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Don’t Be a Square: It’s Time for the QLOCKTWO

A lot has been written about time. Its characteristics (it flies like an arrow, according to Groucho Marx). Its fleeting nature (ask the poets). Its price (it’s money, said Benjamin Franklin). Time is here to stay and so are clocks and watches. Sure, you can run out and get the new Apple watch like every […]

Build a Tiny Version of Those Pricey Word Clocks On the Cheap

3 years agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

If you're enamored with the Qlocktwo's clever word-based approach to displaying the time but not to the point where you're willing to drop $1,500 on one, here's a much simpler and cheaper alternative you can build yourself. Read mor...

Arduino Micro Word Clock: Chronocube

Maker Daniel Rojas came up with an affordable – albeit smaller – alternative to Biegert & Funk’s prohibitively expensive QLOCKTWO word clocks. Daniel made it using an 8×8 LED matrix, an ATMega 328p microcontroller and a …

QlockTwo: clock meet grammar, and it looks fantastic

4 years agoTechnology : Walyou

It’s hard to get wall clocks right: they’re either impossible to read or just plain boring, but here comes QlockTwo

Flowza Word Clock

It’s not as elegant as the Qlocktwo, but Flowza makes up for it with its price. Choose from one of three laser-cut faces depending on how you want it to tell the time: old English, British slang or contemporary English.

The QLOCKTWO W By Biegert & Funk Is A Timepiece For Literate Lovers Of Good Design

Biegert & Funk has made a name for itself thanks to its iconic clock design that tells time the way we tend to convey it to one another in conversation – with written words in five-minute increments, spelling out “half past twelve” or...Show More Summary

Qlocktwo W Watch: Released

The wearable version of Biegert & Funk’s verbal timepiece is finally for sale. It can display the time, date or seconds on its grid of 110 letters. Available in black, polished steel and brushed steel. Link Price: $770-$880

Qlocktwo digital timepiece brightens up any room

If you want a different timepiece for your home, you might want to consider the £799.99 Qlocktwo. Sure, it is not a cheap purchase at all, where it comes in black, lime, purple and red color options, but you can be sure that this is going to be a conversation starter for whoever drops by [...]

QLOCKTWO Smartphone App: For Those Who Want the $0.99 Version

Do you love the design that went in to the QLOCKTWO clocks, but don’t want to spend the big bucks to own one? Check out the QLOCKTWO app, that’s available for iOS and Android. It’s a lot cheaper and you can have it right on your phone, right now. Just…


If you like the interface of the QLOCKTWO clocks but are put off by their price, here’s the cheap app version of the wordy timepiece. Also available for Android devices. (Image credit: Mostly Perfect) Hat Tip Link Price: $0.99 More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: QLOCKTWOQlocktwo TouchClear for iOSFireplace BetaSteam for Mobile Devices

QLOCKTWO – Time in Words for iPad and iPhone

The QLOCKTWO W was one of the coolest watches we’ve seen in recent times. If you didn’t see it when we showed it to you here a few weeks ago, it is a watch in which the normal clock hands and numbers were done away with in order to tell time in words. The company [...]

Designer Watch Spells It Out For Us

6 years agoHumor : The Presurfer

Smartphones have become our new timepieces, replacing the watches that once circled on our wrists. The watchmakers' response: Timepieces that are more about art than utility. Biegert & Funk announced that the QLOCKTWO W wristwatch will be shining in our eyes this fall. The watch displays the time by illuminating full sentences on its face. Show More Summary

QLOCKTWO W – Time in Words

At the recent Baselworld watch and jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland, Biegert & Funk unveiled their QLOCKTWO W watch. This new wristwatch is the world’s first watch to tell time in words. For instance if it is 9:30, the watch will read: Is is a half past nine. The square watch face has 110 characters [...]

Time goes hands-free with QLOCKTWO W watch

6 years agoTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmag

Japan’s Tokyoflash has made a name for itself with numerous weird and wonderful – or maybe baffling - ways to tell the time. Now, bringing to mind Homer Simpson’s quote of, “From now on Honey, we'll be spelling everything with letters,”...Show More Summary

What Time is it? New Designer Watch Spells it Out For Us

The QLOCKTWO wall clock that spells out the time in plain English is a Wired favorite, so we were excited to learn that Biegert & Funk announced that the QLOCKTWO W wristwatch will be shining in our eyes this fall.


Biegert & Funk’s word clock continues its steady progression to a smaller form – and hopefully a more realistic price tag as well. The wristwatch will be available come Fall 2012. Hat Tip Link More Awesome Stuff for You to Click On: Qlocktwo TouchQLOCKTWOI’m WatchIWC Portuguese Sidérale ScafusiaBreitling Superocean 2010

QLOCKTWO W Watch Tells You The Time, In Words

By David Ponce Tokyoflash isn’t the only company to make timepieces with obtuse time-telling schemes. But they certainly seem to be one of the most reasonably priced. The above QLOCKTWO W watch from Biegert & Funk is an interesting concept. It looks like it’s covered in a bunch of letters until you press a button [...]

Biegert & Funk bring the literal time to your wristwatch with QLOCKTWO W

It's a common desire among everyday folk: we often say we'd like to read more, if only we had the time. While it's unlikely to fill your noggin with the prose of Hemingway or the poetry of Whitman, a new wristwatch from Biegert & Funk promises to quench your thirst for words and literally provide you with the time. Show More Summary

QLOCKTWO W Wristwatch Puts Time into Words

Remember that awesome wall clock that told the time with words instead of numbers? The QLOCKTWO was then offered as an alarm clock as well. Now, Biegert & Funk have announced the QLOCKTWO W, a wristwatch version of their famous wordy design. The QLOCKTWO W wristwatch measures 35 × 35…

Qlocktwo W Watch Tells Time With A Word Search

Dials? Numbers? Child, please. When I read my watch, I read my watch. Digits and directions don’t even enter into the equation. And by equation, I mean words. The Qlocktwo W by Biegert & Funk replaces the traditional watch face with an LED-lit 110-letter grid. Show More Summary

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