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Quake Champions is an old school first-person shooter done right

Quake Champions is the second shooter this month to promise me a new fling with an old flame. Two weeks ago, Strafe landed in my Steam account like a fresh pile of gibs, promising to take me back to 1996 so we could make sweet death together, the old-fashioned way. Show More Summary

New Quake Champions Comics Will Dive Into The Characters' "Bloody Backgrounds"

Bethesda has partnered up with Titan Comics, an independent publisher from Britain in order to start a line of comics based on their new FPS Quake Champions. Titan has stated that these books “will delve into the bloody backgrounds of the Champions of Quake: Ranger, Visor, Nyx, and more.” Veteran artist Alan Quah will be doing the artwork. Show More Summary

For The Devoted, Quake Champions Is Almost There

Appealing to a new audience is a challenge that faces every developer. But when you have to draw new players into a crowd that has been playing the same game for over 15 years, the tightrope gets increasingly wobbly. But how do you refresh...Show More Summary

If you want to know more about the Quake Champions characters, this comic series will fill you in

Despite my tepid reaction to the beta of Quake Champions, one has to admit that the characters are pretty bad ass. Seeing Ranger make a return is a nostalgic joy and some of the new characters look pretty awesome. I may not really care...Show More Summary

Quake Champions Duel Mode Revealed

Quake Champions is a frenetic test of skill and the ultimate competitive game. The purest form of this proving ground is Duel mode, a 1-v-1 showdown to decide who is best, once-and-for-all. Check Out the Quake Champions Duel Mode Trailer: Duel mode introduces an additional layer of strategy to Quake Champions, incorporating multiple Champions with...

Watch the Quake Champions Livestream With Tim Willits Here

Quake Champions is currently running its large scale tech test for anyone that wants to participate, with several game modes available. Id will be hosting a livestream today showing off the various game modes and providing tips and tricks...Show More Summary

Quake Champions' Duel mode raises questions about its free-to-play model

Back in March, Bethesda explained exactly how Quake Champions' monetization model would work. The gist of it is that the game is free-to-play but those players only have access to one character. There's also the option to pay a one-time fixed fee to have everyone unlocked permanently. Show More Summary

Quake Champions introduces Duel Mode

Bethesda showcases the new Duel mode of Quake Champions, a 1-v-1 showdown where players select three champions for their roster before entering the arena. A Tech Test is currently live until May 21 and it includes this nesw Duel mode as well as the team-based competitive mode Sacrifice.

Quake Champion's Beta Is a Bloody Disaster

Quake Champions is an upcoming free to play arena shooter that revives the beloved franchise. It is currently running a closed beta. It’s bloody and fun in short bursts but it is also amazingly frustrating. Read more...

Quake Champions Plays Like Quake, Which Is Sort Of The Problem

The good news. Quake Champions plays, sounds and looks like Quake. The bad news. it definitely needs a bit of work, and it's no closer to solving the problems that have plagued arena shooters, Quake included, for years. More »      

Quake Champions ‘Visor’ Champion Trailer

The eighth trailer in Bethesda Softworks and id Software’s series of “Champion” character trailers for Quake Champions introduces Visor. Watch the Quake Champions ‘Visor’ Champion Trailer: Here’s a brief overview of Ranger, via Bethesda: “Visor made his debut in Quake 3 Arena, and now he’s back for more bloodshed in Quake Champions. This ruthless, unfeeling...

There Isn’t Really Much To Say About The ‘Quake Champions’ Beta

The Quake Champions beta is still closed, but easy to access. It's a game that may delight core fans, but may have trouble making an impact in a crowded shooter landscape, despite its rich history.

Watch Us Play 'Quake Champions' Today At 1pm PDT

The Large-Scale Tech Test for the game starts today. Anyone can sign up and play the game before its release.

Quake Champions eSports Tourney Coming to QuakeCon

Quake Champions isn't even released yet, but id Software and Bethesda are holding an eSports tournament for the game at this year's QuakeCon. "But how can I practice if I didn't play the betas and the game isn't out yet," you might ask. Show More Summary

Quake Champions PC Closed Beta Key Giveaway

Wanna play in the Quake Champions PC Beta? Of course you do! Read on to learn more.

Quake Champions to let anyone play this weekend and all next week

Quake Champions opens its doors good and proper this Friday, letting anyone sign-up and play immediately. This large scale tech test, as Bethesda calls it, runs from 12th May to 21st May. All you have to do to play is sign up at the Quake Champions website and you'll get a code immediately. Show More Summary

This week is your chance to try Quake Champions

Quake Champions has been off doing its thing with a closed beta test. Maybe you signed up. Maybe you didn't. Maybe you wanted to, but you tend to have terrible luck getting accepted for these sorts of things, so you didn't even bother. Show More Summary

Quake Champions Open Beta Is Happening Sooner Than We Thought

It looks like Quake Champions is coming along smoothly, as Bethesda has announced that the open beta will be going live in the near future.

Quake Champions open beta starts this week – all the details

Everyone will soon be able to play the Quake Champions beta with no restrictions. Bethesda has confirmed new details about the anticipated Quake Champions open beta. Up until now, the previous closed beta tests were only available to a select few, but the floodgates will open later this week. The publisher is calling this beta […]

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