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Bleacher Report's All-Spring Training Team

For going on four weeks now, you’ ve had it pounded into your psyche. It’s an annual adage: Don’t put too much stock into spring training numbers. They do not reflect future performance. But future performance is what we care about, which is why we always get sucked into spring training stats, good and bad. Show More Summary

Put “Help” Instead of FWD In Your Email Subject Line

When you get an email that you need some help with, you might just forward the message. The body of the email then explains why you forwarded it. Putting "Help" in the subject line might get you a better response. Read more...

Spring Cleanout: 5 Things to Get Rid of Right Now — Apartment Therapy Video Roundup

Melissa's Eclectic Austin Bungalow In last week's video roundup we wrote about spring cleaning, but we may have put the cart before the horse a bit: after all, it's hard to clean effectively when your house is full of clutter. So this...Show More Summary

Ingenious App 'Ignore No More' Gets Kids To Return Your Phone Calls

Tired of your tweens and teens blowing you off when you call and text them? Put an end to it once and for all with an ingenious app called Ignore No More that ensures your kids will answer your calls and texts.

New Artist Reviews: [debut]

Music serves many purposes for the human spirit. It can entertain, send a message, start a riot and transcend. It can be made selfishly and selflessly, for the ears of everyone or the ears of no one. It can put your mind at ease or fill it with fear. Show More Summary

10 Best Channels for STEM Education on YouTube

Was Formula 1 in your syllabus growing up? Probably not, but times are changing. As of this year, Formula 1 cars have made the grade, and will be appearing in public school curriculum. NASCAR’s Acceleration Nation puts your child in the driver’s seat with an inspirational dose of STEM education. Show More Summary

We Took A Week Off, Is Florida Still Dumb? (Yes): Your Florida Roundup

18 hours agoUS Politics / Liberal : Wonkette

Did you miss Yr Florida Correspondent? Of course you did. Who else would put up with this putrid morass of dumb, for your edification and amusement? No one, that’s who. (Make your checks payable to CASH, please and thank you.) Read more on We Took A Week Off, Is Florida Still Dumb? (Yes): Your Florida Roundup…

Batman Dark Knight Signal Glow-in-the-Dark Cufflinks

23 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : GeekAlerts

These Batman Dark Knight Signal Glow-in-the-Dark Cufflinks will attract the Batman to your cuffs as well as make you look stylish and suave. They put a Bat signal on your wrist. The DC Comics Batman Dark Knight Signal Glow Cufflinks are an excellent way to geek up your wardrobe. These high-quality cufflinks measure about 3/4-inches […]

80/10/10 Loans: Are they Worth It?

When you are purchasing a home, you have many options in regards to your financing. If you are going to be putting down less than 20 percent of the purchase price on the home, you run the risk of needing to pay private mortgage insurance on a conforming or FHA loan. Show More Summary

Pin-Sized Book Reminds Us of Life's Little Pleasures

If you're feeling down, this pin-sized book may be just the thing to cheer you up. Just don't put it in your pocket, or it'll be lost forever. Read more...

Canned Emails Suggests Templates for Common Email Responses

Web: Even a simple email can be annoying to write—especially if you aren't quite sure how to put your delicate matter. Canned Emails takes common problems and makes an email template for you. Read more...

Less is More

A prominent attic-cleaner in Ohio is attracted to the New Minimalist movement, with the exception of cassettes. Many of us harbor a desire to reduce the amount of stuff. Business idea: A firm that comes in, empties your house, puts everything in storage, and then you periodically get to select a few items that will be returned.

New Project: Put a Tiny Power Switch on Your 9V Battery Clip

Looking around my styrofoam plate hovercraft for a place to mount a switch, I hit upon the battery clip itself. I thought of a bunch of projects — from breadboarding to BEAM robotics to Arduino — where a 9V battery clip with a built-in power switch could come in handy. Show More Summary

12 DIY tips for color coding your life

Put away the label maker and pull out your paintbrush. Organizing can be a daunting task. Dividing things into plastic bins and printing out hundreds of tiny labels can bog you down. Suddenly, your space feels less like a home and more...Show More Summary

Can You Name The NBA Players Whose Faces Were Mashed Up To Make These Images

Crazy NBA Face Mashups Ready to have your mind blown? These mashups done by the folks at the NBA Face Merge Instagram account are putting together NBA player faces and it’s absolute crazy. Who’s who? Click through and see if

Star Wars Greedo Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head

Despite the fact that Han shot first and was the only one to shot, Greedo is still awesome. It’s not his fault that the movie changed. This Star Wars Greedo Pop! Vinyl Bobble Head lets you put the green bounty hunter on your desk. The Rodian bounty hunter comes with a bobble head and his […]

Skip The Gnomes And Put Ghostbusters' Keymaster Dog In Your Garden

It’s a great time to be a Ghostbusters fan as the film’s 30th anniversary has triggered a renaissance in collectibles and other memorabilia connected to the movie. For example, if the thought of posing sculpted gnomes in your garden seems tacky, why not opt for this statue of the dog-like Keymaster monster that possesses Louis (Rick Moranis) instead? More »      

Salon Adventures! Smocks, Garret Markenson REVERIE and Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray

OK, so…you know those smocks that you put on before you get your hair cut at a salon? Well, at the place where I get my hair done (Fox + Stone in Corte Madera, California), they hang them in a tiny private changing room, so that when...Show More Summary

Meet Our First "Grow Your Value" Finalists

I know it is not an easy task to put yourself out there, but I assure you that the exercise is one that will help you grow your confidence from the inside out. Today we announced the three AMAZING finalists for the first "Grow Your Value" bonus competition. Show More Summary

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