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Every New Business Needs A Unique Selling Proposition

Every startup and every new business needs a unique selling proposition (USP) to get people's attention these days, and make it stand out in the information overload we all see. Your concept has to be understood by customers and investors...Show More Summary

White House Press Secretary Says President of United States Believes in Conspiracy Theory 

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer put forth the incredible proposition that Donald Trump, the President of the United States, not only believes as many as five million people voted illegally in this election—thus questioning the legitimacy of his own presidency—he’s also cool with it, and doesn’t… Read more...

Resident Evil 7 Boss Fight: How to Beat Jack Baker

Jack Baker is the first of the Baker family you’ll have to face in Resident Evil 7. Unlike the fight with Mia, fighting Jack is a challenging proposition, and you’ll have to stay on your toes to keep from dying. You’ll be forced into a fight with Jack Baker three times during the game. Show More Summary

What’s the over/under on the duration of the Trump presidency?

For any member of the LGM community who doesn’t happen to be a degenerate sports gambler, the over/under is a betting proposition that establishes for betting purposes the most likely probability for an outcome.  (Example: the o/u on the AFC championship game today is 51, which means that the odds makers and the betting public […]

One-Third of Colorado Hospitals Refuse to Allow Doctors to Kill Patients in Assisted Suicide

Hospitals and clinics throughout Colorado are refusing to comply with Proposition 106, Colorado’s newly passed legalization of doctor-prescribed suicide, StatNews reported. Medical, disability rights, pro-life and religious groups all campaigned against the deadly measure. Show More Summary

Opinion: In a Cold Place Beyond True and False

Tyron Woodley says he’s the “worst-treated champion” in the history of the UFC. He says it’s because he’s black; he says it’s “blatantly facts.” It’s more complicated than that and certainly not a true-or-false proposition.

Music Review: Chief Keef - Two Zero One Seven

" A Nietzchean 'aphorism' is not a mere fragment, a morsel of thought: it is a proposition which only makes sense in relation to the state of forces that it expresses, and which changes sense, which must change sense, according to the...Show More Summary

Music Review: Chief Keef - Two Zero One Seven

Chief Keef Two Zero One Seven [Self-Released; 2017] Rating: 3/5 “ A Nietzchean ‘aphorism’ is not a mere fragment, a morsel of thought: it is a proposition which only makes sense in relation to the state of forces that it expresses, and...Show More Summary

Elites: Let Them Eat Mindfulness

This article about the World Economic Forum kind of blew me away. Not in a good way. They are eager to talk about how to set things right, soothing the populist fury by making globalization a more lucrative proposition for the masses. Myriad panel discussions are focused on finding the best way to “reform capitalism,” […]

Paul Ryan: Loser. Mitch McConnell: Also a Loser.

Back in July, the New York Times Magazine reported that Donald Trump Jr. had approached an adviser to Republican presidential candidate John Kasich with a highly unusual proposition. Trump Jr., according to the Times, had asked if the...Show More Summary

Don't expect big spending by Seahawks on offensive line

Being an offensive lineman for the Seattle Seahawks this season was a tough proposition        

Software AG: 7 Ways IoT Software Actually Works

Software AG has been working to refine its Internet of Things (IoT) technology proposition for some time now. Favorite among this data-centric German software firm's expressions in this space is discussion centering around what likes to call 'streaming analytics'.

How To Profit From The Quarter Of A Million Dollar Price Tag Of Raising Kids

Raising a child in the U.S. is an expensive proposition. Here's a way investors can benefit from kid-spending-sprees.

The peculiar persistence of monetary policy denialism

(January 16, 2017 11:12 AM, by Scott Sumner) When I was in grad school in the late 1970s, there was increased interest in the "monetary ineffectiveness proposition", which posited that money was neutral and monetary policy did not impact real variables. There was virtually no interest (at Chicago)... (0 COMMENTS)

Kata Sarka Photos: See The Former Miss Hungary Who Claimed Donald Trump Propositioned Her In A Moscow Hotel

Kata Sarka made the claim more than six months ago, but now the Hungarian beauty queen’s accusations that Donald Trump propositioned her are going viral in the wake of a bombshell report about the president-elect’s alleged misbehavior in Russia. Show More Summary

Donald Trump Allegedly Propositioned the Former Miss Hungary

This was possibly during the same trip as the infamous golden shower incident.

TV Club: Colony returns to TV and to its own past

Watching the world fall apart is a heart-stopping proposition. When Will Bowman pulls up short on the mountain bike he rode from the Yonk to try and get Charlie, he has almost a front-row view of the walls coming down around the city. Show More Summary

Chargers' move a risky proposition for more than just the team

Gambling isn’t allowed in the NFL, but this Chargers relocation feels like one big roll of the dice. There’s extreme anger in San Diego, where betrayed fans are discarding their Chargers jerseys in front of team headquarters. And there’s apathy in Los Angeles, where the arrival of a second team...

'Dragon's Watch' is a Social RPG Designed for Western Audiences

London-based developer The Secret Police has a curious proposition for mobile gamers. What they're doing with Dragon's Watch is to try and make a social RPG, the kind that's been mega-popular in Asian markets but hasn't necessarily ruled the charts in the west, but aim for a western audience. With a western development team targeting

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