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Quick Tip: Sync a Fork with the Original via GitHub’s Web UI - SitePoint PHP

I often find myself having to update my fork of someone else’s repo to include the changes made to the original since the fork. In fact, we use this approach often in SitePoint’s Peer Review System as well. Purely by accident, I’ve recently...Show More Summary

Fact or Fiction on All of MLB Offseason Week 14's Free-Agency, Trade Rumors

The unofficial end of baseball's offseason is quickly approaching. Pitchers and catchers will begin reporting to camp next week, and soon, we'll have a clear picture of how every team's roster is going to look on Opening Day. Of course,...Show More Summary

10 Surprising Facts About American Muscle Cars

yesterdayHumor / odd : The Presurfer

image credit The 1960s and 1970s might have produced the wildest and rarest muscle cars packing giant torque-rich V-8s, but the 1980s brought its share of powerful machines to the street, too - cars that were quick and met the more stringent emissions controls. And behind the horsepower there are some surprising stories. The Presurfer

WinRAR Is Fine. As Usual, Windows Is To Blame For Supposed 'Vulnerability'

When it was reported last year that WinRAR had an unpatched security flaw, everyone (including us) was quick to pounce. Few however seem to have noticed that WinRAR wasn’t at fault — there’s nothing wrong with the archiver. In fact, old favourite Windows was to blame and even then, the problem was fixed back in 2014. More »      

Raiders Owner -- Would You Sign Manziel? ... 'Ask Reggie' (VIDEO)

We saw Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis out in San Fran Friday -- and we hit him with two quick questions.  1) You really moving the team to Vegas?  2) Would you ever consider taking a chance on Johnny Manziel? Despite the fact he's the…

R2-D2 is now an AC/USB Power Station

It looks like R2-D2 is a very capable droid, seeing how it has saved at least two generations of Jedi from certain death through its quick thinking and action, despite the fact that it has a bumbling sidekick of a protocol droid. Even...Show More Summary

How Being The Bachelor Is Pretty Much The Same As Living With Young Kids

Everyone Wants to be The Center of Attention: After you have a kid you quickly learn that your time is no longer your own to focus on what you choose. In fact, you will focus on what they chose... themselves. Anytime you're around your child they will want your full, undivided attention. Show More Summary

You Can’t Feel A Fact: The Analytical Sales Personality

While I was looking for a lawn spreader, I asked the salesclerk, “Why should I buy this one?” He quickly answered, “Because it makes sense...” At that moment he confirmed my suspicions that he was an Analytical personality style. I've previously shared my thoughts about the Amiable personality style and the Driver. Show More Summary

How Hillary Survives the Iowa Disaster

There's no way to avoid the fact that her team handled Monday night very poorly. And although the electoral math is on her side, she needs to switch her message up quick.

I’m taking February off. Here’s why.

Is a Chief Happiness Officer always happy at work? Heck no. In fact, for some time I’ve been feeling burnt out and have been falling behind more and more in a lot of tasks that I should’ve  been doing quickly and easily. Don’t get me wrong – I love giving speeches and workshops. Nothing beats the kick of … Continue reading I’m taking February off. Here’s why. ?

The Facts About Lead Exposure and Its Irreversible Damage

last weekNews : NYTimes: News

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention emphasize steps to avoid lead exposure and quickly taking action to mitigate its effects.

Michael Fassbender: 10 Facts You Need To Know About The Oscar-Nominated Star

Michael Fassbender has risen to fame quickly and now the incredible actor is up for an Oscar for the second time. His first nomination was for Best Supporting Actor for his role in 12 Years a Slave. This year he is nominated for Best Actor for his role as Steve Jobs. Show More Summary

Eddie Redmayne: 10 Rare Facts About The 2016 Oscar-Nominated Actor

Eddie Redmayne rose to fame quickly when he played the role of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. This year he is once again a nominated actor, this time for his role in The Danish Girl. But there are a number of interesting facts about this talented actor that most people probably don’t know... Show More Summary

Google Will Now Fact Check Candidates Live During Debates, Show You Their Own Quotes

If you’ve watched the presidential debates and wished that you could quickly fact check the candidates’ statements, Google has you covered. Search results will now float candidates’ own words and quotes, right next to information on how to watch and keep up with what they’re saying now. Read more...

Large-scale conspiracies would quickly reveal themselves, equations show

Physicists decided to test whether some science-related conspiracies alleged to exist were in fact tenable. The answer -- they'd all have given themselves away in less than four years.

Quick Facts: Charlotte’s proposed LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinance

Charlotte City Council is due to debate a package of LGBT-inclusive non-discrimination ordinances next month. The move comes nearly a year after city council defeated the same proposal in a 6-5 vote last March.…

Scientists Create Synthetic Skin To Test Box Jellyfish Sting Remedies

Everyone knows that getting stung by a jellyfish hurts. However did you know that getting stung by a Box Jellyfish could potentially kill you as well, or at least if you aren’t treated quickly? In fact it has been suggested that the number of people dying from Box Jellyfish stings a year is greater than those killed by sharks. Show More Summary

Ben Bernanke: "China Is Contained"; Ray Dalio Agrees

On Wednesday, Ray Dalio joined CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin and Becky Quick for the Davos edition of Squawk Box which is inexplicably being filmed outdoors next to some snow-laden conifers despite the fact that it’s 19 degrees in Switzerland. Show More Summary

This Scottish Poet's Ode to Laphroaig Will Tickle Your Ears Like Isle Rain on Heather

Listen to someone speak the Scottish dialect, and you'll quickly understand why poetry is part of that country's national heritage. In fact, every Jan. 25, Scotland celebrates Burns Night in honor of Romantic poet Robert Burns. To mark...Show More Summary

David Oyelowo On Diversity Within The Academy: ‘It Better Happen Quickly’

David Oyelowo was snubbed for his performance as Martin Luther King in Selma at the 2015 Academy Awards. In and of itself, that is not a huge deal. Actors and actresses get snubbed every year. However, the fact that the Oscars have had only white nominees in the four major categories two years in a... Show More Summary

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