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iPad Pro Vs. iPad Air 2: Mini Review (Pros, Cons Of A Big Apple Tablet)

iPad Pro (L) and iPad Air 2. (Credit: Brooke Crothers) The iPad Pro is a rethink of the tablet -- which happened just in time because the tablet has been on a fast track to irrelevance. But how different is it from the iPad Air 2? After almost two weeks of full-time [...]

ReThink Review: Steve Jobs -- Steve Jobs, Dramatized

I've been both eagerly anticipating and warily dreading Steve Jobs, the latest movie about Apple founder Steve Jobs, ever since I heard that Aaron Sorkin would be writing the screenplay. Sorkin writes some of the best dialogue in the business, proven by movies I love that he's written like A Few Good Men, Moneyball, and The Social Network. Show More Summary

Telstra's bush broadband deal 'questionable'

The long-awaited Regional Telecommunications Review says the obligation and funding mechanisms that require Telstra to maintain its ageing copper network in the bush need a rethink.

ReThink Review: Room - A World to Create, Protect, and Discover

Actress Brie Larson had mostly been over-achieving in supporting roles until grabbing Hollywood's attention in 2013 in the fantastic indie film Short Term 12, where she took the lead playing a staff member at a foster care facility.Show More Summary

ReThink Review: Knock Knock -- Eli Roth's Anti-Infidelity PSA

If you were married to a famous filmmaker and that person cheated on you, how would you make that person pay for it? One possibility is that you could force your philandering spouse to write and direct a movie like Knock Knock, an infidelity...Show More Summary

5-Star Friday: Texting, “skipping chemo,” rethinking breast cancer treatment, and Planned Parenthood

Five-star Friday is our ongoing effort to recognize excellence in health care journalism — both in the stories that we review on this site and in the larger media landscape. In the former category, we’ve had two recent stories garner...Show More Summary

ReThink Review: The Martian -- Is Matt Damon the Next Tom Hanks?

Until seeing The Martian, it had never occurred to me that Matt Damon might soon be younger generations' version of Tom Hanks. Both actors can handle comedy and drama, have been in a nice mix of Oscar contenders and crowd pleasers, do...Show More Summary

ReThink Review: Everest -- The Question at the Top of the World

Fulfilling a dream or achieving something great often involves sacrifice and taking risks, with the assumption that the size of the goal is proportional to the amount of sacrifice and risk required to achieve it. With business goals, the risks are often financial, while physical/athletic goals might risk bodily harm. Show More Summary

Origins of Right to Work

At RI Future, I reviewed Cedric de Leon’s new book The Origins of Right to Work: Antilabor Democracy in Nineteenth-Century Chicago. An excerpt. Scholars are beginning to rethink the Gilded Age through the framework of the New Gilded Age. Providence College sociologist Cedric de Leon is at the forefront of this movement in his new […]

Liberals rethinking Munk Debate

Co-chairs of Trudeau's campaign team say they are reviewing whether to take part in Sept. 28 debate The post Liberals rethinking Munk Debate appeared first on

ReThink Review -- Steve Jobs: The Man In the Machine -- An Apple Hater's Manifesto

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple and the man credited with bringing both personal computers and advanced mobile electronics to the masses, died on October 5, 2011. But the battle to define both the man and his legacy is being waged...Show More Summary

Peabody rethinks coal

Morgan Stanley is working with Peabody Energy on a review of its coal mines in Australia.

OnePlus 2 review: a worthy sequel, flaws and all

I don't envy the team at OnePlus. After shipping a smartphone that made us rethink what we could get -- nay, what we deserved -- for $299, it was tasked with building an even better follow-up. If this were some schlocky '80s, teen coming-of-age...Show More Summary

Rethinking the dispersal of Homo sapiens out of Africa

An excellent review which -among its other graces- demolishes the view that mtDNA haplogroup L3 provides a terminus post quem of 70 thousand years for the Out-of-Africa expansion, a question I've discussed in this blog before.I think the evidence is overwhelming at this point that there were modern humans outside Africa before 100,000 years ago. Show More Summary

Quote: Peer review as practiced today is a form of hazing

I’m citing this 2011 opinion piece by Hidde Ploegh (“End the wasteful tyranny of reviewer experiments”) in a later post, but I wanted to single out this part: The scientific community should rethink how manuscripts are reviewed. Referees...Show More Summary

2016 Mazda MX-5 Review

5 months agoVehicles / Cars : Car Advice

The latest version of the iconic Mazda MX-5 isn’t just a new-generation car, it’s a total rethink of the world’s best-selling roadster. With dwindling demand for its overweight and overpriced predecessor, the idea of a heavyweight investment in a brand new niche model was a bold move by the Japanese car manufacturer – just as […]

ReThink Review: Love & Mercy - Mental Illness on the Beach

The songs we love have an almost magical ability to access our hearts, memories, and souls, which explains why humans will always be fascinated by musicians and filmmakers will continue to make movies about them. But despite directors'...Show More Summary

Happy Herbivore Week in Review {June 8-12}

Here's what you missed on Happy Herbivore this week... After back surgery and having her gallbladder removed by the age of 25, Laura decided it was time to rethink her way of eating. Once she discovered the meal plans, Laura finallyShow More Summary

The Big Rethink: New Rules Should Drive This Olympic Media Agency Review Season

6 months agoTechnology : Forbes: Tech

If you are part of the media landscape, it is hard to ignore the billions of dollars of ad spending that just went into review in the last few weeks. L’Oreal, P&G, Volkswagen, Citibank, and more have announced plans to review their account assignments. A great take on the shift [...]

'Sword of Xolan' Review - A Fun Game With Perfect Swinging and Jumping

On-screen controls haters, take notice. If you play Sword of Xolan [$0.99], you'll have to rethink many of your arguments, and we all know how people love to hold on to their opinions. Sword of Xolan is a retro platformer that's just come out and is an entertaining action game with lovely art and strong level

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