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How will driverless cars make life or death choices? Google exec admits he doesn't know - CNET

As Uber rolls out its driverless cars in Pittsburgh, Google futurist Ray Kurzweil says he's still working out the moral dilemma in the case of a potentially fatal accident by an autonomous vehicle.

Ray Kurzweil Explores How Self-Driving Cars Will Choose Between Life or Death

Driving a motor vehicle requires making tough choices in the heat of the moment. Whether slamming on the brakes in traffic or speeding up before a light turns red, split-second decisions are often a choice between the lesser of two evils. Show More Summary

Steve Aoki Is Getting Cryogenically Frozen

He Was Inspired By Influential Technologist Ray Kurzweil To Make The Move.

Why Ray Kurzweil Believes We Are Becoming More God-Like [Video]

People tend to ask Ray Kurzweil all manner of questions about technology and the future. But they also want to know about his own personal philosophy. In one session last summer, a questioner asked Kurzweil if he believes in God. Of course, many of us struggle with the question, he replied, and to him, it's not unambiguous. Show More Summary

Newswire: Seth Rogen is tackling the Singularity for FX

Seth Rogen is making a TV show about the Singularity, which will presumably feature some bong hits and dick jokes too, but will primarily be about Ray Kurzweil’s artificial intelligence theory. /Film picked up on the news after Rogen discussed it during a visit to Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist podcast. Show More Summary

Seth Rogen Is Making a Comedy Series About Ray Kurzweil's Singularity Theory

2 weeks agoGenres / Sci Fi : io9

Futurist Ray Kurzweil has theorized that the technological singularity—the moment when artificial intelligence surpasses all human intelligence and brings about the end of humanity as we know it—will happen in the next three decades. In a new series for FX, Seth Rogan is ready to joke about it in the meantime. Read more...

Ray Kurzweil: The Future Offers Meaningful Work, Not Meaningless Jobs

In a future where automation has taken most human “jobs,” will humans stop working? It all depends on how you define work, says Ray Kurzweil. He favors the idea of a universal basic income to cover the necessities, but he doesn’t think that means we won’t work. Show More Summary

Ray Kurzweil Explains Why Radical Life Extension Will Be Better Than You Think

According to Ray Kurzweil, we’re approaching a time when humans will begin to radically extend their lifespans. This sounds good on the surface, but will we have enough resources to support everyone? And won’t living indefinitely get boring eventually? Not so much, Kurzweil says. Show More Summary

Machines Can Learn Ethics and Other Predictions for AI

by Angela Guess A recent press release reports, “Ray Kurzweil, inventor, author and futurist, discussed the law of accelerating returns for technology and its impact on business and society on 8 June 2016 during The Optical Society’s centennial Light the Future program at CLEO:2016 Conference and Expo in San Jose, California, USA. Show More Summary

Peter Thiel Vants Young People's Blood!

What is it with Silicon Valley billionaires thinking their money can actually buy research that will help them live forever–or at least, indefinitely. Ray Kurzweil–now a big Google executive–is a transhumanist who hopes to upload his mind into a computer. Peter Theil is of a similar mindset. Show More Summary

Why The World May Actually Be Getting Worse

For decades, Ray Kurzweil has consistently been wrong about the future. But people still listen to him for some reason. In fact, organisations reportedly pay him $US50,000 ($66,947) per speech to hear him say inane things about the shiny, tech-utopian world of tomorrow. Show More Summary

Ray Kurzweil: To Merge With Technology Is to Enhance Our Humanity

Technological shifts outpace our awareness of them. While we're busy with our day-to-day lives—getting a new smartphone or downloading the next updates—we often don't notice how these incremental changes shape our relationship with technology. Show More Summary

Ray Kurzweil Is Talking Bullshit Again

last monthTechnology / Gadgets : Gizmodo

For decades, Ray Kurzweil has consistently been wrong about the future. But people still listen to him for some reason. In fact, organizations reportedly pay him $50,000 per speech to hear him say inane things about the shiny, tech-utopian world of tomorrow. Show More Summary

Ray Kurzweil Outlines the Coming Biomedical Revolution [Video]

Will we live longer lives in the future? According to Ray Kurzweil, it's only a matter of time until technology begins successfully tackling age-related disease—and life expectancy grows longer and longer. At some point, technology will...Show More Summary

Artificial Intelligence Chair At Singularity University On How AI Will Augment Human Capability

3 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

Singularity University is part business incubator and part think tank founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil in 2008 in the NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley. Among the topics that have risen in prominence in the curriculum of the University is artificial intelligence. Neil Jacobstein is a former President of [...]

UNU set to forecast tech trends after accurate Oscars, Kentucky Derby predictions

Can AI outpace the expertise of vaunted futurists like Mary Meeker or Ray Kurzweil? The artificial intelligence system called UNU is slated to answer questions tomorrow about technology and its long-term impact on humanity via a Reddit...Show More Summary

Ray Kurzweil’s Four Big Insights for Predicting the Future

Self-driving cars, virtual reality games, bioprinting human organs, human gene editing, AI personalities, 3D printing in space, three billion people connected to the Internet…. These... read more

3 Reasons To Believe The Singularity Is Near

3 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

The crazy predictions Ray Kurzweil made a decade ago don’t seem so outlandish now.

Google and Ray Kurzweil making chatbots that will allow for “interesting conversations”

Can we really have a conversation with a bot? Voice assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google Now make a good attempt at it, but these are still machines.

The 3 Technologies That Will Define Our Future - For Good or Bad

Inventor, entrepreneur and thinker Ray Kurzweil is legend in Silicon Valley. While probably best know for inventing the first music synthesizer, the Kurzweil K250, his inventions and achievements are too numerous to list here. Singularity University's Ray Kurzweil Predicts Three...

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