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The behavioral psychology behind freemium mobile games

3 days agoHumor / odd :

In a short video, Joss Fong and Dion Lee of Vox explore how free mobile games are engineered to make money using behavioral psychology. By collecting troves of data on how users play their games, developers have mastered the science of applied addiction. Show More Summary

Watching the brain do math

A new Carnegie Mellon University neuroimaging study reveals the mental stages people go through as they are solving challenging math problems. Published in Psychological Science, researchers combined two analytical strategies to use functional MRI (fMRI) to identify patterns of brain activity that aligned with four distinct stages of problem solving. read more

Distinct stages of thinking revealed by brain activity patterns

Neuroimaging data can reveal the mental stages people go through as they are solving challenging math problems, according to a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. By combining...Show More Summary

Science fiction master Ursula K. Le Guin talks Comic-Con and the psychological power of imagination

As Comic-Con begins yet another flashy fest, one of alternative fiction's true masters, Ursula K. Le Guin, is shaping her forthcoming book, "Words Are My Matter." Find the full archive of "Patt Morrison Asks" podcasts here or search for "Patt Morrison Asks" on iTunes. To read this week's column,...

15 facts that prove you're better off single

Science, nature or something in between wants you to be alone forever. It's a fact. Looking at our biology, psychology and good old statistics when it comes to our relationships, it's pretty clear that the odds are bleak when it comes...Show More Summary

Myles Power’s dishonest defense of evolutionary psychology

Back around the 11th of July, I saw a few comments by a guy named Myles Power, a science youtuber, who was quite irate that Rebecca Watson criticized evolutionary psychology five years ago. There were the usual vaguely horrified reactions implying how annoying it was that some mere communications major would criticize an established, credible,…

Science Has Just Uncovered the Secret of the World's Best Networkers

This clever psychological hack makes it three times more likely you'll leave a good impression.

Science Explains Why Everyone's Addicted To Pokémon GO

Gotta catch 'em all? Here's the psychology behind why you want to collect digital monsters.

Science Says Eating Your Veggies Makes You a Happier Person

New research suggests a “psychological payoff now,” not just improved health later.

Tuning in to deaf needs

Psychology researcher Peter Hauser aims to help deaf and hard-of-hearing students succeed in the biomedical sciences

Captive Whales Deeply Suffer Psychologically, Experts Agree

Experts across the board, including leaders in animal welfare science, agree that captive cetaceans are psychologically ill and cannot adequately be kept in tiny water cages.

Should this paper in Psychological Science be retracted? The data do not conclusively demonstrate the claim, nor do they provide strong evidence in favor. The data are, however, consistent with the claim (as well as being consistent with no effect)

Retractions or corrections of published papers are rare. We routinely encounter articles with fatal flaws, but it is so rare that such articles are retracted that it’s news when it happens. Retractions sometimes happen at the request...Show More Summary

This is Your Brain on Parasites: strong stories, shaky science

Kathleen McAuliffe's book revels in gruesome tales and psychological theories, but shows a disregard for what parasitology actually is

On deck this week

Mon: How is Brexit different than Texit, Quexit, or Scotxit? Tues: Should this paper in Psychological Science be retracted? The data do not conclusively demonstrate the claim, nor do they provide strong evidence in favor. The data are,...Show More Summary

Mauboussin: The Psychology Behind Making Better Decisions

As usual, an excellent discussion with Michael Mauboussin on the decision making process:     The Psychology Behind Making Better Decisions Source: Science of Success   The post Mauboussin: The Psychology Behind Making Better Decisions appeared first on The Big Picture.

When it comes to knowing your true self, believe in free will

Diminishing a person's belief in free will leads to them feeling less like their true selves, according to recent research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science. In a pair of studies, researchers from Texas A&M University manipulated people's beliefs in free will to see how this would affect the subjects' sense of authenticity, their sense of self. read more

article discussion: is marriage an all or nothing institution? by finkel et al. (2015)

Starting on July 1, we will discuss “The Suffocation Model: Why Marriage in America is Becoming an All or Nothing Institution” by Finkel et al. This appeared last summer in Directions in Psychological Science. The discussion will be less intense than a full blown book forum, but we will dedicate one or two posts to […]

Here's the science that could explain if Donald Trump is a con artist

It's increasingly possible that Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, is a con artist.  There are ways to find out. In February, Business Insider's video team asked psychology and science writer Maria Konnikova,...Show More Summary

MiB: Steven Pinker on Language and Violence

This week on our Masters in Business podcast, we speak with Steven Pinker, Professor of cognitive psychology at Harvard, is a psychologist, linguist, and popular science author, specializing in visual cognition and psycholinguistics....Show More Summary

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