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Is it moral to save this puppy?

Animals raised and slaughtered for food number in the billions and endure horrible pain. We should help them first

Add Pizazz To Your Message With PingTank [Video]

With emojis being all the craze, a new app is taking the fun to a whole new level. PingTank for Messenger allows users to overlay their posts with lipstick kisses, rage faces, an animated 3D puppy licking the screen, a pop star like Taylor Swift walking across the photo, and scores of other animations that […]

Introducing Daisy Sue!

I’ve got to go off-topic today because my household just grew by one, which doesn’t happen every day! Allow me to introduce Kay’s and my new puppy, Daisy Sue. We got Daisy from the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter, where Kay and I both volunteer. Technically we haven’t adopted her yet; we’re waiting to see how […]

Caged puppies rescued by Ohio cops from top of van

16 hours agoNews : NY Daily News

Four pups got a load of wind in their ears, in a perilous ride along an Ohio highway that had them caged on top of a cruising minivan.

Extra, Extra: Is The Comcast/Time Warner Merger Doomed?

Because you love Siberian bears, check out today's end-of-day links: Comcast/Time Warner merger update, flesh-eating bacteria, canceled Sabado Gigante, missing Hamptons women, and puppies who love cabbage. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter and Instagram, and like us on Facebook. [ more › ]

Man Drives On Highway With Four Puppies In A Cage On His Minivan Roof [Video]

The below video from a police dash-cam shows why many folks called 911 after spotting four puppies in a cage strapped to the top of a minivan while traveling across a highway in Ohio on Friday. Fortunately, the puppies were rescued when...Show More Summary

Police Pull Over Van With Caged Puppies On The Roof (VIDEO)

22 hours agoNews : Huffington Post

AKRON, Ohio (AP) -- Police finally caught up with a minivan carrying four caged puppies on its roof after dozens of calls poured in to 911 centers in northeast Ohio. Akron police say the driver didn't realize he did anything wrong by leaving the mixed-breed puppies on the roof. Show More Summary

Weekend Reading: David Gerrold: Science-Fictional Sad Puppies

David Gerrold: [Science-Fictional Sad Puppies]( "I have been following the whole sad puppy/rabid puppy thing for a long time... >...long enough that I am seriously...Show More Summary

Man Accused Of Sex With Puppy

Puppy love isn’t always legal. A South Carolina man has been arrested after he allegedly had sex with a dog. According to the incident report provided by the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, 79-year-old Freddie James was arrested and charged with Cruelty to Animals. On April 12, officers responded to an address in Vance where the [...]

Study Uncovers the Power of 'Puppy Eyes'

"When your dog is staring at you, she may not just be after your sandwich." That's how evolutionary anthropologists frame a new study that describes just how powerful a bond humans and dogs share. In two experiments, described in Science, both dogs and their owners saw an increase in oxytocin,...

Puppy Hoarder Keeps 97 Dogs In Tiny Cages Next To Corpses, Neighbors Had No Idea

A 64-year-old woman was charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty after it was discovered she was keeping 97 dogs in tiny cages in her barn. The animals lived in horrific conditions next to rotting corpses in the windowless barn which remained pitch black at all times. Show More Summary

MAGIC!'s Nasri Cuddles Cute Puppy in 'No Way No' Music Video - Watch Now!

Check out MAGIC! lead singer Nasri cuddling an adorable puppy in their new music video “No Way No,” off their latest album Don’t Kill the Magic! The 34-year-old singer and his band members Mark Pellizzer, Ben Spivak, and Alex Tanas were directed in the video by Jon Augustavo. “Working with Jon Jon was a lot [...]

Freddie James, 79-Year-Old Accused Of Having Sex With A Puppy, Makes A Chilling Confession

Freddie James, a 79-year-old South Carolina man, has been arrested and charged with the crime of “buggery,” which is a nice way of saying “having sex with a dog.” A puppy, to be more precise. Unfortunately, while in police custody, he confessed to something even worse. Show More Summary

Eye Contact Helps Strength The Bond Between Pooches And Their Owners

Oh, those puppy eyes. Just by gazing at their owners, dogs can trigger a response in their masters' brains that helps them bond, a study says. And owners can do a similar trick in return, researchers found. This two-way street evidently...Show More Summary

Totally Smart Pretty ESPN Reporter Thinks She's Better Than You, 'Fat Girl' (VIDEO)

Post by Caroline Olney. You know that thing called general human decency? It's what stops you from say, murdering puppies or telling total strangers that they're fat and stupid. You know what that's about, but one ESPN reported apparently does not, and a video of her being a total jerk to a cashier came out. Show More Summary

Flashback Friday: 1927 Police Lineup

“OK m’am- take your time. Don’t worry, they can’t see you- only you can see them. One-way glass, y’see. Give each suspect a good, long look. Which of ’em snatched your purse?” (“Washington, D.C., 1927. ‘NO CAPTION (puppies).’ Where’s Harry Frees when you need him? Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. ” –Shorpster.)Filed under: Uncategorized […]

Science Says That There Really is Love in Those Puppy Dog Eyes

Maybe those great big puppy-dog eyes really do have a purpose other than to provide profits for greeting card companies. This week, Japanese scientists published a paper in the journal Science showing that both humans and dogs respond...Show More Summary

The power of 'puppy dog eyes' explained

The gaze between human and dog can share physiological properties similar to that of mother and infant, a new study finds.

Medical News Today: 'Puppy dog eyes' explained by science

A new study measured rises in levels of oxytocin - the 'love hormone' responsible for maternal bonding - in both dogs and owners when they gaze into each others eyes.

Dogs and people bond through eye contact

A new study finds that a gaze from those puppy dog eyes boosts the hormone associated with trust and mother-child bonding

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