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Meet ‘Peeqo,’ the DIY robot that communicates via GIF

A Redditor built what would undoubtedly be the hottest geek toy of the Christmas season — if only it were for sale. ‘Peeqo‘ is an open source DIY project that responds to human speech through GIFs. Using a Raspberry Pi micro (and two...Show More Summary

raspberry pi plus arduino equals something something

 Forgive this dumb Amazon thing. It’s part of an experiment … but STEM toys are pretty cool. When I was a kid, I loved to put together electronic project kits. I’d […]

Save 63% on the Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

Want to get started using the compact Raspberry Pi computing platform? While you could piece together what you need by yourself, this bundle gets you up and running fast, and packs a ton of training materials…

An Amateur Radio Repeater Using An RTL-SDR And A Raspberry Pi

An amateur radio repeater used to be a complex assemblage of equipment that would easily fill a 19? rack. There would be a receiver and a separate transmitter, usually repurposed from commercial units, a home-made logic unit with a microprocessor...Show More Summary

Creepy Wireless Stalking Made Easy

In a slight twist on the august pursuit of warwalking, [Mehdi] took a Raspberry Pi armed with a GPS, WiFi, and a Bluetooth sniffer around Bordeaux with him for six months and logged all the data he could find. The result isn’t entirely...Show More Summary

How to Make a Retro Game Console From Concrete

Mortar mix, Raspberry Pi Zero, and voila, a console for retro games

Western Digital's revamped Raspberry Pi hard drives line-up

It's never been easier to equip your Raspberry Pi with a hard drive.

The best Raspberry Pi boards, accessories and alternative boards

The Raspberry Pi might be the name that springs to mind when people think of single board computers for homebrew projects, but there are other boards out there worth considering. Also added are a selection of accessories to help you make more from your project board. (Updated Dec 1, 2016)

Running Intel TBB On a Raspberry Pi

The usefulness of Raspberry Pis seems almost limitless, with new applications being introduced daily and with no end in sight. But, as versatile as they are, it’s no secret that Raspberry Pis are still lacking in pure processing power. Show More Summary

Make Your Raspberry Pi More Festive By Turning It Into A Christmas Tree

Do you have a Raspberry Pi? Is it not looking quite festive enough? You might consider turning your little computer that could into something more exciting and appropriate for the holidays. Thanks to […]

Raspberry Pi 2: Configuring it as a Complete WordPress Web Server – Part 2 – Install and Configure BIND and Transfer Windows DNS Zones

[Download the Complete Tutorial as a single PDF] This article is a continuation from this post. From this point onwards, I am using the RasPi system from my Windows machine, using PuTTY for shell login and WinSCP to transfer files between the two systems.

Raspberry Pi 2: Configuring it as a Complete WordPress Web Server – Part 3 – Install and Configure Apache and PHP

[Download the Complete Tutorial as a single PDF] This article is a continuation from this post. Previously we have provisioned our RasPi 2 and installed BIND on it. We also transferred DNS zones from our Windows DNS system to the Ra...

Raspberry Pi 2: Configuring it as a Complete WordPress Web Server – Part 1

[Download the Complete Tutorial as a single PDF] I got a Raspberry Pi 2 (referred to as RasPi 2 from now) and for a while agonized over what use to put it to. I looked through projects others have done. These, ranged from robotics and drones to media servers and home automation.

Raspberry Pi 2 – Running out of space!

So after about two weeks of using the Raspberry Pi 2, it ran out of space. I had only the 4GB SD Card that came with it. Daniel Wayne Amstrong has a detailed blog at his Circuidipity website, that shows exactly how to move the RasPi 2 to a USB drive. Since I am doing this well … Continue readi

Raspberry Pi – Minimize Raspbian OS to under 1 GB

In a previous blog post, I had mentioned that I had run of out space on the out of the box 4 GB SD card with the Raspbian OS. As it turned out, I found the Raspbian had a lot of pseudo-bloat.

$89 Linux laptop? Check out the new Pinebook from Raspberry Pi rival Pine

The Pinebook is a low-cost Linux laptop with an ARM CPU that undercuts the cheapest Chromebooks.

4 of the Best Linux Distributions You Can Run on ARM Devices

Day by day, ARM devices get more and more popular, especially in the world of Linux. Years ago ARM just meant the Raspberry Pi. Now it means a host of devices: hobby boards like the Pi, servers, compact desktop computers and even laptops!... Show More Summary

Remotely Control Your Fireplace With Google Home and a Raspberry Pi

If you have a fireplace that can be controlled remotely, why not use your voice to turn it on? With a little Raspberry Pi magic, you can turn on your fireplace with Google’s fancy new voice-controlled speaker. Read more...

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