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Washington Monthly Blogger: Thanks to Palin, Republicans Now Insist ‘The Truth Doesn’t Matter’

In the race for next year’s Republican presidential nomination, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have made media bias an issue, as did Newt Gingrich during the 2012 contest. Irony alert: Martin Longman believes that it was one of the media’s...Show More Summary

The New Race to Dominate Outer Space: All Face "Serious Growing Foreign Threat"

Given the dual-use nature of space technology, anti-satellite (ASAT) testing in outer space is not surprising. Nor is it unusual to have space experts talking about this issue. But it is unexpected to find many governments around the world increasingly open about acquiring such capabilities. This openness, while worrisome, represents [...]

It’s Bezos vs Musk in space race

Ashlee Vance takes a closer look at the men behind the two most promising space startups in the world. ||| Palo Alto, California - For the past 15 years, Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin has been the great mystery of the space industry. TheShow More Summary

You can drive this $100,000 SandRacer on the street

It might not look like it, but this Zarooq Motors sand racing car is street-legal. Built in the United Arab Emirates, this sleek but boxy dune jumper has been designed based on lessons learned from decades of Dubai sand racing. You get...Show More Summary

'The Amazing Race' Recap: The Teams Navigate the Cluttered Indian Streets

Leg 10 of The Amazing Race is not for the claustrophobic. For the second Indian leg, The Amazing Race wanted to make sure every viewer knew that Indian traffic is absolute nightmare. Usually The Amazing Race tries to look the countries they visit somewhat enjoyable or enticing. Show More Summary

Mourinho and Wenger continue slugging at each other

2 hours agoSports / Football : Soccer Blog

Mourinho said he hoped Arsenal did not qualify for the next round of the Champion’s League.. Wenger’s comeback – even ‘lowly’ clubs like Chelsea are still in the EPL title race. This round goes to Wenger

The Amazing Race 27 Episode 10

Tanner & Josh basically volunteered to finish in last place the prior week, and unlike the normal speed bump that takes 10 minutes, both of them had to complete the road block in The Amazing Race 27 Episode 9, virtually assuring their elimination.

'The Barkley Marathons' tests the limits of racers - and viewers

5 hours agoEntertainment / Film : LA Times

In the hills of eastern Tennessee each year, 40 chosen runners from around the world participate in a crazy endurance race called the Barkley Marathons, which in its first 25 years saw only 10 contestants finish. As we learn in the documentary "The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young,"...

Page-by-page with Dark Knight III: The Master Race: Book One

Could you feel it coming? Did you think, “You know, this is the kind of comic that Greg likes to turn his baleful eye upon”? Well, you thought correctly. I tried to resist its power, I really did, but I could not, so let’s break it down, page-by-page style! As I’ve done the last few […]

Formula E RoboRace:: driverless electric racing series announced

6 hours agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

The minds behind the unique Formula E racing series have announced a new category that will launch in the 2016/17 season: RoboRace. Perhaps inspired by Audi’s track-attacking RS 7 autonomous car, the new series will focus on driverless electric race cars, allowing companies to further test and develop technologies in the field. Racing at speeds […]

Crack rips across Wyoming

8 hours agoEducation / Learning : Infocult

The Earth continued her war against the human race by tearing open a giant crack in Wyoming. Earlier last month, a hunter in Wyoming was out in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains when he came across a crack in...

Polls Show Donald Trump’s Lead In GOP Race Remains Strong

In the beginning of the Republican presidential candidacy race, Donald Trump’s official announcement that he was making a bid on the GOP ticket was widely met with ridicule. In the ensuing months, however, Donald Trump has proven that his intent to become the president of the United States is very serious, indeed. Show More Summary

Formula E announces ‘Roborace,’ the first driverless car race series

Formula E has just partnered with battery manufacturer Kenetik to kick off the world’s first driverless car racing series. Formula E, the first electronic car circuit race, uses electric cars capable of approximately 140 miles per hour. Show More Summary

'The Punisher' to run for president in the Philippines

Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who has admitted links to death squads in Mindanao, shakes up the 2016 presidential race.

Our mandatory breast-feeding fetish: Race, class, big business and the new politics of motherhood

Some reports suggest breast-feeding's benefits can be overstated. So why such public and moral pressure behind it?

The top 5 Heisman candidates to watch in the final weeks of the season

This year’s Heisman Trophy race has drastically changed from the beginning of the year to now. It was Leonard Fournette’s award (...)

10 Horrifying Black Friday Shopping Disasters!

Black Friday… truly the scariest day of the year. In an arms race of savings, stores drop their prices on select items to insane levels to get the jump on the holiday season. Sadly, the huge crowds the deals attract can quickly turn into mobs when they realize not everyone is getting that 90% discount flat screen! What's [...]

Boom! Watch This Woman Who Was Raised a Muslim Drop a Truth Bomb on Liberals… Just Epic

This is a brave woman and she is exactly right. Islam is not a race… it is a religion; a belief system. She smacked liberals along side the head in

How Donald Trump Courted the Right Wing Fringe

McKay Coppins: “Trump’s dominance in this year’s presidential primary race has often been described as a mysterious natural phenomenon: the Donald riding a wild, unpredictable tsunami of conservative populist anger that just now happens to be crashing down on the [...]

2015: The Year Of The American Identity Crisis

Via, Race and sexual identity now make up a good portion of all media distractions. According to political activists, “symbols of oppression” now include Halloween costumes, the Confederate flag, and the color of Starbucks coffee cups. Show More Summary

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