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Childhood Drawing Skills Might Predict Intelligence

Kids' drawings reveal a lot more than what they think of mommy's new boyfriend. How well someone draws as a child might predict intelligence as a 14-year-old, a large-scale study of twins in the journal Psychological Science suggests. Read Full Story

Children's drawings indicate later intelligence

How 4-year old children draw pictures of a child is an indicator of intelligence at age 14, according to a study by King's College London, published today in Psychological Science. The researchers studied 7,752 pairs of identical and...Show More Summary

Can Dogs Show Jealousy? New Study Claims, ‘Yes’

Dogs may be capable of showing basic jealousy, a new study claims. (Of course, this is something that dog owners have known for years, but science has finally taken a crack at it.) According to a report from Valley News, a psychology professor decided to study for the first time whether dogs and jealousy are

Differing interests of psychology students, professors could impact retention

What is the best way to keep psychology students from switching majors? According to a study, putting off intensive science courses may help. The study compared the views and interests of college students and instructors with regard to the psychology discipline, and then examined the implications of the differential interests.

Will there always be sexist Internet trolls? A science educator gives an answer

Science educator Vanessa Hill calls out sexist commenters and explains the psychology of nasty Internet trolls

What You Can Learn From Watching Investigation Discovery For 24 Hours

last weekOdd : Neatorama

Watching true crime TV shows can teach you a thing or two about psychological profiling, forensic science and the horrific things people do to each other, but watch too much murder themed TV and you’re liable to become a bit paranoid. Show More Summary

Somebody in psychology finally ‘gets it’ about Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook and their ‘smear science

Social psychologist Jose Duarte pulls no punches in describing Lewandowsky’s failures of science in the “Moon Hoax” paper and the later retracted “Fury” paper. And then goes on to describe failure in Cook’s 97% consensus paper. Excerpts follow. in their … Continue reading ?

Seeing more African Americans in prison increases support for policies that exacerbate inequality

Informing the public about African Americans' disproportionate incarceration rate may actually bolster support for punitive policies that perpetuate inequality, according to a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. read more

Abortion Has Cost the U.S. $16 Trillion in Lost Revenue, The Size of the National Debt

Washington, DC (LiveAction) — The pro-life movement often talks of the science behind life in the womb, the fact that abortion leaves emotional, psychological and physical scars on women and the inherent beauty of every life. What we don’t often talk about, though, is money. After all, doesn’t it seem somewhat crass to couch pro-life […]

The “scientific surprise” two-step

During the past year or so, we’ve been discussing a bunch of “Psychological Science”-style papers in which dramatic claims are made based on somewhat open-ended analysis of small samples with noisy measurements. One thing that comesShow More Summary

Awaiting a theory of neural weather

In a recent New York Times editorial, psychologist Gary Marcus noted that neuroscience is still awaiting a ‘bridging’ theory that elegantly connects neuroscience with psychology. This reflects a common belief in cognitive science that there is a ‘missing law’ to be discovered that will tell us how mind and brain are linked – but it […]

39 Resources for Understanding the Science & Psychology Behind Great Marketing

We all know that a deep understanding of psychology will make us better marketers, but determining exactly where to start if we want to learn more about the psychology of marketing can feel daunting. After all, psychology is an enormous field, with many sub areas to drill down into and countless case studies, books, online […]

Sleep deprivation may increase susceptibility to false memories

Not getting enough sleep may increase the likelihood of forming false memories, according to research published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. In a study conducted by psychological scientist Steven J. Show More Summary

The Evolutionary Psychology of Promiscuity

Categories: Science Skepticism Fellow Skepchick Mindy alerted me to this story in The Atlantic about some new evolutionary psychology research concerning promiscuity and morality. As usual, the reporting on the research uncritically reproduces all sorts of essentialist ideas about sex/gender and sexuality while reporting on the research. Show More Summary

Knowledgeable consumers more likely to buy when given fewer options

The degree to which consumers perceive themselves to be knowledgeable about a product influences the likelihood that they will buy a particular product, researchers find in a series of studies published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. read more

Preschoolers can reflect on what they don't know

Contrary to previous assumptions, researchers find that preschoolers are able to gauge the strength of their memories and make decisions based on their self-assessments. The study findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. read more

The Ten-Buck Trick: A Foolproof Way to Have Customers Excited to Hand You Their Money

The key to increased sales isn’t a magical formula or the smoothest talking sales associate. The key is science… It is understanding consumer psychology and using it to your best advantage. To help you understand this, we’re sharing with you the “The Ten-Buck Trick.” No 3-card Monte or loaded dice required… Just your wonderful merchandise, [...]

Behind the science of stress, the hand of Big Tobacco

last monthOdd : Boing Boing

Stress does affect the body in numerous ways. But how we think about what stress is, what it does, and its connection to pop psychology, have all been shaped by cigarette companies.

Towards a scientifically unified therapy

Today’s edition of Nature has an excellent article on the need to apply cognitive science to understanding how psychological therapies work. Psychological therapies are often called ‘talking treatments’ but this is often a misleading name. Talking is essential, but its not where most of the change happens. Like seeing a personal trainer in the gym, […]

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