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Record Review: Amy Blaschke's Melodic, Melancholy Breaking the Blues Is a Perfect Hybrid of Seattle and LA

47 minutes agoUnited States / Seattle : Slog

Record Review: Amy Blaschke's Melodic, Melancholy Breaking the Blues Is a Perfect Hybrid of Seattle and LA by Sean Nelson AMY BLASCHKE Breaking the Blues (Bird on a Lyre Records) T he idea that the internet killed regionalism is a popular myth, but music is not Walmart. Show More Summary

5 top tips to make your luxury travel funds go further

Even when you choose to splurge on holiday, you’ll still want to get the most from your money. And with the pound sinking to record lows for over 30 years, there’s never been a better time to review your spending habits and ensure your hard-earned funds are achieving their full potential. Show More Summary

For the record

Hammer Museum biennial: In the June 23 Calendar section, a review of the Hammer Museum’s biennial said that artist Daniel R. Small excavated items from the movie set for Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments” and incorporated them into an installation. The excavated items in his “Excavation...

Mirror's Edge Catalyst review: A successful reimagining of a dystopia

It's been eight years since Faith Connors last set foot on the rooftops of the first Mirror's Edge, and while the title didn't see record sales, it undeniably left a mark on the gaming industry. Many of today's top titles have a desire for flowing movement, which can be traced back to the intriguing concept behind DICE's parkour franchise. Show More Summary

Music Review: Christian Fennesz & Jim O’Rourke - It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry

Christian Fennesz & Jim O’Rourke It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry [Editions Mego; 2016] Rating: 3.5/5 T he most intriguing recordings today blur boundaries among design, impulse, and happenstance, leaving us wondering which sounds were planned as opposed to captured or encountered. Show More Summary

For the Record's week in review: Exit strategies

It was a week of departures in global politics, starting with Corey Lewandowski and ending with Da along with one continued refusal to head...        

Review: Heart & Slash

Over the years, I've backed very few Kickstarter projects. I'm cognizant of the risks involved, and for that reason, I'd rather not take a chance on anything from studios without a proven track record. But I have made a few exceptions...Show More Summary

With A Teleprompter And Some Hack Ideologue Speechwriters, Trump Could Be (Moderately) Dangerous

Donald Trump's speech Wednesday got some good reviews. Slate's Michelle Goldberg wrote, Donald Trump’s Wednesday morning speech about Hillary Clinton’s record is probably the most unnervingly effective one he has ever given. In a momentary...Show More Summary

Music Review: Jackie Lynn - Jackie Lynn

T he shift in a musician's recording identity can be significant, but only occasionally does it involve an alias in which a new spirit and a new story are embodied. John Fahey and Blind Joe Death were two sides of the same coin occupied...Show More Summary

The Avett Brothers Struggle Against Production Values on ‘True Sadness’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

The requisite materials of a great Avett Brothers record – anthemic choruses, unabashed earnestness, and an energetic, rock-inspired take on folk – are present in moments throughout True Sadness. But if I and Love and You tip-toed into the realm of overproduction, True Sadness dives headfirst into it. Show More Summary

Rich Robinson Offers Virtues of Immaculate Recorded Sound & Detailed Arrangement on ‘Flux’ (ALBUM REVIEW)

Rich Robinson’s last album under his own name, 2014?s The Ceaseless Sight, set in motion a sequence of events that, in combination with the reissue of his previous solo albums, has now culminated with the release of Flux. The co-founder...Show More Summary

Music Review: Deerhoof revels in its spastic genius on The Magic

God bless Deerhoof for never growing tired of being Deerhoof. In the time it takes most two-decade-old bands to make a record, Deerhoof makes three. Shattered kick drums litter the San Francisco band’s trajectory. Deerhoof makes music recklessly and wildly, but with great skill and a premium on sweetness. Show More Summary

Music Review: Jackie Lynn - Jackie Lynn

Jackie Lynn (Haley Fohr/Circuit des Yeux) Jackie Lynn [Thrill Jockey; 2016] Rating: 4/5 T he shift in a musician’s recording identity can be significant, but only occasionally does it involve an alias in which a new spirit and a new story are embodied. Show More Summary

Music Review: Benjamin Seretan - Bowl of Plums

Benjamin Seretan Bowl of Plums [Love Boat Records & Buttons; 2016] Rating: 3.5/5 M ad lines being crossed these days. People all popping out (ikk, don’t even look up “popping out” on Google Images — use Bing or Yahoo! instead). Producers, DJs, Synthesis. Show More Summary

Zoom H1 and Giant Squid Audio Lav Mic Review

I recently picked up a new Zoom H1 voice recorder and have been testing it with the Giant Squid Audio lav mic. The combo can add professional level audio to your video. Compared to the Tascam DR-22WL, the Zoom H1 has less features, but it is smaller and more compact. If small size is important to you, then the Zoom […]

Nikon releases new firmware for D5: Improves video and adds flicker reduction

Nikon has released new firmware for its flagship D5 DSLR. There are four main improvements included in firmware v1.10, which address some of the frustrations that we had with the D5 in our full review. Video Recording Upgrades: Movie...Show More Summary

Pitchfork's Next Sunday Review: Neil Young's Tonight's the Night

Each Sunday, Pitchfork posts a single album review that examines an important album the site has never reviewed. These pieces are in-depth long-reads from the best critics in the field, exploring the record’s original context and examining...Show More Summary

Lucy update

Lucy had neighbors: A review of African fossils The 1974 discovery of Australopithecus afarensis, which lived from 3.8 to 2.9 million years ago, was a major milestone in paleoanthropology that pushed the record of hominins earlier than 3 million years ago and demonstrated the antiquity of human-like walking. Scientists have long argued that there was only [...]

Moby's New Memoir Is As Neurotic—And Stubbornly Optimistic—As The Man Himself

In His New Column Off The Record, Rave Historian Michaelangelo Matos Reviews Moby's New Memoir, 'Porcelain.'

Astier de Villatte Splash Orange Amere & Commune de Paris 1871 ~ fragrance reviews

Six years ago, I bought (shipped from France) bottles of Astier de Villatte's Eau Chic, Eau Fugace and Eau de Cologne. Between the two of us in my house, we went through those bottles in record time (15 ounces of perfume!) and it was discouraging trying to track down Astier de Villatte perfumes in the US. Show More Summary

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