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Abusing a Cellphone Screen with Solenoids Posts High Score

14 hours agoTechnology / Gadgets : Hack a Day

This Raspberry Pi 2 with computer vision and two solenoid “fingers” was getting absurdly high scores on a mobile game as of late 2015, but only recently has [Kristian] finished fleshing the project out with detailed documentation. Developed...Show More Summary

Build a USB Hub That Snaps Into a Raspberry Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi Zero is great, but it’s lacking USB ports. Instructables user Sean Hodgins shares his project that adds four USB ports to the Pi Zero with a cleverly designed little board. Read more...

Turn any hard drive into networked storage with Raspberry Pi - CNET

A NAS solution can cost several hundred dollars. If you have an unused Raspberry Pi and a few hard drives lying around, you can make one yourself without spending a dime.

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi On The Mac

Mac users can get in on the Raspberry Pi game pretty easily, and there are a few different ways to image a microSD card using your Mac. Today we’ll look at an easy way to get your Pi up and running to work on some projects that will work with your Mac. Show More Summary

Jalopnik Selling The Oldest Surviving Herbie Beetle Was A Massive Reminder That People Suck | Lifeha

Jalopnik Selling The Oldest Surviving Herbie Beetle Was A Massive Reminder That People Suck | Lifehacker Warberry Pi Is a Dead-Simple Pen Testing Toolkit for the Raspberry Pi | io9 What Went Wrong With This Summer’s Blockbusters? | Kotaku The No Man’s Sky Player Who Still Hasn’t Left His First Planet | Read more...

Revive an Old PSP With a Raspberry Pi Zero

Have an old broken PSP sitting around collecting dust? Over on OtherMod, they show you how to tear that PSP apart, jam a Raspberry Pi Zero inside of it, and turn it into a multi-console portable device. Read more...

One Man, A Raspberry Pi, and a Formerly Hand Powered Loom

[Fred Hoefler] was challenged to finally do something with that Raspberry Pi he wouldn’t keep quiet about. So he built a machine assist loom for the hand weaver. Many older weavers simply can’t enjoy their art anymore due to the physical...Show More Summary

Hackaday Prize Entry: A Raspberry Pi Password Manager

Every week there’s new a new website that has been compromised and the passwords of a few hundred thousand accounts have been leaked to a pastebin. To protect yourself you can change your passwords often, not reuse passwords, and use...Show More Summary

Warberry Pi Is a Dead-Simple Pen Testing Toolkit for the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a surprisingly useful tool to test the strength of your network . To add another tool to your network testing kit, Warberry Pi is a self-contained set of scripts that run automatically when you plug your Raspberry Pi into a ethernet port. Read more...

A dozen Raspberry Pi alternatives

The Raspberry Pi might be the name that springs to mind when people think of single board computers for homebrew projects, but there are other boards out there worth considering.

10 Weirdest Raspberry Pi Projects

There’s a mad scientist within each of us, and the Raspberry Pi lets your inner loon come out and play. It’s capable of being used in a million different ways, like teaching kids to how to code or making wearable tech. But sometimes, things get weird. Show More Summary

This DIY seismograph feels the good vibrations - CNET

Raspberry Pi is the basis of a new Kickstarter gadget that tracks tiny taps and massive tremors.

Capacitive Imaging With A Raspberry Pi Touch Screen

We use touch screens all the time these days, and though we all know they support multiple touch events it is easy for us to take them for granted and forget that they are a rather accomplished sensor array in their own right. [Optismon]...Show More Summary

Google’s New OS Will Run on Your Raspberry Pi

According to reports from Android Police and ZDNet, you may soon have a new operating system from Google to run on your Raspberry Pi. Details are still extremely sparse, the only description on the GitHub page is “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System)”. Show More Summary

io9 Artist Turns $20 Wonder Woman Toy Into a Spectacular Miniaturized Gal Gadot | Kotaku Look At Thi

last weekSports : Deadspin

io9 Artist Turns $20 Wonder Woman Toy Into a Spectacular Miniaturized Gal Gadot | Kotaku Look At This $200 Game Of Thrones Action Figure | Lifehacker Build a Pokémon Detector With a Raspberry Pi | Foxtrot Alpha Worthless Airport Security Exposed At JFK After ‘Shooter’ Turned Out To Be Nothing | Read more...

Build a Pokémon Detector With a Raspberry Pi

Keeping track of which pokémon are spawning in your area in Pokémon Go usually requires you to keep your phone open and running. Over on Adafruit, they show off a way to build your own pokémon detector using a Raspberry Pi Zero. Read more...

Tuesday Deals: Security Cameras, Raspberry Pi Cases, Charging Cables, and More! [UK]

Everyone loves saving money and getting great deals, especially on shiny new tech to play around with. So we gathered some of the best deals from Amazon including Smart Home security cameras, a Raspberry Pi 3 case, micro-SD cards, HDMI switches, and charging cables. Show More Summary

Turn Your Motorola Android Phone Into a Raspberry Pi

In the surest sign that hardware hacking is the new hotness, Motorola and Farnell/Element 14 have developed an add-on board and SDK that will let you connect virtually anything to your mobile phone. Motorola is calling it the “Moto Mods”...Show More Summary

$5 Microcontrollers: Arduino, Raspberry Pi Zero, Or NodeMCU?

It used to be the case that if you wanted to get a computer, you’d have to remortgage your house to pay for it. Now, you can get one for an Abraham Lincoln. Go figure. Yes, microcontrollers are computers, and there are three that come in under the $5 price point: The Arduino, the Raspberry Pi Zero, and the NodeMCU. Show More Summary

Build Your Own Portable Arcade Stick with a Raspberry Pi-Powered Console Packed Inside

The Raspberry Pi is easily the best way to make your own little retro game console , but Hacker House took it a step further by cramming a Pi inside a homemade joystick to make it super portable. Read more...

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