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Preschoolers' expectations shape how they interpret speech

(Association for Psychological Science) When we listen to people speak, we aren't just hearing the sounds they're making, we're also actively trying to infer what they're going to say. When someone misspeaks or is drowned out by background noise, we use our past experience with language to hear what we expect them to say. Show More Summary

Huge Study On Internet Gaming Addiction Turns Up Controversial Results

Some in the psychology community believe internet gaming is as addictive as gambling, but does the science support the claims?

Game theory provides new insight on spreading environmentally conscious behavior

The simple act of exchanging information can influence people to change their actions to protect the environment, according to a new study that links game theory with psychological science.

9 UCI researchers named AAAS fellows

(University of California - Irvine) Nine University of California, Irvine researchers in areas ranging from anthropology and psychology to computer science and biology have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world's largest general scientific society.

‘Arrival’ Sound Editor Sylvain Bellemare On First Sci-Fi Experience & Working With Denis Villeneuve To Craft An Alien Sound

How do aliens sound in an emotional, psychological, science fiction universe? This was one of many questions faced by French-Canadian sound editor Sylvain Bellemare in overseeing the development of a soundscape for Denis Villeneuve's out-of-the-box alien invasion picture, Arrival. Show More Summary

Thinking more seriously about the design of exploratory studies: A manifesto

In the middle of a long comment thread on a silly Psychological Science paper, Ed Hagen wrote: Exploratory studies need to become a “thing.” Right now, they play almost no formal role in social science, yet they are essential to good social science. Show More Summary

Scientists explore how nutrition may feed mental health

(Association for Psychological Science) Good nutrition has long been viewed as a cornerstone of physical health, but research is increasingly showing diet's effect on mental health, as well. A special section in Clinical Psychological...Show More Summary

After decades of research, science is no better able to predict suicidal behaviors

(American Psychological Association) Experts' ability to predict if someone will attempt to take his or her own life is no better than chance and has not significantly improved over the last 50 years, according to a comprehensive review of suicide research published by the American Psychological Association.

$384,961.42 for a house? When precise bids work and when they backfire

(Association for Psychological Science) Making a very precise offer for a car or a house may hurt your chances of success if you're negotiating with someone who has expertise in that area, according to research published in Psychological Science. Show More Summary

A psychologist reveals how to get rid of negative thoughts

  Tim Wilson, a psychology professor and the author of " Redirect: The Surprising New Science of Psychological Change," shares a tactic to help overcome emotional road blocks. Follow Tech Insider:   On Facebook Join the conversation about this story »

Carefully chosen wording can increase donations by over 300 percent

(Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) A forthcoming study in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science, based on the psychology of sympathy, shows that small changes in the wording of a fundraising letter can increase donations by over 300 percent.

Carefully chosen wording can increase donations by over 300 percent

A forthcoming study in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science, based on the psychology of sympathy, shows that small changes in the wording of a fundraising letter can increase donations by over 300 percent.

Well-being linked with when and how people manage emotions

(Association for Psychological Science) Reframing how we think about a situation is a common strategy for managing our emotions, but a new study suggests that using this reappraisal strategy in situations we actually have control over may be associated with lower well-being. Show More Summary

When Does Skepticism Become Bias In Science?

Where is the line between skepticism and bias in science? Some perspectives from the worlds of science and psychology.

Using science to understand how ballot design impacts voter behavior

(Association for Psychological Science) Concern over the security of the voting process has been a recurring issue in the run up to the US presidential election. But psychological science suggests that an even bigger problem may lurk within our voting systems: poor design.

2017 Program Rankings

Our definitive list of the best places to study engineering, biology, computer science, education, environmental science, engineering, medicine, mathematics, nursing and psychology. The post 2017 Program Rankings appeared first on

Thinking of loved ones lessens our need to 'reconnect' through anthropomorphism

(Association for Psychological Science) Reminding people of their close, caring relationships can reduce their tendency to anthropomorphize objects as a way of feeling socially connected, according to new research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. Show More Summary

Effect of facial expression on emotional state not replicated in multilab study

(Association for Psychological Science) A coordinated replication effort conducted across 17 labs found no evidence that surreptitiously inducing people to smile or frown affects their emotional state. The findings of the replication...Show More Summary

Advances in the Psychology of Passing the Salt

I just came across a remarkable new paper on the science of salt-passing behavior: Expected Results Show that a Longer Nose Means Slower Times for Passing the Salt and Pepper: A Second Report The article, which I have no doubt is entirely...Show More Summary

Twilight of the Nudges

The first line of Cass Sunstein’s latest book, The Ethics of Influence, announces: “We live in an age of psychology and behavioral economics—the behavioral sciences.” For Sunstein, a Harvard law professor and former Obama administration...Show More Summary

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