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Hack A Kindle Into A Fridge Messageboard

If you’ve got an otherwise unused Kindle and a Raspberry Pi, it’s actually quite simple to turn it into an easy fridge messageboard. More »      

NES Reborn as Nexus Player and NES

Anyone who has a Raspberry Pi and an old Nintendo has had the same thought. “Maybe I could shove the Pi in here?” This ran through [Adam’s] head, but instead of doing the same old Raspberry Pi build he decided to put a Nexus Player inside of this old video game console, with great success. Show More Summary

Polarization Camera Views the Invisible

Light polarization is an interesting phenomenon that is extremely useful in many situations… but human eyes are blind to detecting any polarization. Luckily, [David] has built a polarization-sensitive camera using a Raspberry Pi and a few off-the-shelf components that allows anyone to view polarization. Show More Summary

Deal of the Week: Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle (93% off)

The Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle consists of five e-learning courses that teach you hardware programming, design and Python. Click here to open the Deals website The first course acts as an introduction to Raspberry Pie including a basic Python and Linux introduction. Show More Summary

“Linux is about Imagination..”

I’m spending some of my free time this summer playing on the command line of my Raspberry Pi, learning to pull together some Linux code and growing a few programming skills in that environment. A geek’s idea of an entertaining way to spend your summer holidays…. Part of what I’m doing is working my way […]

Custom Case Makes a 6 Piece Raspberry Pi Cluster

There’s just something about the low price of a Raspberry Pi that compels people to buy them by the handful. The next logical step, of course, is to link your Pis together into a poor man’s supercomputer. To showcase his 6-Pi, Kim Sung-Taek...Show More Summary

Get a taste for DIY programming with the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle, now 97% off [Deals]

  Ready to build your own private robot army? Raspberry Pi is an inexpensive computer for coding and creating almost anything you can imagine, from home media centers to musical instruments, mechanical devices to gaming systems, and everything in between. This lesson bundle slices Raspberry Pi into five areas, from the very basics of coding […]

New Project: Create a Smart Beer Fridge with a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to remotely monitor your beer fridge on the web using a Raspberry Pi computer and a Nintendo Wii balance board. Read more on MAKE The post Create a Smart Beer Fridge with a Raspberry Pi appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

Hackaday Prize Entry: Superb Audio With The Teensy

The Raspberry Pi and Teensy 3 both have I2S interfaces, and that means these boards can be used to play very high quality audio. A codec and an I2S interface is one thing, but turning that digital stream into a quality analog output is another thing entirely. Show More Summary

Build a Split-Screen, Raspberry Pi-Powered Portable Retro Game Station

We’ve seen all kinds of portable retro game consoles over the years, but Thingiverse user Jooxoe3i’s project manages to make the smallest device we’ve seen yet using a Raspberry Pi. Read more...

Deal: Save 93% on the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle

Want to build and program a tiny and inexpensive computer that can fit in the palm of your hand? Rasperry Pi is the way to go. But where do you begin? Simple. This bundle of online…

Deal: Learn to build robots and more with the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle for just $39 (93% off)

Right now, you can get lifetime access to the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle for a massive 93% discount.

Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle

last weekHumor / odd : Boing Boing

This 5- course Raspberry Pi bundle ($39) includes the following courses: Python Programming for Beginners Introduction to Raspberry Pi Hardware Projects Using Raspberry Pi Real World Guide to Hardware Design PiBot: Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Robot

DDR-ing a Simon Game with a Raspberry Pi

Since 1998 we’ve been privileged to partake in an arcade game known as Dance Dance Revolution, but before that, way back in the 70’s, was the Simon game. It’s essentially a memory game that asks the player to remember a series of lights and sounds. Show More Summary

Build a Drawbot from Two CD Drives and a Raspberry Pi

Learn how to create your own drawbot: a portable CNC plotter using two old CD drives, a servo, and a Raspberry Pi. Read more on MAKE The post Build a Drawbot from Two CD Drives and a Raspberry Pi appeared first on Make: DIY Projects, How-Tos, Electronics, Crafts and Ideas for Makers.

Tracking Nearly Every Aircraft With A Raspberry Pi

FlightAware is the premier site for live, real-time tracking of aircraft around the world, and for the last year or so, Raspberry Pi owners have been contributing to the FlightAware network by detecting aircraft flying overhead and sending...Show More Summary

Arduino And IR Remote Turn Off Raspberry Pi

With all of the cool features on the Raspberry Pi, it is somewhat notable that it lacks a power button. In a simple setup, the only way to cut power to the tiny computer is to physically remove the power cord. [Dalton63841] found that...Show More Summary

Here's Doom Being Played On A Game Console From 1982

We’ve had Doom on the Raspberry Pi and even Doom inside Doom, so it’s only fitting Doom makes an appearance on the most retro of gaming devices — the humble Vectrex. More »      

Raspberry Pi Retro Console with Two Halves: Game Boy SPlit

Inspired by Adafruit’s PiGRRL, Thingiverse member Jooxoe3i made his own Raspberry Pi retro console. But he wanted to make it as small as possible, so he came up with a two-part build. The upper half of…

Make Your Own DIY Hue-Style Light

The Philips Hue is a neat little lighting option, but one thing it is not is cheap. So why not build your own Hue-style lighting rig from a Raspberry Pi? More »      

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