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Everything You Need to Get Started Controlling a Raspberry Pi's GPIO with Node-RED

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new guide for Node-RED, one of the easiest ways to control your Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins and connect your Pi to the outside world. Read more...

Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi Zero: Which should you get for your Kodi box?

Do you go for a larger or smaller piece of Pi? Terrible puns aside it's a legitimate question. We've established before that the Raspberry Pi Zero makes a fine Kodi box, albeit sacrificing ultimate power for size and a much lower price. The...Show More Summary

Connect Your Dumb Printer To Your Home Network With a Raspberry Pi

If you wish your old, non-network printer could be accessible from anywhere in the house, PiMyLifeUp has a guide for turning a Raspberry Pi into a print server, making that old dump printer accessible from anywhere. Read more...

Build a Weird, Single Song Playing Music Player With a Raspberry Pi

Ever wanted to own a music player that plays one random song at a time? Probably not, because that’s ridiculous. Regardless, it’s a fun project, and over on, DIYer Alain Maur shows off how to build it. Read more...

Best Raspberry Pi 3 Accessories

Get your Raspberry Pi 3 kitted out with these essential accessories. The Raspberry Pi ecosystem by its very nature is incredibly wide-reaching, and there are a lot of additional bits and pieces you can get ahold of to enhance your experience. Show More Summary

You Can Now Easily Connect to Your Raspberry Pi From Anywhere In World With VNC Connect

Real VNC is an excellent, easy way to remotely connect to your Raspberry Pi from your home network, but it’s a little confusing for beginners. VNC Connect is a new version that simplifies the process and makes it easy to connect to your Raspberry Pi from outside your network. Read more...

Portable Raspberry Pi PC Fits Into Empty Altoids Tin

You can still find Altoids on most supermarket shelves: Take your pick of peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, and cinnamon. The curiously strong mints, however, have never been flavored with Raspberry Pi—until now. Developer Matt […] The post Portable Raspberry Pi PC Fits Into Empty Altoids Tin appeared first on

Cram a Raspberry Zero and Screen Into an Altoids Tin for a Portable Micro Computer

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a good Altoids tin project, but over on Hackmypi, they’ve got a guide from stuffing the $5 Raspberry Pi Zero and a touch screen into a tin. Read more...

Review: The Asus Tinker Board

In the years since the launch of the original Raspberry Pi we have seen the little British ARM-based board become one of the more popular single board computers in the hobbyist, maker, and hacker communities. It has retained that position...Show More Summary

This tiny mint box is actually a self-contained PC packing a Raspberry Pi

While a few decades back you would’ve needed an entire room to fit in a computer, technology has come such a long way you can literally pack a PC right in a tiny mint box – and this is precisely what this crafty recreational inventor has done with his Raspberry Pi. Show More Summary

Giving Linux the Remote Boot

A lot of embedded systems are running Linux on platforms like Raspberry Pi. Since Linux is fully functional from a command line and fully network-capable, it is possible to run servers that you’ve never had physical access to. There are a few problems, though. Show More Summary

The Raspberry Pi Zero makes a great, super cheap Kodi box

The Raspberry Pi 3 isn't the only cheap Kodi box you can make yourself. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has another insanely affordable computer that you can make things with. The Pi Zero costs a ridiculously low $5 and is every bit as accessible,...Show More Summary

Build a Raspberry Pi Laptop With Official Screen, 3D-Printed Case

A new portable Pi project uses the official 7-inch touch-screen to create a mini laptop for on-the-go users (and people with small hands). Thingiverse user “surferboy” published blueprints for building the compact computer, […] The post Build a Raspberry Pi Laptop With Official Screen, 3D-Printed Case appeared first on

Raspberry Pi Laptop Uses The Official Touchscreen

We’ve seen a variety of home-made laptops using the Raspberry Pi and other single board computers over the years. Usually, they combine off-the-shelf USB keyboards and trackpads with HDMI monitor panels, and cases made from layered laser...Show More Summary

Build Your Own Polaroid Style Printing Camera With a Raspberry Pi and Thermal Printer

Polaroids are great, but if you want to make your own weird version, Hackaday user Muth has a guide that links up a Raspberry Pi and camera to a thermal printer. Read more...

Brake Light Blinker Does It with Three Fives

Sometimes you use a Raspberry Pi when you really could have gotten by with an Arudino. Sometimes you use an Arduino when maybe an ATtiny45 would have been better. And sometimes, like [Bill]’s motorcycle tail light project, you use exactly the right tool for the job: a 555 timer. One of the keys of motorcycle safety is visibility. Show More Summary

Make Your Own Raspberry Pi Laptop Using the Official Screen and This 3D Printed Case

We’ve seen a few different portable Pi projects, but over on Thingiverse, user surferboy put together a laptop that’s pretty slick looking and on the easier end to actually build. Read more...

How to install Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi 3

Getting Windows 10 IoT Core to run on the Raspberry Pi is easy. Here's what you need to know. It's not Windows 10 as we know it from PCs, tablets or phones, but Windows 10 IoT Core is another branch of Microsoft's ubiquitous OS designed...Show More Summary

Build a Cheap Smart Doorbell That Sends You a Picture When Someone Rings the Bell

Smart doorbells can snap a photo of whoever rings the bell, making it so you can screen all those visitors you get throughout the day. Over on Instrutables, Naran shows you how to build one with a Raspberry Pi. Read more...

LoRaWAN And Raspberry Pi Compute Module For A Remote Display

We see a lot of Raspberry Pi projects on these pages featuring all variants of the little board from Cambridge, but with one notable exception. Surprisingly few of them have featured its industrial embedded cousin, the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Show More Summary

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