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Newsstand: March 19, 2015

According to American economist Tyler Cowen, Scarborough is the best ethnic food suburb in the world. What do you think, Raccoon Nation: is Scarborough the best-kept foodie secret in the city? Discuss amongst yourselves. In the news:...Show More Summary

Raccoons and City Living

In Spring, raccoons and other wildlife use attics and crawl spaces as safe havens in which to give birth and raise their young Photo: Alamy This past week, I spent a day on a ride-along with John Griffin, who leads our Humane Wildlife Services (HWS) program.  John and his team are on the road every day in the Washington, D.C. Show More Summary

A Guide To Resident Evil's Endless Lore

Many stories have been told in the Resident Evil universe since the t-virus, Umbrella Corporation, and Raccoon City debuted in 1996. The Resident Evil lore hole is deep and maddening. The episodic Resident Evil: Revelations 2 starts tomorrow, and no one would blame you being confused! Let's clear things up. Read more...

Asian Market in California Sells Dead Raccoons

An Asian supermarket in Temple City, California, has come under fire for selling dead raccoons after a video circulated on social media showed bodies of the animals in the frozen meat section. Christina Dow posted the video she filmed Monday at Metro Supermarket, showing the frozen raccoons in plastic bags along with packages of meat and fish. Show More Summary

CA Store Stops Selling Frozen Raccoons After Health Department Visit

Inspectors from the Los Angeles County Health Department reportedly visited the Metro Supermarket in Temple City, CA, on Tuesday after being informed that the store was selling raccoons as food. Store employees indicated they had entire frozen and bagged raccoons selling for $9.99 per pound. Show More Summary

California Store Found To Be Serving Packaged Raccoons As Chinese Delicacy

2 months agoNews : Jonathan Turley

There is a rather bizarre health department case out of Los Angeles where inspectors, responding to a call from a customer, found Metro Supermarket in Temple City selling prepackaged raccoons in the frozen food section. The raccoons were sold for Chinese customers who have a special hankering for the animals. It turns out that raccoons […]

Raccoon meat for sale at L.A. supermarket; store under investigation

An Asian supermarket in Temple City has come under fire for selling dead raccoons after a video circulated on social media showed bodies of the animals in the frozen meat section.

"The way it’s packaged in the store, it’s so real, and it’s so fresh, and you don’t see chickens with their feathers and blood all over them, and their expression, with their tongue hanging out."

It = raccoon.Inspectors from the LA County Health Department visited the Metro Supermarket in Temple City on Tuesday, after being informed that the market was selling raccoons as food.Employees at the market declined to appear on camera, but did show entire raccoons, frozen, bagged, and selling for $9.99 per pound. Show More Summary

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is out in February, Barry is in

Resident Evil is one of my favorite franchises of all time, but I haven't been as excited for it recently. Although I didn't loathe Resident Evil 6 it didn't really deliver, and Operation Raccoon City was garbage. I'm hopeful for Resident...Show More Summary

Halloween Horror Streams: Resident Evil 2's righteous Raccoon City

Resident Evil's amazing remake is coming back in HD next year. The Evil Within made us remember Resident Evil 4's raw magic. Next year's brand new Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has us reflecting on Code Veronica's gothic madness. But where is the love...

Urban Raccoons

Evidently, raccoons in the city are smarter than rural raccoons because the city teaches them so much, primarily how to get at food. Personally, I fear they will ally with the monkeys and robots to enslave us.

City Raccoons Are Smarter Than Their Country Cousins

6 months agoHumor : Neatorama

Toronto has a problem with raccoons. For years, the critters have been overturning garbage cans and entering people’s homes to find food, and they are good at it. Design a new garbage can lit, and the raccoons will figure out a way to get in. Show More Summary

Friday Links: City Raccoons and Mysterious Falling Objects

6 months agoArts : Art Fag City

Ernst van de Wetering, the Dutch art historian and longtime head of the Netherlands-based Rembrandt Research Project, has re-attributed70 paintings to Rembrandt. [The Wall Street Journal] City raccoons are smarter than rural raccoons. Show More Summary

Here's a little more footage of the Resident Evil remaster

Remember that time that we all collectively contributed to the complete downfall of Raccoon City and got rewarded with some sweet costumes? You should, it was only a few days ago. Well, we're also getting rewarded with a little bit more footage of the Resident Evil remake. Show More Summary

Here's our Resident Evil reward for infecting Raccoon City

Well, we did it -- the contagion spread and now Raccoon City is 100% screwed up. Go us. As a reward for essentially just registering with Capcom's site for the upcoming Resident Evil remaster to help "spread the virus," Chris and Jill's...Show More Summary

Congrats! We’ve Unlocked Jill and Chris BSAA Outfits in the ‘Resident Evil’ REmake

Well done, folks. Enough people have registered for Capcom’s Contagion game to fully infect the unsuspecting metropolis of Raccoon City. If you’re wondering why this is good news, the whole reason why that meter needed to reach 100% was to unlock special BSAA outfits for Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine in the upcoming Resident Evil […]

Mischievous Raccoon Toys With Cops In Beauty Shop

Raccoons have infiltrated almost every part of our city, from the Bronx to City Hall, from the John Varvatos store in SoHo to Park Slope. They're immune to shooing, and they can induce you into accidentally shooting yourself. And yet,...Show More Summary

Resident Evil’s Save Room Music Was Nothing But A Lie

Whether walking through the infested streets of Raccoon City, the claustrophobic walls of the Spencer Mansion, or the skeletal forests of Spain, there was always the knowledge of one room, one area that provided respite and safety from the undead hordes that endlessly stalked you: the save room. This was the room that no enemy […]

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