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The Psychological Trigger That’s Confusing Your Customers (and What to Do about It)

For countless years, businesses have been searching for their own unique selling propositions, trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors and convince customers to choose them. Businesses go about this in many ways, such as by highlighting the different features they have, lowering prices (or, in some cases, increasing prices), or focusing on the competitor’s […]

AmEx Everyday Preferred vs. Premier Rewards Gold Card: Which Is Better?

Last week American Express announced some awesome changes to the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card. For a long time this was one of the most compelling cards out there, though the value proposition of the card decreased over...Show More Summary

John Mockler dies at 73; architect of California school funding law

John Mockler, a leading education advisor for four decades who was a principal author of Proposition 98, the law that guarantees California's public schools a sizable share of the state budget, died Tuesday in Sacramento. He was 73.

(VIDEO) MySpace Userbase Is Now Viant's Giant Ad Targeting Machine

MySpace may have struggled to retain relevance over the last few years, but its latest owner recently rolled up the social network in to a proposition it hopes advertisers will find appealing. Interactive Media Holdings, which also owns...Show More Summary

Intellectual Diversity on Campus

The proposition: "Liberals are stifling intellectual diversity on campus." Arguing for the proposition: Greg Lukianoff and Kirsten Powers Arguing against the proposition: Angus Johnson and Jeremy Mayer Here's the video. Here's the transcript.

SEMs, Don't Get Left Behind!

SEM superstars are in great demand these days, and likely will continue to be for several years to come. That said, tying your horse to SEM exclusively is a dangerous proposition these days. The market is moving toward multichannel, multi-device marketing; eventually, SEM-only experts run the risk of becoming obsolete.

Supreme Court Won't Hear NOM's Latest Appeal on Donor Disclosure

The court let stand a ruling that the names of Proposition 8's financial backers must remain public record. read more

DNA should not be collected in misdemeanor cases

Less than three months ago, California voters adopted Proposition 47, an initiative that reduced six felonies to misdemeanors. By far, most of the affected crimes are for drug possession.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Double-Edged Phone

Think that the Note Edge is the only device about to get the curved screen fun? No way. Samsung is doubling down on its Edge proposition with the new Galaxy S6 Edge: a phone with subtle curves all the way around. More »      

Heads-Up: It Depends On What The Definition Of A Medical Advancement Is

[guest post by Dana] I thought it surely had to be a bit of internet fakery, but apparently not. I think… But as to the feasibility of the proposition, well, you be the judge. Italian surgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group announced that he believes human head transplants could begin in […]

US steel filing unfair trade cases is a dangerous proposition

Filing unfair trade cases is like chemotherapy. Both remedies are intended to protect the host from a serious threat, but there are side effects that are nearly as dangerous as the ailment itself. Maybe that explains why US steelmakers have held off on filing dumping and subsidy cases against sheet steel imports for so long. The […]

How to Convince the Boss Your Idea Is Incredible!

Launching a new business is extremely difficult. As the owner, there are always many things on the to-do list and it seems that list never goes away. Additionally, the value proposition of the company must be firmly established and presented...Show More Summary

'Focus' filmmakers Glenn Ficarra and John Requa go for the unexpected

Movies don't have to be an either/or proposition. They can be both smart and fun, a pleasure without guilt and self-aware without being snobby.

Value Investor: A better bank than CBA

US bank Wells Fargo has a number of competitive advantages that make it a more compelling proposition than any of the big four.

It’s Well Past Time VCs Hired HR Directors

Those following the Pao/KPCB saga in court yesterday were treated to the testimony of Trae Vassallo, a former Kleiner partner, who claimed on the witness stand that she too was uncomfortably propositioned by Ajit Nazre. Nazre was the Kleiner partner who Pao claims in her lawsuit harassed her after the two had a falling out. Show More Summary

Movement builds to correct major flaw in Prop. 47

All of us must have been snoring when Proposition 47 passed. If anyone was awake and noticed a huge flaw, nothing was said. Nary a peep.

Prop. 47 report finds fewer drug arrests, less crowding in jails

Less than four months after California voters approved Proposition 47, the landmark law is already having significant effects on Los Angeles County's criminal justice system.

Proposition 47: L.A. County report details profound effect on justice system

Proposition 47 is having a profound effect on Los Angeles County’s criminal justice system, from the jails to mental health treatment to workloads for prosecutors and public defenders, according to a draft report by the county’s chief executive.

Did Obama's Endorsement Hurt Incumbent Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Now Forced Into a Run-off?

Once you become Chicago's mayor — or one of it alderman, for that matter — getting reelected is ordinarily a fairly easy proposition. The scheduling of Election Day, the fourth Tuesday in February in an off year, is deliberately designed to generate a low-turnout result. Show More Summary

Hillary's Deputy for Counter-Terrorism Arrested for Soliciting Sex from a Minor

He got caught propositioning a fake minor, in one of those To Catch a Predator type stings. I can't wait to read the transcript of his attempted pick-up. what r u wearing do u like zima But Hillary will presumably...

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