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Critics Say This Rachel Maddow Hug Crossed the Line

Fox News anchors can't seem to agree on whether Rachel Maddow hugging Democrats is wrong.

Rachel Maddow 2/5/16

Watch the full episode of Tuesday night's The Rachel Maddow Show.

Jeb deploys W in last ditch bid to revive campaign

Rachel Maddow reports the latest developements the race for the presidency, from new poll numbers, new ad spending figures, and a new Jeb Bush ad featuring...

Personal engagement key to Kasich success in New Hampshire

Rachel Maddow talks with New Hampshire voters at a John Kasich town hall and notes that Kasich's particular style of personal engagement is likely the reason...

Chris Christie talks campaign style with Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow catches up with New Jersey governor and Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie on the campaign trail in New Hampshire and talks with...

Fox's Kurtz: MSNBC Shouldn't Have Let Maddow Play Moderator

Fox Mediabuzz host Howard Kurtz wrote MSNBC was wrong to use opinionated Rachel Maddow as a moderator at their Thursday night debate. "Rachel Maddow did a pretty good job in questioning Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at MSNBC's Democratic debate last night. Show More Summary

Megyn Kelly Defends Maddow: ‘What’s the Harm’ in Her Moderating a Debate?

17 hours agoNews : Mediaite

Megyn Kelly came to Rachel Maddow's defense amid criticism that an unabashedly liberal commentator shouldn't be moderating any presidential debates.

Howie Kurtz: Maddow Too 'Unabashedly Liberal' To Moderate A Debate

Howard Kurtz, who hosts Media Buzz on Fox News' Weekend lineup, was appalled that MSNBC had the brass to place their first Democratic Debate in the capable hands of Rachel Maddow. Her co-moderator, Chuck Todd, was a perfectly acceptable...Show More Summary

Chris Christie Afraid Of Rachel Maddow

Governor Chris Christie, the beater upper of teachers, is apparently deathly afraid of Rachel Maddow. Christie: Rachel, you beat the crap out of me for years, you expect me to voluntarily come on your program, come on. Maddow: Oh, come on. Show More Summary

Maddow Defends Post-Debate Hugs: I’d Do It for GOP Candidates Too

21 hours agoNews : Mediaite

Rachel Maddow responded today to criticisms of her hugging both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders after the Democratic debate last night.

Fox News Host Disturbed Rachel Maddow Hugged Bernie And Hillary

At the end of last night's MSNBC Demo Debate, there was an incident that caused almost as much news as the entire event did. Pundits and journos criticized Rachel Maddow for hugging Bernie and Hillary at the conclusion of the Democratic...Show More Summary

The Amazing Hypocrisy of Fox News Shill Howard Kurtz

Howard Kurtz, who works for Fox News, has what has be the most oblivious and un-self aware take I've ever seen on a political debate, bashing Rachel Maddow for being "unabashedly liberal" and "ripping Republicans:" Why did MSNBC putShow More Summary

Obama Should Federalize the Michigan National Guard to Handle Flint Water Poisoning Crisis.

This is more than obscene. Weeks after Rachel Maddow's reporting made the poisoning of Flint Michigan's children national news, months after the problem was a matter of local news, Michigan's Governor, Tea Partier Rick Snyder, has still done very little to stop, halt, prevent any further lead from assaulting the brains of Flint's children. Show More Summary

Among friends illustrated

(Scott Johnson) At conclusion of last night’s debate in Durham featuring Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, MSNBC moderator Rachel Maddow graphically showed how she was feeling the love for the two of them. Fellow moderator Chuck Todd confined himself to a polite handshake, but don’t be deceived! He too was feeling the love. Via Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard.

Howard Kurtz saw a liberal on television last night, and it's freaking him out

Putative media critic Howard Kurtz, who now works for Fox News, cannot be this stupid. It's not possible. x Rachel Maddow's smart & did a good job last night. But why did MSNBC put a liberal commentator on that debate stage? More Summary

Be Like Rachel Maddow

"Mama? Can I be like Rachel Maddow when I grow up?" We were in the swarming crowd tumbling out of the school that night a few weeks ago when Rachel Maddow brought her TV show to Flint. Making our way out at the end, another mother next to me got what I call my 'Mama radar' going. Show More Summary

When It Comes To Veterans Care, Hillary, Bernie, and Rachel Get It

Last evening's Democratic debate was full of fireworks. But, if you managed to stay tuned all the way to the end, you got to see Rachel Maddow ask the question that hasn't been asked in any Democratic debate, or Republican debate. But, that question cuts right to the core of the difference in vision between progressives and the Koch Brothers. Show More Summary

MSNBC Moderator Rachel Maddow Hugs Democratic Candidates After Debate

yesterdayNews : Mediaite

Here's something you don't see everyday: MSNBC host and debate moderator Rachel Maddow took to the stage after the debate Thursday night to personally hug the candidates.

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