ability to pay for what you use, which means it can be easier to control how much you pay a month for your smartphone plan. But that doesn’t mean every month is going to be the same, especially when it comes to consuming data, [...]

Google Debuts 'Bill Protection' - Effectively Unlimited Data - for Project Fi

Google today rolled out a new plan for its Project Fi wireless service that lets people use more mobile data at a lower cost. Since launch, Project Fi has charged $10 per gigabit, pro-rated so people pay for exactly the amount of data they use. Show More Summary

Google’s Project Fi now offers unlimited mobile data for $60 with ‘bill protection’

It’s been nearly three years since Google first lifted the lid on Project Fi, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) service that flits between Wi-Fi and the cellular networks of T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, and Three. Thus far, the pricing model has been fairly straightforward: $20 per month for unlimited calls and texts, plus $10 for […]

Project Fi just launched a highly competitive $80 unlimited plan called 'Bill Protection'

One less caveat to deal with on Google's carrier. Project Fi has always been a great solution for those who use less than about 4GB of data per month, but now Google's giving the nod to people who want more. A new feature called "Bill...Show More Summary

Google’s Project Fi now caps data bills at $60

Google’s Project Fi cell service never played the “unlimited data” game that most carriers in the U.S. like to play (and which is never truly unlimited). Instead, Google simply offered data at $10/GB/month and would give you a refund for any data you paid for but didn’t use. Now, however, it’s taking its own stab at what is essentially an unlimited data plan. With… Read More

Bill Protection on Project Fi: data when you need it, and savings when you don’t

With Project Fi, we built our $10/GB “pay for what you use” pricing to put you in control of your phone plan and how much you pay for it. Today, we’re taking the next step in that journey with Bill Protection: a new take on a phone plan...Show More Summary

Google's Project Fi now offers unlimited data (with a catch)

Google's Project Fi can make sense if you only use a smattering of data and want to save money, but it hasn't been an especially good deal if you consume gigabytes like they're going out of style. Thankfully, there's now an unlimited option... Show More Summary

How has your Project Fi experience been?

If you don't use a lot of mobile data, Fi is still the way to go. It's hard to believe that 2018 will mark Project Fi's three year anniversary, but then again, I suppose time flies when you're saving heaps of cash each month on yourShow More Summary

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