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Carson Visiting Syrian Refugees In Jordan

This is sure to suddenly make him an expert on foreign policy. Carson, a top-tier candidate in public opinion polls, has faced increased scrutiny over his foreign policy credentials amid comments about China’s role in the Syrian crisis, as well as remarks likening some Syrian refugees to rabid dogs. The retired neurosurgeon will visit a [...]

Poll: GOP Voters Disapprove Of President Obama's Turkey Pardons

Public Policy Polling always has some interesting questions to ask voters when they're polling. With Thanksgiving happening later this week, it seems appropriate for pollsters to wonder who is mostly likely to ruin Thanksgiving, andShow More Summary

Trump Leads Yet Another National Poll

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Donald Trump continues to dominate the GOP presidential race with 26%, followed by Ben Carson at 19%, Ted Cruz at 14% and Marco Rubio at 13%. No one else in the GOP field [...]

Most Gun Owners Say the NRA Is Off Target

A new survey of gun owners finds widespread support for universal background checks and provides new details on who does and doesn't support the National Rifle Association. The survey, conducted by Public Policy Polling on behalf ofShow More Summary

Ben Carson Knows Nothing About Public Policy and Does Not Seem to Care

Ben Carson is an inspiring story of an American who has managed to rocket himself to the polling lead for a major party nomination for president of the United States while overcoming the handicap of knowing extremely little about public policy. Actually, Carson is not so much “overcoming” this handicap... More »

“How the Timing of Elections Shapes Turnout, Election Outcomes, and Public Policy

Sarah Anzia for SSN: Media coverage of elections focuses on candidate personalities, horserace polling, campaign ads and soundbites, and even, at times, the issues – but almost never considers the timing of elections. Most people probably have not given any … Continue reading ?

PPP Uses the Power of Pyramids to Figure Out Which Republican Candidate Has the Weirdest Supporters

One of the charming things about Public Policy Polling is that they have a habit of asking weird questions that no one else will. Today's example: What do you think the pyramids were built for? This is for South Carolina only, and sadly, they only asked Republicans. Show More Summary

IBD Fights Back As Politico and MSNBC's Scarborough Smear Its Historically Accurate Polls

The folks at Investor's Business Daily are more than a little tired of seeing their IBD/TIPP (TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics) polls smeared by establishment press publications and pundits. No similar torrent of criticism has been directed at other polls which have been horribly inaccurate predictors of actual election outcomes. Show More Summary

Polls, pols and the obsession with horse-race journalism

By Bill Kirtz Does polling drive or mirror public opinion? Three prominent political figures offered different answers during a spirited discussion Friday at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. They agreed that that there are too many context-less statistics and too few ways to winnow the precise survey from the sloppy. “We’ve stopped listening […]

New Poll Reveals US Public Pessimism on Obama’s ISIL, Afghanistan Policies

Americans are none too pleased with the way their president is dealing with combating the self-proclaimed Islamic State terror group and the prolonged conflict in Afghanistan, an Associated Press-GfK poll recently revealed.

How the AP-GfK poll on foreign policy was conducted

The Associated Press-GfK poll on foreign policy was conducted by GfK Public Affairs and Corporate Communications from Oct. 15-19. No more than 1 time in 20 should chance variations in the sample cause the results to vary by more than plus or minus 3.3 percentage points from the answers that would be obtained if all adults in the U.S. were polled.

The Internet Just Spent the Day Making Fun of Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's campaign for the 2016 presidency is not going to according to plan, and the bad news keeps piling up. In recent polls, Bush, the former Florida governor was in fifth place, and Public Policy Polling tweeted today that Louisiana Gov. Show More Summary

Cruz Rises in Iowa as Bush Fades

A new Public Policy Polling survey in Iowa finds Donald Trump leading with 22%, followed by Ben Carson at 21%, Ted Cruz at 14%, Marco Rubio at 10%, Mike Huckabee at 6%, Bobby Jindal at 6%, Carly Fiorina at 5%. [...]

Most NC Republicans Want Hillary Impeached If She’s Elected

They join Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks who wants her impeached day one. The poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows a whopping 66 percent of GOPers support impeaching Clinton on the day she takes office. However, PPP didn’t ask Republicans why they would support Clinton’s impeachment. Republican Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama recently said that [...]

Most Kansans Think Brownback Is a Failure

A new Docking Institute of Public Affairs poll in Kansas shows only 18% of Kansans are satisfied with Gov. Sam Brownback’s (R) performance in office, and 61% think his signature tax policies have either been a “failure” or a “tremendous [...]

Podiums, Platforms, and Polls: Public Opinion on Election Debates

Debate season: a time for zingers, quips and occasionally serious policy conversations. These events are meant to sway public opinion, but what does the public think of the debates themselves? A review of historical polling reveals what...Show More Summary

Tight Senate Race in New Hampshire

A new Public Policy Polling survey in New Hampshire finds Gov. Maggie Hassan (D) has the slight advantage over Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R) in the U.S. Senate race, 44% to 43%.

Which Republicans Would Democrats Support In New Hampshire? Kasich and Trump

A new poll out from Public Policy Polling in New Hampshire shows that Donald Trump still has a strong lead among Republican voters. Trump is taking in 28% of the vote. [mc_name name='Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)' chamber='senate' mcid='R000595' ] has made a surprising move into second in that poll with 12%. Show More Summary

New Hampshire Republicans like Biden best, want to face Sanders; Democrats like Kasich, want Trump

Joe Biden, the top choice of... New Hampshire Republicans? Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling is always finding clever new questions to ask the folks he polls, and here's his latest. In his newest survey of the New Hampshire primaries,...Show More Summary

Clinton Retakes Lead in New Hampshire

A new Public Policy Polling survey in New Hampshire finds Hillary Clinton has moved back into the lead of the Democratic presidential race with 41%, followed by Bernie Sanders at 33% and Joe Biden at 11%. Key finding: Clinton’s support [...]

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