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Study Finds Little Evidence For Relationship Between Video Games And Sexism (But Findings Get Hyped Anyway)

A new study published in Frontiers on Psychology claims to find links between video game playing and sexist attitudes. But a close look at the study suggests it may be a better example of how crude science with weak results is often hyped for extravagant claims. Show More Summary

A 48-hour sexual 'afterglow' helps to bond partners over time

(Association for Psychological Science) Sex plays a central role in reproduction, and it can be pleasurable, but new findings suggest that it may serve an additional purpose: bonding partners together. A study of newlywed couples, published...Show More Summary

9 Ways You Can Have a Happier Home Today

I just discovered Live Happy Magazine when someone from the outlet that promotes the science of positive psychology by publishing and promoting inspiring features, relatable stories, and sage advice.  In celebration of March 20 International...Show More Summary

Sorry guys, science confirms ‘gaydar’ isn’t real

last weekLGBT / Gay : Queerty

This just in: Gaydar is not a real thing. At least, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Psychology.

Send Us Questions for "Master of the Life Hack" Charles Duhigg

This week on our podcast we’ll be talking with Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Charles Duhigg. He’s the author of The Power of Habit and regularly writes about the science and psychology of productivity. Read more...

Imagining dialogue can boost critical thinking

(Association for Psychological Science) Examining an issue as a debate or dialogue between two sides helps people apply deeper, more sophisticated reasoning, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

Study: atheists may die out due to contraception usage

A new study in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science has made a bold claim about the future of atheists. Read more...

NIDA dissertation grant awarded to examine mechanisms linking HIV syndemic factors

(The City University of New York) Raymond Moody -- a fourth-year doctoral student in Health Psychology and Clinical Science training program at the CUNY Graduate Center and a graduate student researcher at Hunter College's Center for...Show More Summary

Multilab replication project examines cooperation under time pressure

(Association for Psychological Science) In 2012, a trio of psychological scientists reported research showing that people who made quick decisions under time pressure were more likely to cooperate than were people who were required to take longer in their deliberations. A new multi-laboratory effort was partially successful in replicating those results.

The impact of stress on age-related macular degeneration

New research was recently published in the journal Optometry and Vision Science examining the role that psychological stress plays in relation to age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Age-related macular degeneration is a form of progressive...Show More Summary

To understand others' minds, 'being' them beats reading them

(Association for Psychological Science) We tend to believe that people telegraph how they're feeling through facial expressions and body language and we only need to watch them to know what they're experiencing -- but new research shows we'd get a much better idea if we put ourselves in their shoes instead. Show More Summary

Teens drive more safely in the months after a crash

(Association for Psychological Science) Teens' risky driving drops considerably in the two months following a serious collision, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. Show More Summary

Bill Nye Has a Wake-Up Call for Fox News Viewers, Whether They Want to Hear It or Not

Click here for reuse options! “The evidence for climate change is overwhelming." During a Facebook live event with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Bill Nye "The Science Guy" delivered a wake-up call to "psychologically deluded" climate deniers of Fox News. Show More Summary

We read emotions based on how the eye sees

(Association for Psychological Science) We use others' eyes -- whether they're widened or narrowed -- to infer emotional states, and the inferences we make align with the optical function of those expressions, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. Show More Summary

Nudge theory: the psychology and ethics of persuasion - Science Weekly podcast

This week, Ian Sample explores the psychology behind ‘nudging’, its usage by governments, and some of the ethical quandaries involved Subscribe & Review on iTunes, Soundcloud, Audioboom, Mixcloud & Acast, and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter Every day, each one of us is “nudged” by external factors and actors to change how we behave. Show More Summary

Science shows psychology behind taking office candy

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60 The office candy dish may as well be a scientific study on human psychology. We know the candy is there for the taking, but going for the kiss - or fish is actually based on a slew of small emotionally charged decisions. Show More Summary

Dispatch from the Frontiers of Media Science

For a perfect example of what the New York Times has become, one need look no farther than the Upshot column in this morning’s paper, which quotes an Internet data-analytics firm and a psychology professor (the Times would quote a professor...Show More Summary

There is no ‘rule of six’ – the truth about the science of queueing

You wait longer when other people are behind you, we should stand on both sides of an escalator, and we usually get away with pushing in. Psychology professor Adrian Furnham explains what studies show us about standing in line EveryShow More Summary

The science behind positive thinking: Turning vision into reality

"If you can dream it, you can do it." Is that really true? The concept of wish fulfillment and how to make those dreams come true was a topic tackled on stage at Inman Connect New York by Gabriele Oettingen, a professor of psychology at New York University and the University of Hamburg...

The psychological science behind Trump’s America and the rise of the authoritarian personality

last monthNews : The Raw Story

Since the horror of Hitler’s Holocaust, psychologists have investigated why certain individuals appear more prone to follow orders from authority figures, even if it means that they have to sacrifice humanitarian values while doing so. Apart from the Nazi regime, this issue is central to military...

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