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Could Startups Born Out of the #AirbnbWhileBlack Outcry Succeed?

Both Noirbnb and Innclusive started with bad customer experiences with Airbnb, specifically centered around racial discrimination. But do these startups have a future?

US Election Needs More OSCE Monitors to Avoid Racial Discrimination

US presidential elections need additional observers from OSCE, according to the statement of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights.

Ha, ha, ha, Grant explained when asked about the QUT Three

Have you noticed that not one of the media defenders of the Racial Discrimination Act has defended the suing of three Queensland University students? …

Free Speech and 18C: A Rationalist’s Perspective On A Way Forward

With conservatives and libertarians leading yet another campaign to degrade racial discrimination protections, Dr Meredith Doig weighs in with an alternative. Freedom of speech is back on the agenda in the new federal parliament, but in all the breathless hoo-ha about section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA), what’s usually overlooked is 18D. 18C [...]Show More Summary

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed: The "Discrimination Fighter Who Lacks Discernment" - I DON'T GIVE A DAMN About A "Transsexual On The Civilian Review Board" For The Police. The Corrupt "Black Racial Services Machine Oligarchy" Refuses To Demand A BUDGET FIGURE

Who Told You That The Mayor Of Atlanta Wasn't Naked When You Remove Him From AMERICAN POLITICS And Expect Him To Be COMPETENT At DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE Through STRONG INSTITUTIONS? SORRY SANDRA ROSE - This "Transsexual On The Atlanta...Show More Summary

Whales Win Yet Again on Sonar: Why Do the Navy and NMFS Refuse to Get It Right?

On social issues, the military has often seemed the last to know. Ending racial discrimination took decades. Outlawing discrimination based on sexual preference took just as long. This year, the role of women in combat is finally being recognized. Show More Summary

Testing for Racial Discrimination in Police Searches of Motor Vehicles

That is a new paper by Camelia Simoiu, Sam Corbett-Davies, and Sharad Goel, the abstract is familiar but depressing: In the course of conducting traffic stops, officers have discretion to search motorists for drugs, weapons, and other contraband. Show More Summary

What causes achievement gaps? More Americans say wealth inequality than racial discrimination

"We were surprised that so many Americans believe race- and ethnicity-based gaps are minimally, or in no way, a result of the nation’s legacy of racial discrimination and injustice,” wrote Daniel Newark, author of new survey findings published in the Educational Researcher. Show More Summary

UN Finds Controversial Ukrainian Minority Language Law Socially Divisive

Experts of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) found out that the 2012 Language Act brought Ukraine into an unhealthy situation in which language became a reason for great divisions in the society.

Ukraine's Downplaying of Racial Discrimination Offenses Causes Concern - UN CERD

Experts of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) were concerned that the prosecution tended to downplay charges and prosecuted hate crimes as hooliganism in Ukraine, according to official statement.

Justice Department alleges racial discrimination by Baltimore police, Part Two

(Paul Mirengoff) The day before the Department of Justice released its report condemning the Baltimore Police Department for alleged racially biased policing, the Baltimore Sun wrote a story about the report. Apparently, the DOJ gave it and other big media outlets a sneak preview. Show More Summary

How significant is racial discrimination in Brazil?

Here is one recent paper by Leticia J. Marteleto and Molly Dondero: Racial disparities in education in Brazil (and elsewhere) are well documented. Because this research typically examines educational variation between individuals inShow More Summary

In Addition to Ending Their Abuse and Discrimination, Baltimore Cops Also Need to Stop Acting Like Jerks

Rampant and unjustified use of force. Routine disregard for constitutional rights and systematic racial discrimination. A dead, decapitated rat left on the car of a police officer who dared to report a colleague’s misconduct. With such...Show More Summary

Justice Department alleges racial discrimination by Baltimore police

(Paul Mirengoff) The Obama-Lynch Justice Department is about to release a report on policing practices by the Baltimore police department. The Baltimore Sun apparently got a sneak preview. It says DOJ found that Baltimore police officers...Show More Summary

“Is Section 3 of the Voting Rights Act a dead letter?”

Lyle Denniston blogs. It would not surprise me at all if on remand in the TX voting case the trial judge both finds intentional racial discrimination in Texas and puts Texas back under Section 3 supervision. What the 5th Circuit … Continue reading ?

Federal probe finds Baltimore Police Dept. racially discriminated in practices that target blacks

Justice Dept. finds that “legacy of zero tolerance enforcement” continues to drive policing strategy.

“I mean, the heat he brought down is murder! We had a police department who was cooperative. He’s pissed them off so much now that nobody can make a move anymore.”

Remember when John Roberts said that racial discrimination in voting was no longer an issue in the United States, and therefore the Fifteenth Amendment no longer really had a section 2 in it? That…made no sense at all on its face. But starting before the ink on the slip opinion was dry Republican statehouses did […]

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: Wearing “Don’t Tread on Me” insignia could be punishable racial har…

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: Wearing “Don’t Tread on Me” insignia could be punishable racial harassment. On January 8, 2014, Complainant filed a formal complaint in which he alleged that the Agency subjected him to discrimination on the basis of race (African American) and in reprisal for prior EEO activity when, starting in the fall of 2013, a […]

LAPD Officers Who Fatally Shot Ezell Ford Sue City, Alleging 'Racial Discrimination'

Ezell Ford, an unarmed mentally ill man, was fatally shot in August 2014. [ more › ]

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