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Lawrence Krauss and Ray Comfort Discuss Bananas (and More) in This Short Film

In one of the more interesting conversations to come out of the Reason Rally, physicist Lawrence Krauss and evangelist Ray Comfort agreed to meet in a hotel room for a discussion in front of filmmaker Scott Burdick. Their chat is now online.And yes, they talk about bananas.

WHAT? Did the Donald Trump Campaign Really Throw A Black State GOP Official Out Of A Rally?

There is probably a good reason for this. It just escapes me at the moment The post WHAT? Did the Donald Trump Campaign Really Throw A Black State GOP Official Out Of A Rally? appeared first on RedState.

Anti-Trump Protester Arrested After Trying to Take Police Officer’s Gun at Vegas Rally

For some reason this didn’t make any headlines? Anti-Trump protester Michael Sandford was arrested Saturday at Donald Trump’s Las Vegas... The post Anti-Trump Protester Arrested After Trying to Take Police Officer’s Gun at Vegas Rally appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

How Many Levels of Protests Will Take Place on Opening Day of the Noah’s Ark Theme Park?

I thought the Reason Rally was going to be unique as far as atheist/Christian protest wars went. I mean, where else would you find that many passionate groups of people arguing against one another about their religious differences?Apparently,...Show More Summary

For Some Reason, Donald Trump Still Thinks the LGBT Community Likes Him a Lot

Donald Trump, a man who is actually three bigoted baby Muppets stacked on top of one another, told supporters at a rally in Dallas, Texas that he believes the LGBT community is starting to shift its support towards the presumptive GOP nominee. Read more...

A Short Film About My Reason Rally Experience

When I was at the Reason Rally, I spent a good chunk of time walking around the Reflecting Pool, chatting with readers, and interviewing representatives of some of the organizations I often write about on this site.The resulting video is finally online:

How They See Us (Special Outpouring of Hate Edition)

Yesterday, I explained how the Freedom From Atheism Foundation lied by blaming godless activists for banning large groups of Christians from the site of the Reason Rally. In truth, the request to keep a distance was made by the Washington D.C. Show More Summary

Bill Maher’s Hilarious Reason Rally Speech is Finally Online

Comedian Bill Maher could attend last week's Reason Rally in person but he sent a video message that is finally online. It's as hilarious as you'd expect.

With Lie About the Reason Rally, Freedom From Atheism Foundation Smears the Godless… Again

The Freedom From Atheism Foundation would never lie about atheists, except on any day that ends in the letter y.This went up on the outfit's Facebook page this morning:

Richard Dawkins Slams Belief in God as 'Cowardice,' Urges Fight Against 'God Temptation' at Atheist Reason Rally

Famous professor and atheist author Richard Dawkins delivered a video message at last week's Reason Rally in Washington D.C. where he slammed the belief in God as "cowardice," and urged people to resist what he called the "God temptation."

Here’s the Inspiring Speech Richard Dawkins Couldn’t Give in Person at the Reason Rally

Richard Dawkins would no doubt have been the biggest name at the recent Reason Rally, but his health issues -- he's recovering from a minor stroke he had back in February -- kept him from traveling to Washington, D.C. in person.Though...Show More Summary

A Joyous Recap of Reason Rally 2016

Despite the lower turnout at this year's Reason Rally, there's one thing I want to make very clear: Based on what I've seen people post online, those who attended the event overwhelmingly enjoyed it. They loved meeting other atheists,...Show More Summary

Ray Comfort on His Interview With Penn Jillette, Top Atheist Speakers at Reason Rally

Evangelist Ray Comfort interviewed atheist author Lawrence Krauss and Las Vegas entertainer Penn Jillette at the atheist Reason Rally last Saturday in Washington, D.C. and described them as "likable" and "polite."

Reason Rally Atheists Face 'Eternity in Hell' If They Don't Accept Christ, Franklin Graham Warns

In response to thousands of atheists gathering on the National Mall last Saturday to rally for secularism at the 2016 Reason Rally, leading evangelist Franklin Graham pointed out the irony behind the demonstration.

An Atheist Singer Humiliated on Ecuador’s Got Talent Found Redemption at the Reason Rally

At the Reason Rally, a 16-year-old singer who was criticized for her atheism on a popular Ecuadorian TV show took the stage with Penn Jillette and performed a duet with him.It was her chance at redemption and the audience welcomed her with open arms.

JPM Still Hates The Market Rally: Here Are Its Reasons

In the past month, not a day has passed without some major sellside firm (yes, that also now includes traditional bull Goldman Sachs) releasing its bearish take on deteriorating fundamentals, and urging clients to not only not buy the rally but sell into it (and as both retail and "smart money" flows indicate, this advice ha been heeded). Show More Summary

Atheists Scramble to Explain Why Reason Rally Was a Dud After Johnny Depp Cancelation

The highly anticipated atheist Reason Rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. reportedly drew a much smaller crowd on Saturday than expected, with a variety of different reasons offered for the low attendance.

The 2016 Reason Rally

A perfect illustration of the atheist community's one-step-forward, one-step-back pattern.

Hemant Mehta on the 2016 Reason Rally

Hemant Mehta (Friendly Atheist) wrote a thoughtful post on the subject of the relatively poor attendance at the recent Reason Rally in Washington DC. After describing his experience at the rally as a positive one, he noted that the attendance was far less than the roughly 30,000 who were present for the 2012 rally. Show More Summary

Fox News Priest Trashes Reason Rally Because Some Atheists Want You to Stop Believing in God

Fox News did a brief segment on the Reason Rally yesterday. But, as you might expect, producers didn't invite any of the organizers or attendees to offer their perspectives.Instead, they had Father Jonathan Morris, resident Catholic, trash the event all by himself.

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