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Urbanization Is Now a Major Influence on Evolution

3 months agoTechnology / Gadgets :

New data shows that cities might be one of the most powerful forces shaping evolution today. Some species are naturally pretty well suited to life in the city (e.g. raccoons, rats), but others […] The post Urbanization Is Now a Major Influence on Evolution appeared first on

Chunky Raccoon Stuck In Grate Rescued By Local Authorities

On Thursday, police in the city of Zion, Illinois, received a call about a masked bandit in great distress. “It seems this little guy has been eating a little too well and got caught in the sewer grate,” The City of Zion Illinois Police Department wrote on Facebook, referring of course, to a local raccoon. Show More Summary

This proof of concept footage shows Resident Evil-inspired TV series Arklay which wasn’t picked up

Remember the Resident Evil-inspired TV series Arklay which was in the planning stages back in 2014? We couldn’t remember at first either. Arklay, the mountainous region to the north west of Raccoon City, was to be location of the Resident Evil TV series, hence the name. The scripted survival horror series from filmmaker Shawn Lebert […]

Columbia City's Big Dead Raccoon Is Just Like Jesus's Last Supper

5 months agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci When I passed the big dead raccoon late this morning, I noticed more flies emerging from and buzzing around its fur. I also caught for the first time the smell of its death. It's one that all mammals seem to share. Show More Summary

I Brought You Flowers, Big Dead Raccoon Near Columbia City Station

5 months agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

by Charles Mudede Charles Mudede I brought you flowers, big dead raccoon on the corner of 32nd and South Alaska Street. You have been there for about five days, and though the flies buzz about you, your coat is still handsome, and you...Show More Summary

'Resident Evil 7' DLC trailer offers the first look at Chris Redfield

Chris Redfield has had a long and storied career as the fictitious protagonist in many installments of Capcom's Resident Evil video game series. The Raccoon City policeman starred, along with partner Jill Valentine, in the original 1996...Show More Summary

NYC Is Killing Hundreds Of Raccoons To Test Them For Rabies

The Raccoons long ago declared war on The Humans, but it appears the humans are fighting back, with a new report in the Post claiming the city has euthanized hundreds of raccoons to test them for rabies. Of the 662 killed and testedShow More Summary

Pet a Licker in Resident Evil 2 fan-made VR project

Ever wanted to walk around the Raccoon City Police Department? What do you mean "I've done that fifty times already"? Well, now you can do it in VR, thanks to Unreal 4 artist CryingHorn.In the video below, Youtuber Virtual Reality Oasis...Show More Summary

[UPDATE] Harlem Residents Terrorized By Raccoons

[UPDATE BELOW] Raccoons have taken over this city's subways, public parks, and official Twitter accounts, and now they're coming for the neighborhoods—the Post reported this week that "a gang of food-grubbing raccoons" have been trying to break into apartments in West Harlem. [ more › ]

Newswire: Villainous pharmaceutical company plans to bring Resident Evil back from the dead

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter literally just came out a few months ago, but deep in an underground lab beneath a needlessly complex mansion in the Arklay Mountains near the midwestern American town of Raccoon City, the malevolent Umbrella Corporation is already working on a plan to bring the Resident Evil series back to life. Show More Summary

How To Peacefully Coexist With NYC Raccoons

There is a 100 percent chance that raccoons, like squirrels, are making power moves to push humans out of New York City and rightfully reclaim the pretzel carts as their own. The Parks Department has obviously recognized this coup d'état...Show More Summary

Philadelphia council members to examine raccoon problems

Members of the Philadelphia City Council hold a hearing Monday on problems due to raccoons in the city. Council member Kenyatta Johnson says constituents in Center City and west and … Click to Continue »

There is a Raccoon on the Loose at Pearson Airport

10 months agoCanada / Toronto : Torontoist

And welcoming travellers to Toronto. Everyone’s introduction to Toronto should be a raccoon. Forget the CN Tower. Never mind Union Station. None of them, I submit, are as emblematic of the city as the raccoon. On one of my first nights in the city, I left my trash outside—soon enough, my doorstep was overrun with half a dozen hungry raccoons. Show More Summary

Happy Valentine’s Day from Toronto City Council

Our raccoon reporter digs up valentines from City Hall recycling bins. Yesterday, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Alberta NDP tweeted a valentine that went over about as well as any oil-pipeline-themed valentine could possibly go, which is to say horribly. Show More Summary

How an Underground Barter Economy Grew Into the 'Anti-Facebook'

The new City Network app will tell you how that lost raccoon was rescued, or where to find the best empanada workshops in your city.

Husk has a conveyor belt of plastic baby parts and nope nope nope nope nope

Shivercliff is an ominous name for a town. Some places, like Raccoon City or Bright Falls, have negative stigmas because of our past experiences in them. Others, like Silent Hill, get that stigma before we ever have to go there. Shivercliff...Show More Summary

Photographs by more than 30 photographers on view at Laurence Miller Gallery

last yearArts : Artdaily

Laurence Miller Gallery presents THE BIG APPLE: From Tycoons to Raccoons, featuring over 65 photographs by more than 30 photographers made between 1903 and 2016, celebrating the diversity and energy of New York City. The show title embraces both the earliest and the most recent works in the show: a rare 1903 portrait of the tycoon J.P. Show More Summary

‘Rabbits,’ ‘Fox,’ and ‘Raccoon’ Will Ride the Subway in Fur-Free Holiday Shopping Appeal

What:    It’s Christmastime in the city—and a fleet of PETA mascots, including two “rabbits,” a “fox,” and a “raccoon,” will hit the streets and the subway on Thursday... The post ‘Rabbits,’ ‘Fox,’ and ‘Raccoon’ Will Ride the Subway in Fur-Free Holiday Shopping Appeal appeared first on PETA.

Raccoons Are Taking Over Central Park, Thank God

It’s about time animals took back New York City. If the world is ending, I want to hand a gang of Rockets the keys to the earth. Read more...

International Resident Evil 6 Trailer Takes Alice on a Wild Ride

Alice Abernathy makes her long-awaited return to Raccoon City in a new international trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

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